Never Again

We cross the lines labelled never to cross.
– eɴʏɢma

She had been holding on to it for quite a while. There was a lot going on in her mind. And it was getting frustrating with each passing moment. Even though what has occupied her mind is a beautiful memory yet, she had been feeling about it all this while. It has been two days and she was probably dying to speak to anyone so that she could ease the burden on her shoulders. What could it be which is weighing her down so much in spite of that memory being a beautiful one? She had been feeling bad because of what she had done and it is morally questionable. As if she had thought of the moral quotient or so to speak her integrity.

“I kissed another guy”

She met him online on Twitter. A few words here and a few there, a little flirting and a lot more love (or so it might seem like), a bit of truth and lot of falsity, a bit of infatuation a lot of lust. It seemed mutual, the the lust. The love is still a questionable aspect because both were in a relationship, with someone else. Numbers were exchanged and chats turned to video calls and the rest was history. But all changed one day.

It was the day when he told that he was still in a relationship and that this girl from Twitter was a happy time pass and that this promise of getting intimate was still on the cards because that was what he was looking for. A fling on the side while having a girlfriend. She was devastated with the development that blew up in her face. She wasn’t as faithful as she should be and yet this came as a shock to her. She felt used, she felt betrayed, she felt hurt and in all she felt cheated.

He was blocked from contacting her. She made sure of that. Because she didn’t want to be that person who would be manipulated and used for a casual intimate encounter. But…she used to check him out once in a while. She was intimidated. She was in love, but didn’t want to admit that, to anyone and to herself. Because at the back of her head there was a voice shouting about all the morality of the situation she was putting herself in.

She got a call from him. She was shocked and yet at the same time intrigued that he called her. He was outside her college. She was at loss of words. She was in his car and she had lost herself. Then she kissed. They both kissed. She enjoyed every moment of that. She wanted more of that. But that moral police roaming around with a siren on top had been shouting that this is wrong, that she should stop it, that she should not even encourage it. In spite of all the red tape and X marks she went to his home, in her own accord. The fantasy had to happen. She wanted it to happen. She could have avoided all that because in some distant corner of her mind there was a voice shouting to her to not do any of it, standing over the moral integral line and urging her to not cross that line. She heard that voice, its agitated-frustrated and extremely loud but it faded away when he went all cheesy on her.

She knew that it was wrong but then again her desire to make that fantasy true was more strong. It overpowered her and she didn’t have much choice. Well, she had but she choose to ignore it nonetheless. And then again, it was the best one she ever had. She was beyond happy. She was elated. She enjoyed every bit of it.

It was a day after that she came out from the trance and saw all the moral police with their angry faces. She was supposed to feel guilty, but she didn’t. She was getting frustrated about her inability to feel even a bit of guilt for the things she did. She wanted to share with someone but then again she was scared of driving people away because of the weight of the thing she was about to share.


She didn’t want something this to happen again, ever. She didn’t want anything like this to happen in the first place. She didn’t want to meet him. She didn’t want to talk to him. She didn’t even want to think about him. She knows how wrong it is, how immoral it is, this being unfaithful to someone else is. And yet she did every single bit of it. But then again, she doesn’t regret what she has done. She will probably (not probably, definitely) do it again all over again. She knows that too that she will. Perhaps, she wants so.


Let’s take a moment to reflect at the people and their behaviour. Being faithful is an integral part of a person. But then again when they happen to be unfaithful what are the possible reasons for going ahead with it? Does it have to do anything with them being unhappy with the present relationship? Or is it the fun or excitement in crossing that line? Do reflect your opinions about the people being in such situations and crossing the line they know they shouldn’t cross! What’s your take on it? Well let me repharase and be more blunt at this because I am sure people have opinions like always but when it comes to them they evade. So, what would you do? You love someone but you have a desire to be someone else! And you know it is wrong, but you want it very very badly. What would you do?

But let’s just appreciate this quote that blew my mind. What beauty is this? :


A casual encounter.


Disclaimer : Kindly advised not to proceed, if you are lesser than 18 in age. NSFR (Not Suitable For Reading, especially for kids)!


(Continued from An Encounter ) …

They crashed on the couch while she offered him a glass of wine. A soft music played in the background and when the music in the background hit the right note, they looked at each other, into their eyes and it happened again, a spark in their eyes that called out to each other. They came a little close to each other, diving deep into each other’s eyes and they came close enough to breathe each other in.


One thing led to another and they found themselves naked in her bedroom. The eyes still held each other, their breaths synchronized with each other. The eyes, their body did all the talking. He knew with the look in her eyes that she wanted this as much as he wanted. He went in slowly and as she moaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy, the voice, her voice gave him the goosebumps, which added to the euphoria he was already feeling. He paused for a second, trying to live in the moment and telling himself that this was really happening, that it wasn’t another dream he had been long dreaming and he needs to cherish every second, every moment of this. She opened her eyes and tried to search something in his eyes, may be the reason why he paused. But before she could ask she realized that she was also in the moment and they both were relishing it together. She had dreamed of this moment and it was nothing what she had ever imagined. And she found the answer in his eyes that he was feeling the same.

He saw her smile, the smile that acknowledged his thoughts, his feelings. And it excited him a little more. He went inside again, locking his eyes with her. Neither of them blinked. They were going on each other, their bodies grinding against each other, the moaning synchronized. He liker her very much, may be in a way it might seem that he even loved her.He had this idea of how delicately he would do it, how softly and diligently he would take her and cherish her like the queen that she was. But, in that moment that was out of the window. Oh, he sure wanted to cherish her, each and every inch of her, but nothing soft, nothing delicate, nothing diligently. He just wanted her, her everything and it matter where the passion lead them.

She was reciprocating his momentum, and neither of them realized how fast each other were going, the passion that they had for each other was reflected each thrust and each moan. He flipped her on the bed and he was on top of her. He held his breath as he breathed in her, her beauty that shined in the glimmering side table lights. He enjoyed looking at her. He was hungry for her, the passion that had been building up inside him was finally coming out, but he wanted for each second to count. They were still locked into each other, eyes and body. He slowly let himself out, still looking into her eyes. He bent over to kiss her. The passion flowed through the lips as their tongues battled for more. They forgot to breathe and in that moment that could care less. He bit her lips, soft as they may be, were a delight in disguise. He wasn’t getting enough of it, as much as he wanted. He continued kissing, and was even more happy to find her dwelling for the same. He released her lips for a moment to take a breath, and started kissing her neck, her ears, even biting them, then caressing them with his tongue. He slowly went down to her breasts. They were full and soft. He looked up at her, to find her staring down at him in full ecstasy, and dying of anticipation what he was going to do and hoping that he does what she has been thinking. He took her breasts in his hands and bit one of her nipple. She moaned in response. It was so soft, he felt guilty for biting it but her moan had the answer that she wanted more and he too. He then kissed them, sucked on them one after the other, changing left to right and then to left. It was such a delight to hold them, kiss them and most importantly feel them and see her enjoy as he did everything he desired to her.

He didn’t realize that time was moving, that the neighbors were shouting over something, that there was a party with loud music two floors above them. He just minded his party, the one he was very much enjoying, actually both of them were. He went further down, keeping on hand on the boob and the other searching for the vagina and while he trailed down the stomach kissing and licking every inch. And as he kissed her belly button, his hand had already reached her vagina. He started stroking it, feeling the little wetness after the small session they had a moment earlier, feeling its softness, while she moaned. She moaned more as he put one finger in and rubbed the clit with the other. He had one hand caressing her boob, the other in her vagina, and he looked up from her belly kissing, at her wanting eyes as she grabbed his hair hesitating but wanting him to go down further. He kept the eyes locked until his tongue reached the clit, that was when she closed her eyes feeling the softness over her tenderness. And he kissed and licked and dug his tongue inside her, enjoying each and every moment, her every corner and her watery juices that flowed down. She almost shouted when he took her clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue over and licked it endlessly. She held his hair trying to pull him out, the euphoric pleasure as she orgasmed.


In that moment, he was too aroused to let the moment slip away. He let himself in as she trembled under this breath, slow and deep, relishing every moment as it slipped in, her insides grasping him, in its tightness in a warm embrace. He couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that he was going through and neither could she. Him and her both, were in a completely new world, lost in the hazy fog, drifting over the soft clouds, transpiring from one emotion to another, all of which were a complete mystery to them both, yet they didn’t want to feel anything lesser. They exchanged their positions where she was on top of him and he looked at her in complete admiration while she rode him. There wasn’t a moment that they looked away from each other. They enjoyed each other eyes, the dilated pupils told a much deeper admiration for one another and radiated the passion in their movements. They didn’t get enough of each other. He cupped her breasts as they gave the ecstatic pleasure to each other looking deep into each other’s eyes. They could go on and on for hours, perhaps days even. He had come close a couple too many times since the beginning of their intimacy session.  And it could explode any moment now.


That was when he pulled her back. He was almost at the brim, he knew it, she knew it. He stopped her because he didn’t want it to end so soon. He pulled her up into his embrace. She sat on his face, wrapping him. Their bodies exchanging the warmth, his mouth under her, the honey juices flowing down as he dug deep into her with his tongue, as he smelled her sweet honey. He rolled, licked, sucked and kissed and took in deep her. She had lost count of the times she had orgamsed that night. And he didn’t stop when she shivered under the high of her hundredth orgasm. His hands around her thighs held her grounded on his face as he continued to kiss her wet and tender pussy. She wanted him to leave her, she didn’t want him to let her go, he was in a complete euphoria in the moment. As he slowed down, and let his grasp loosen a bit, she slid down and sat on his hardness. It was her time to take what she wanted. She went in deep, the deepest she could, pulled herself out and went in all the way with all the force she could. It was a pleasant surprise for him as he wasn’t expecting this fast encounter. She continued to do that until she got comfortable and then as she settled nice and deep, she started rocking back and forth with everything she got. He was feeling everything, everything that he couldn’t even begin to describe. He bit hard onto the his tie as he felt every pulse of his resonate with her, every heart beat match with her, every thrust sending him to space and pulling him back. He held her my her waist and he was at his brim, a second away from explosion. He wanted to pull her out, but he knew that there wasn’t much time nor did he wanted to,  and nor did she. He almost let out a shout as he released into her, arching on his back with every wave. But she was nowhere near stopping. She continued to ride  him, continued to resonated with his waves, even after he had emptied everything, every last drop he could, but she planned to continue until she had her fair share of orgasm. He wanted her to stop after that enormous wave and explosion, but there was nothing much in his hands. She was in control, she was in complete control of what was to happen, when he is really finished. A minute or two later, he felt his hardness being grasped harder as a trembling wave swept across him. She had her orgasm and she fell on him, him still inside of her, while she slowly rocked even after that huge tiring pleasurable workout. They didn’t seem to get enough of each other, after all this while, after hours of being inside each other.

They lay on the bed wrapped in the sweet sweat of their hard work, their passion resonating in each sweat drop, their love electrifying with each touch. He kissed her, as they hugged each other in harmony while the soft music filled the former echoes of their intimacy. He looked at her as the soft light delicately kissed her. She was as beautiful as ever, tired, exhausted and too worked up, but beautiful all the same. He could keep looking at her all night, all day. She was the perfect in how their thoughts matched, how their eyes talked to each other, how the bodies moved under each other’s breath and how badly they wanted each other. She was just too perfect. Similar thoughts were going through her mind as well, how good he looked under her shadow and how he liked talking to her, the joy in his eyes shining bright every time he looked at her. She settled herself by placing her head on his chest over her interlocked hands and stared at him, and he stared at her, both admiring each other. Neither of them moved for a moment. It was just a fraction of moment, after which she felt something move under her belly and she knew the second round was about to start any moment now.


P.S. This is the beginning of many more such (erotic) posts (I hope). If you feel that this could be better, I completely agree with you. Because all of this is out of my imagination and not from experience. I hope you got what I am trying to say : No experience at this whatsoever, and I don’t mean writing. So, do tell, if there is something crucial that I might be missing, that is essential to spice up or perhaps to tone down. And I tell you, no amount of porn watching helps in writing erotic fiction. Nope. Not one bit. Well, do pour out your thoughts, if you happen to read such lengthy not-so-erotic post.

3 AM.

Disclaimer : Reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead :
1. You are younger than 18 years.
2. You have much better things to do, like watch TV or stalk someone.
3. You are going to make fun of me !

There is an ardent niche regarding the intuition of man. What does a man (I mean Male) think about? What does he think when he is staring at the empty roads? What does he think when he sees a girl walk down the road? What does he think when the professor is giving a serious lecture on Higgs…SEX. Did I get your attention ? Who cares about Higgs Boson anyway?

Earlier this year, I got a text from a girl, a friend whom I have not met but she was in the same school as I. But she joined after I had left the high school. And since we had mutual friends and the fact that we both were writing blogs, it didn’t take long to get the conversation started. It was just normal conversations asking how either of us were doing and about how stupid the life had been and how to solve the problem with life. The solution was agreed upon that one need a billion bucks to get a normal life. But who had a million bucks? Not me apparently.

Anyway, one night after a cold day at office I get a text from her which made me sit upright :

I made out with him, again“. The guy she was referring to is her on-and-offboyfriend and she had talked about how impossible he had been becoming the last couple of weeks, but never was the talk about the intimate details, though I had suspected. Let’s just say that I haven’t in such conversations before. So, imagine what my response was ?
Oh ok“. Yes, I replied that. I had no idea how to respond to it as I never had such conversations. She went on to tell how many times it had happened. Now, this was getting awkward on my side. And the worst part was no details.

Now, lets back up a bit. This was getting intimate conversation and the good friend that I am, was lending my ear to pour all the baggage she was carrying. After all, what are friends for, right? And let me repeat, being the GOOD friend that I am, I didn’t pry on too much, I mean at all. I didn’t ask for details (which I must confess, I was really interested in). Nevertheless, no much details were shared and my “Oh okays” continued. My lame replies gave the much need suspicion.

You a virgin, aren’t you?”  broke my monotonous replies to “That obvious, huh ?“.  This didn’t come as much of a surprise to her. I guess I have sold myself as a too decent guy, even though we haven’t met. Nevertheless, she sets up a challenge for me to lose “it” before the year ends. Apparently, I was the only guy she knew who hasn’t done the ‘good’ deed. I laughed out loud for a few seconds staring at the screen and agreed as if it was as simple as buying a chocolate. Well, whom was I kidding? My chance of … ok, let’s not make it a point to embarrass myself than I already have. 

As months passed by, no action happened on my side while the adventures continued on the other end. “We had sex in the car“, I mean come on! Tell me every detail. How did this happen and tell everything. No, I didn’t say that. This apparently is on everybody wishlist. And like the nice stupid guy I am, I didn’t pry for the details. “I made out with my boss, at office”. The point being there was never any shortage of adventures on the other end. They were so frequent that guys started to bore her and she was already in plans to move to girls. “Dude, back off. There is already so much competition among boys, now if girls also join the race, what will happen to us?“.  Okay, let’s not talk about my story. Just don’t.

Imagine my surprise when I receive a text at 3AM and she starts talking about world war and world peace, which escalated to the philosophical preachings about life – What I should do to get a better perspective at life, how I should turn my life around by doing this and not doing that, bla bla bla. Apparently, she had joined Vipassana. I think that has helped her find her calling, may be. I have to get back on this on she is doing now.

Five things at the end of the story :
a. I am still at the same place where I had started, you know what I mean?
b. Don’t pass judgments on others lifestyle choice of living.
c. Whatever that Vipassana is, it sounds life changing ! If you are too frustrated about getting nothing, just join it. It involves no Internet, no phone, no social media, no Blogging, no reading my crap. Win-Win, right? 
d. The Picture Quote has nothing to do with the post, unless you find a relation.
e. I am the 3AM friend. Like you might have observed, I don’t judge or pry. I am open for HIRE !


She brushed her hand through his hair. It was lunch time and she just had hers and he was yet to go. He was lost in his work over an intermittent issue. He was pulled back to reality and her touch was a relief to him. He realized he was hungry, but a hunger of different kind though. She smiled and whispered “Hey” into his ears. He forgot about the work and was drunk in her sweet voice. He had feelings for her and she was his friend. Feelings, he wasn’t sure what they meant. He smiled back at her and looked deep into her eyes.

She anticipated that he was busy and gestured him to carry on and turned to leave. His hand almost reached for her hand as an involuntary response to not let her go. Almost. She walked away with her back facing him. He kept looking at her, hoping that she will turn before disappearing into her work. And she did. His happiness had no bounds. But he pretended calm outside, but a grin escaped his face. She saw that, yet she didn’t understand what it meant! He looked away from him and grinned just like he did.

A couple of minutes later, she went to the pantry to fetch some coffee still thinking about her last encounter with him. Was he really into her ? Or was he just being a little playful? Or did he like her? Then why hasn’t he proposed yet? Why is he taking so long time. She was having a lot of unanswered questions. But she was happy for something and believed that she would be optimistic and everything would turn up perfectly, hoping that he is waiting for the right moment. She assured herself that she could wait and felt content in that fact.

She took her cup from the cup tray and placed it in the small opening of the coffee machine and started pressing the buttons to select her kind of afternoon poison. While she was waiting for the machine to do its magic, she felta warm hand clutching her hand turning her around. She wasn’t mentally prepared for this episode not it was appropriate for anyone to do this at office and she almost screamed. Her face had turned red, her brows raised and her eyes screamed shock. And all that vanished when her eyes met his, soft, dark brown eyes. The kind of eyes that spoke love, desire and affection at length. Not only that, she also saw want, a hint of desperation, a little fear and a little hesitation.

He was holding her in his arm, she was a litle bent backwards. He tucked her hair that fell on her forehead behind her ear. With a little hesitation, he said in a low soft voice that turned on her somehow, “I .. Love you”. He confessed while he ran his finger across edge of her lower lip. Before she could respond, he looked deep into her eyes implying that he meant what he said and wasted no more time. A moment later his lips met hers in a blissful union of two souls.

He took her lips, pink, soft , luscious and blissful taste of strawberry. They were the most kissable lips he had ever seen and it was a no-brainer that he couldn’t resist. She was taken aback for a second at his sudden confession and advance. But she knew that she also wanted this to happen. Though what she had in mind was a little different, but this was fine as well. She tried not to think too much about it and enjoy the moment. So, she didn’t hold back. She was somehow smitten by that kiss, overcame with bliss, floating on a cloud and feeling exquisite. She mirrored his passion and poured her emotions resulting in a stimulating ecstasy. He had not planned for this to happen. But he had given about this a couple of times if it ever came to this, yet he wasn’t sure how to. And now as it was finally happening he wanted every moment to count.

He started kissing passionately, giving the hint of his tongue. It was new for him, for her, but both felt good. He was holding her face with one hand while the other one slowly crawled down to her curve and then slowly to her ass. He grabbed it as it was his own as the intensity of kissing increased a notch. It was getting really hot in the office pantry. She flung her arms around his shoulders running her hands through his soft hair, pushing towards her, to taste him, to devour him completely. His other hand which was holding her neck, slid down trailing the neck, the chest and then cupped her breast. He was hesitant but he had already taken that big risk. She was drowning in the passion of the moment that she enjoyed and couldn’t resist. Or perhaps she didn’t want to. Either way she could care less as she was enjoying every moment of it.

He cupped her breast pushing the cotton Tee down to reveal the gorgeously perfect soft breast. He took a moment to catch his breath, panting and his eyes digging into hers with passion. He looked at her breast and his heart melted in the sweet evanescence of perfection. He wondered how could it be so perfect and he overcame with lust. He couldn’t control his urge to taste them. He took it to a handful and started licking the nipple that was aroused by the emotions she had just felt. He bit it, licked it, teased and tasted every inch of it. Her back arched while she enjoyed every moment of this new found passion.

He grabbed her and lifted her onto the table, while still holding her breast and pleasuring him and her with his mouth.With in a swift movement, he pushed down the other side of the T Shirt along with her bra to reveal the stunning pair of perfection. He caressed both the breasts and squeezing them, licking them one after another alternatively. While his hands were busy with the breasts, he started trailing up the neck kissing and licking it. He was giving her the tingling sensations all over the body when he reached the side of the neck. He bit her ear and kissed the cheeks, the chin, the nose and finally settling on the lips. Soft kisses. Then going vigorous tasting her lips, the saliva and the dance that they made with he kissing, experimenting, enjoying , forgetting about the world around them. Oneof his hand kept massaging her perfect cups, while the other trailed down to the belly and unbuttoned the jeans she was wearing. He slid his hand through the opening as he stared into her brown eyes, mimicing her. She looked unsure but she didn’t stop him. Suddenly, she was worried that someone might walk in and catch them during the act. They were in the office for god’s sake and she just came to this realization after 20 minutes. The time in which she faintly forgot about the world around her. She wanted him to stop. But she wasn’t willing to. He slowly caressed her clit, gently, carefully. She felt the chill as his touch reverberated the hidden feelings, emotions, something she had never known existed. He slowly slid his finger into her still looking into her eyes, trying to understand her expressions. She closed her eyes and arched her back with his gentle touches. He slowly whispered into her ears whether she liked it. Her expression and her moans said everything he wanted to know.

There was a noise in the distance, of people talking as they walked close to the pantry. They suddenly realized that they needed to act quick and with in a split second they readjusted their clothes and tried to act normally as if nothing happened. When they entered, he was gulping the glass of water while the sweat on his face gave the impression that he has a long run but they were in an air conditioned office. She turned around and pretended to pour sugar into her cup wiping the sweet sweat before anyone could recognize it. He took out his phone as if he got an important call and existed first. A moment later she exited holding her cup of coffee. Both were lost in their own world, and were numb to the outside world.