Impact Zero

How! How did I derail? How did I do this? What just happened? Why am I writing normal stuff? Why am I being so nice, I mean trying to be nice? What is happening to me? Why am I trying to be normal? Why am I trying to be sensitive to something as bizzare as this? Why!

Disclaimer Not Suitable For Reading, because no one is reading, duh! Don’t pretend you do. I would know if you did. It’s not a super power, but more of a calculated deduction.

Why do you read? Why do we read? Why does anyone read? Because we want to live a world that is a world apart from the one we live in. But mostly, we read to live the world of the person behind the book or even that small write up. It tells us so much, it teaches us, perhaps inspires us a little as well. And in retrospective, it gives us a chance to escape from the charades of life and immerse ourselves in something we can ponder over, and perhaps act as well, mostly how what we are reading drives us. But if you ask me to be frank, I never the same about the textbooks in school when compared to the fiction books I read. I would be glad if you agree as well, but otherwise, going well textbookaholic ( Yes, I create stuff occasionally).


Now, the more important question is why do you write? The analogy as to why would anyone write differs from person to person and well, to be fair each one has a different reason so as to why would they write. Let me tell you, writing is not easy, or may be it’s just me. Writing is not easy when you think of the elements. The elements range from people’s opinions to our own stigma or are they called our inhibitions? Amidst all, we write not only to express ourselves but it is what frees us, frees up from the charades of life, frees us from ourselves. Ourselves! Interesting, right? Well, yes! Because if you could  observe the broader picture, we are the ones who keep us from writing. We give excuses saying that it is the work, it is the life happening, it is this or that and the most common of them which not surprisingly I use all the time is “Writers Block”.

This brings me to the most important aspect that I wanted to discuss, or if you care to discuss that is : What would make someone read a post? A tacky title? A provoking photo? The few lines under the title, also called as an excerpt, giving a brief about the actual post, or sometimes it’s just the first 50-60 words of the said post. Or is it the name of the writer/blogger, who wrote the post? Because I know a lot of people just don’t read the post. I have come across a wide variety of people (by people I mean bloggers, some of them friends as well), or in general, a majority of whom just don’t read the post. WordPress makes it easy to navigate through the feed of the bloggers one follow. But then again, why don’t people read the post in their Reader feed? Is it the small excerpt that somehow leads to the possible neglect. Neglect is a strong word. I would rather say ‘Like‘ the post without actually reading it. Because reading would basically generate a thought, howsoever is not always favourable most of the time, but that is what the comment section is for – to understand the others point of view.

To give a better picture of what goes in the mind of a writer is a cumulation of a million thoughts, carefully formulated to make a logical sense of the topic at hand, and while at it address the various issues at hand and probably seek help from people reading, or inspire a little, if need be. Or sometimes people just want to be heard and see if others could relate, just to assure themselves that they are just not alone. But I guess that would be asking too much of people.

This brings to the realization that why I am stressing out on so much? Why can’t I just write the stupid stuff that I usually write and be done with it. Because in my time of writing all this while, I have come across people who are not perfect. Perfect!? Such a cliche word. So, let me rephrase : I have come across people who are imperfectly perfect, because we as writers want to be heard, no doubt, but at the same time we also need that shoulder to lean on or just be there, even if one can’t offer a shoulder. I always wanted to be that shoulder or to lend a hand or just be there, listen, or perhaps just read and tell them that “It is going to be alright”.

To the imperfectly-perfect people,
I just want to tell you and assure that I am here for you, anyday, anytime. I am not perfect either. so, bear with me, we will go through the mess together.
– Imperfect being.

And like my title suggests, I want to leave an impact. People usually look for a positive outlook at life, I fail to do so, at every word I write, ever letter I carve. As a matter of fact, I do the exact opposite thing, give the glimpse of the dark side. It is a purview of a person enduring most of it. So, it is also a concern that no one else faces the same darkness, and fight those demons alone. It is just to reassure that I can’t win that battle, but I have seen Spartan, Gladiator and the likes of it. I will leave it at that.



How! How did I derail? How did I do this? What just happened? Why am I writing normal stuff? Why am I being so nice, I mean trying to be nice? What is happening to me? Why am I trying to be normal? Why am I trying to be sensitive to something as bizzare as this, comments (what now?), people reading my blog(Am I being serious now!) ? Where did all the dark stuff go? Where is my old fried, darkness? Why am I reaching for the light? Why!

–  Enigma


70 thoughts on “Impact Zero

  1. This was quite thought provoking. I mean a lot to think about here.
    First off, why do you think no one is reading?
    Loved the idea of being perfectly imperfect and vice versa.
    But most of all I loved the idea of moving towards the light from darkness. You like it or not, I think it is good to move towards light, darkness may have been your best friend but then ‘light’ can be too. For once, why not just try it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good thing to hear.
      There’s a lot to think about? Pray do tell.

      First off, let me go by the statistics, would it be fair to do so? For this very post, 26 different people came across it, out of which 16 people seemed to have liked something, hence graced with a click on the like button. And out of these 16 people, two people commented because you one among them seemed to have read and have certain things to be clarified or perhaps tell me something, both of which you did. The other person didn’t even read, he was fishing for some followback on his blog. The third person who commented, did read or so it may seem.
      Have I answered your question? Not in a long shot, but just analyse the numbers.

      Glad you liked the idea of both.

      It’s a difficult thing to do, if I am being honest.
      Who doesn’t want the light? Who doesn’t want to out of the darkness? But sometimes there is just no light. There is just no worth trying. Sometimes, there is just no hope. I know it would be hard to understand, but it is how and what it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️
      Your counter argument would be why not try and try and try a little harder. Don’t you think I know that?

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      • No that is not my counter argument!
        I am sorry, I am not even that positive about everything. And specially not today!!!!!
        I know sometimes it is so dark around,, we cannot see the light, not even far far away!
        So no argument today!

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  2. I write because i just need to. But i read because my best friend writes. And i found my best friend because he is a good writer.
    So i am not sharing my best friend because i don’t want him to be everyone’s shoulder. Because you are my shoulder 23 hours a day. Not 24 because i sleep also.

    Most importantly i commented cause not sharing my IMPERFECT PERFECT best friend!!!✔

    Liked by 2 people

    • That was a rhetorical question. You really didn’t have to answer.

      And your best friend just asked me to give you his resignation letter. He will no longer be associated with all those responsibilities.

      You commented because I told you to read. -_- Else you would have ignored.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I answered because i wanted to.
        Why do you say like this. I never opened WordPress otherwise i would have seen it!!. I don’t get many comments or likes like you. So i never open it.

        Condition was to never resign.
        He wont break my heart by doing that. And if he wanted to he would tell me on his own. Ill let him have his freedom. Even if i need him.

        And after hearing that i need him, if he still wants to resign. Please forward me his message saying so.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ok ok.
        All I hear are excuses. :O
        And also you don’t have to justify what you do. I KNOW!

        He says there was no such condition and he is telling you not to make new conditions. -_-
        He really appreciated your approval of his freedom. He is truly indebted. Not.

        He moved to a new place and changed his number. I can’t contact him anymore. He practically disappeared.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Obviously you know what i do because you are “the best friend”

        Excuses?. Lets compare the likes and comments and followers on both our blogs!!!
        Well you keep making conditions. Then why cant I?

        Yes he moved to a new place. And that place is called realization. Realization that even if he doesn’t need his friend. Because he wants to resign. I do need him.

        Being my best friend is not such a trouble also.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Remember he resigned? So, say Tata-Bye Bye to him.

        Why are we doing that? Comparing? I have to tell you that I wrote a post, until then you wouldn’t have commented. So, there is no debate whatsoever.

        You have no chance of making any conditions. That’s part of the Terms and Conditions rulebook.

        He didn’t listen any of that.

        Oh really? I wonder why he ran away then?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Resigned … Really ?

        I inform you before i write a post. So you know and comment. As its your responsibility to. I don’t open WordPress nor do you inform me.

        You cant keep the conditions always

        He read it.

        Don’t hurt me by saying that he ran away. Please. He wont do that ever.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Resigned, haan!

        You did not read the post until I told you. So, your argument is invalid.

        I can.

        Nope. He is far far away.

        I can’t reach him either. He disconnected all his contact details.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful post .I totally agree with your words , thought provoking message .It’s good to be imperfect ,there is no word Perfect for humans.We all are imperfect and will remain .Cheers😊

    Liked by 1 person

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