How beautiful is the pain!
How ecstatic is the relief!
How free does freedom feel!
How peace is the solace!
How beautiful are the
memories flashing!
How euphoric is the final breath!

Do you smell the shampoo, that you used the last night, a tinge of your hair spray and the cologne you used the other day! Do you feel the vibrations in your vision through your closed eyes, an animated sequence of the Windows 98 screensaver playing in your head. Or perhaps are they your memories brushing by waster than they should!

Do you see the soft satin cloth, elegantly long and neatly folded, calling out to you to open and embrace it, embrace the softness of the cloth! How comfortable would the cloth look around the neck! How much it would bring out the color in the eyes, and let’s not forget the fairness in the face! How beautiful it looks suspended in the air under the ceiling!

How cute are those tiny pleasures? A little too many for one last ride and it gives you the euphoria that you had never even expected ever. Do you feel that you are in a world, a new one altogether, or perhaps a little too far from the reach of anyone, completely oblivious of the world you are currently in!

Do you see the sharpness alluring you, calling out to you to take it in your hands and see what wonders this shiny edge could do on your arms or that slender neck of yours? How beautiful would these streaks of random lines across your arm look as an army of red marches down like a parade,  a perfect emblem for eternity, or perhaps a temporary one. How majestic would the river be that flows through each single streak?

Do you feel the cold breeze brushing through your hair, that sweet comfort that you get after a tiring day walking around in the sun! Do you feel the adrenaline rushing through every cell of your body as you come closer to the edge and take a peek down at the blurry ground beneath! Do you feel the tinge of impulse charging through your legs, an emancipation of the fear filled with the last excitement as the wind ruffles the hair under your soft heavy breaths.

Do you taste the water as it slowly engulfs you in its embrace! Do you feel the shoulders being pushed down under your own weight! Do you feel the mind going through a million things at once and your legs battle, as do your hands. Do you see those tiny balls of air escaping from you and how much you want to stop that from happening, you unfortuanately are not in control.

Because peace is what we want and sometimes, there are just too little ways to finally be in peace!



136 thoughts on “Peace.

  1. Hmm , big on metaphor !!!!
    I need to tell you something i haven’t told. This post made me remember that . A dark post it is !! But its that darkness than engulfs each and everyone of us and leaves us hanging.
    a whole new world … Do you believe in afterlife ? If would feel good to let go of everything and just experience peace as it is ( Geez , Old man !!! What thoughts are you putting in my mind ??)
    “How beautiful would these streaks of random lines across your arm look as an army of red marches down like a parade, a perfect emblem for eternity, or perhaps a temporary one.”- no not beautiful . Trust me . There was a point in time when i needed to hurt physically as much as i did emotionally . I felt good to feel that sharp pain knowing it was you who hurt yourself and not others , but then realiazation it in. I was doing nothing but mutilating the little unbroken part of myself.It would remain as scars of my past and that was not what i wanted .
    I have acrophobia . So even if i looked down i would freak and have a panic attack before actually hitting the ground .
    A very dark post , It makes you want to think about a lot of things .

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  2. Hmm! I’ll admit it was kinda a rollercoaster read. ❤ You might be dealing with the worse days of your life but when you look at the bigger picture, even the tiniest of the things could bring peace, like a crazy work out or gulping cold water on a super hot day! I really enjoyed myself here.

    That quote at the end though!

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