Lost in the Echo is an exempted attempt of a mind plagiarized with the morals, the sanity and the ideals that revolve around in the present day. The realms that govern the balance of nature, the obstacles, the highs and the lows, the life of an ordinary, yet not to ordinary human being. Human Being? You! Me! Aha, the masterpiece in creation, a morsel in the food chain, the creator and the destroyer, the epitome of the world.

Under the dome of a countless stars and endless seasons, the journey was set in motion a long time ago. Perhaps, a few are lost, a few ashore, a few sailing and a few soaring with the clouds. The noises penetrating the fragments of life,  the echoes rupturing the dimensions. Lost. A search for self, lost in those echoes.

But proceed with caution as sometimes the personality of the author jumps invariable heights in search of the clichéd notion called solace, freedom, independence. 


Truth, the brutal there could ever be.

Lies, where no harm is done, mostly.

Stories, where the castles are made and life is created.

Abstract, a revelation, a search.


This is Midnight Shadow, your friendly* neighborhood writer.

 I know the name is kind of funny**. Nevertheless, welcome to the dark side.


don’t get your hopes up – not-so-friendly after all !

** ah, no! Not the right word! uhmm  Stupid – yes, perfect

261 thoughts on “About

  1. Needless to say, your blog is super super super awesome! I didn’t have much time to comment on every post but I’d love to go back and share my thoughts about what I loved the most. And the way you write is just amazing! Honestly, I’m so glad I found your blog.
    Will be searching for you in the shadows at midnight. But will you really be there? 😛

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    • Why, thank you so much! 😊

      Oh, that’s alright. There’s no hurry. You can take your time and comment when convenient.

      Thank you again. 😊

      All the best. I’ll be there, always. But it’s upto you whether you can find me or not. 😁😜

      Thanks again for your time and for being so sweet. 😊

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      • So, its upto me, eh? Then I’ll definitely try my best. Cause I remember something written on Dan Brown’s Inferno cover, Seek and ye shall find.
        Oh, will you seriously stop telling thanks 😛
        Welcome tho 😁

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      • Idk if you know Hindi, but if you do, kabhi nahi sudhroge, phirse thanks!
        I’ll keep that warning in my mind as I tread the path which you tell that will make me scared 😛

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      • I do know Hindi.
        I think it’s called being generous and paying back the gratitude.
        Ab yeh phir se, thanks for the barosa ke main kabhi nahi sudhrunga. 😁😜

        Oh yeah. You’ll be scared. After all, it’s dark, it’s gloomy and a never ending maze. 😛

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      • It’s kinda simple. 7-30 stands for my birthday, 30 July. And A.M are my initials. So wallah, seventhirtyam. It’s not that deep, which I think you were expecting it to be. 😛

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      • Haha. I wasn’t expecting it to be deep, but was curious and very intriguing.

        And I must say that’s very thoughtful and creative. Look at mine, no mystery at all. And now I know your date of birth as well. 😜

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      • But I like deep things. But it sounds so superficial, like I am obsessed with my birthday and my name. Which I totally am not 😛
        Haha, yep now you know my birthday. But its not a big deal, you don’t know the year :p

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      • It is sort of deep. And no it doesn’t sound like that. So no worries there. 😀

        It’s a big deal to me, because a very few of my friends know my birthday. So, there’s that.
        Year ? It must be in some 1980’s. 😁😜

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      • Ooh, so you are the mysterious kind of person.
        I’m flattered to know that I seem so old. By the way I talk maybe? 😛
        But nah, this soul hasn’t even lived for even two complete decades on this earth 😀
        That it will be the July of next year, when I’ll get a chance to revel in the moment that I did complete those two decades.
        Any chance I might get to know your birthday? I’m a hugeeee fan of birthdays 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • I try to be. But I slip so many times that people figure out quite easily. 😁

        You talk more mature than your age. But I had a feeling that you must be a teenager nearing twenty, or twenty. Btw, I was kidding about the year I mentioned earlier.
        So it’s 1997. I think I was in 3rd class at that time. 😁

        Yeah sure, just because you have been so sweet. 😊 It’s Jan 19. (I hope you would maintain discretion about this, please?)

        You say you are a huge fan of birthdays, so what does that mean? Now, since you know mine what will happen now? Again curious. 😀

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      • You are such an enigma, no matter how much you slip up.
        Yep, so you are right about my year!
        Yes, I’d maintain discretion about it. In fact, it is okay if you want to delete that comment of yours.
        It means, I try to do something special for birthdays, not for everyone, but for my close friends. In the least, give them a thoughtful gift.
        And about you? What will happen! Even I am curious about it.

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      • I am glad you feel that way.
        But believe me being the way I’m, I mean anonymous is the most difficult task.

        That’s fine. The traffic on my blog is quite less and people interested to know my bday will be zero. So no worries there.

        Oh , that’s nice of you to do so. I also want to do something nice, or may be offer a gift, but I am terrible at selecting gifts. 🙈

        Oh. I’m curious too. But my bday is a long way away. I might be forgotten by then. 😔

        And if I’m not wrong we are sharing the same letter as the first name. 😁😊

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      • Thats sweet of you. To want to gift someone you haven’t even met or hardly even spoken to. But hifi! even I am terrible at selecting gifts 😛 But I invest a lot of time for them so they do come out okay.
        Honestly, the fact that you want to do something nice warms up my heart. Who needs materialistic things anyway?
        Yep, it is quite a long way. But don’t you think it is difficult to forget such a unique person. Well, one thing I’ve learnt in life is not to make any promises.
        Ooh, is that so. Same letter as the first name! I would so so so so love to know the rest of the letters that follow 😛

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      • Thank you. 😊
        Last Christmas, we played a game of sending gifts to random people, all were bloggers, and the gift could be anything, but we didn’t know whom to send, more like the secret Santa sort of. But the catch was that we had to post a blog post on the essence of gifting, I mean sharing and the spirit of Christmas, which was pretty great. We did that as a chain blog one after another. And yeah we all got gifts from mostly a stranger.

        I am glad. And you are right about materialistic things. 🙂

        Well, I would never forget even a single person, however unique or otherwise, who has taken some time to talk, share and discuss or debate with me, as they have impacted me I some way or the other. I mean to say you will not be forgotten, ever, Miss AM.
        Yes, that’s true about promises. But if you are making one, make sure to see it through. I intend to do so.

        Oh yes. Let’s just say with time, I’ll slip up some way or the other and you’ll know. 😁
        And the last name is pretty close too, K. One letter gap. So there’s that. 😁😂

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      • Oh god! That was such a tease. You might slip up with time? 😦
        Oh, the waiiiiiit!
        I guess its a test of my patience.
        Secret Santa is such a nice game. I’ve never played it tho 😛
        Promises. Sometimes the universe intervenes and no matter how much we try its difficult to keep a promise. I do try my best always. But, I try to refrain from making promises which I’m not sure I can keep.
        Miss A.M, I like the ring to it. How do you think Dr. A.M would sound like? Well, hopefully there’s a few years to it *sigh*
        So, you are Mr. A.K aka enigma.
        I’m still hoping that you’d spare me the wait.
        *gives you the puppy dog eyes*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hehe. Sorry.
        Yes. I’m way too careless with things and myself.
        Lol. 😁
        No, it’s not. Don’t worry much about my name. I’m not worth the wait.

        Oh okay. You should definitely play it. 😀

        I completely agree with your explanation. And I understand the reasons as well. So, no worries.

        I am glad you like it.
        Wow. That sounds even better.
        Best wishes for that. I’ll have a doctor friend then. 😊

        Yeah. That’s sounds about right.
        Oh please, not the eyes.
        *covers my eyes* I might have to tell. 😁

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      • This left me speechless!
        You are not worth the wait? I don’t think you aren’t the one to decide that. Yes, I wouldn’t have worried much about your name but you were the one who gave me hints and piqued my curiosity.
        No, you don’t get to close your eyes.
        *puppy dog eyes again* *with more intensity* *innocent most look on my face*


      • Ahhhhhh!
        Do I give up because I respect your privacy or Do I not because sometimes we need to extract some things from people?
        Oh, the eternal confusion of what to do.
        Whether to try or just give up?
        I’m still gonna try anyway 😛
        *sad face* tear filled puppy dog eyes*
        Will you open your eyes now? *pouts* ( no, not the selfie pout :/ but the childlike pout – when you don’t buy a toy to kid they’ve been longing to have)

        Liked by 2 people

      • You are very adamant, which is a good thing actually. But in this case, No. 😂😜

        You are still not giving up? 😜

        Teary eyed? Come on… 😳🙈
        Please don’t cry now.. 🙊
        And pout too? Lol. I would have see that one. I’ll have to take a picture of that as well. 😁😜

        You really want to know now? I don’t have a problem revealing it. But I am a little uncomfortable doing it here. So sorry. 😔
        I can mail you or something like that, if that’s okay? 😐

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  2. Hahaha to each his own I guess.
    Yeah it’s this thing people force us to do, if you’re lucky you get 18 years to be a child… then adulting, everything goes down hill from there!! xP
    Yay!!! I seriously cannot wait!!! =D
    Kinda… I’ve just kinda got out of it, but the despairing, restless souls is only ever quieted. I never fully stand on the sea shore, the waves call my name and I drive again. Sometimes I find ship wrecks, hitting rock bottom… other times I find worlds unknown and magical. I try not to go too deep or I feel like I’ve landed in the black hole. I prefer to cease to be grounded and float than to feel like I’m drowning.
    Hahaha thank you, but it’s only something I’ve observed nothing overly profound and worthy of that titled.
    You do know that demons are only fallen angels right? Don’t think too highly of me. Thank you, your words are kind and sweet.
    Hahaha well then apolgize if you must. ^_^ I still like the raw, unedited look on you. It gives you an edge, a roughness and makes you very real… It gives you a confidence in the eyes of your readers.
    YES!!! *coughs* I mean no. No be a good lad and write perfect papers. Get the good marks in class… be normal. ;P But seriously don’t fake it… just do whatever you’ve been doing. It’s amazingly wonderful.
    You’re welcome.
    Don’t worry about it… I totally forgot to reply to this… *hides*
    It’s a pleasure. [=

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  5. The masterpiece in creation, the morsel in the food chain, the creator and the destroyer, the epitome of the world is going to surrender to our exotic alien dinner tonight 😜 Too bad. Enjoy the last few seconds while you still have time 😈

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  6. There’s something really very mysterious about your content. I suppose that’s what you’re going for, given a user name such as Enigma and a tagline such as yours! Do you have a set message behind your posts, or is it intended to be open to the interpretation of each reader?

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    • Why, thank you! 😊

      I am afraid, there are no message posts. I do understand that I am not letting the reader know the actual message. I guess I am still a bit afraid of saying the actual message. So, I am trying to put it in abstract form. Did I make sense?

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      • Thank you.
        Poems are usually cryptic. That’s one reason why some people prefer it. They try to express the most, something they can’t generally share otherwise in the form of words, hiding between the lines.

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      • I don’t have that type of creativity. 😛 I can appreciate poems that play with words, rhyme and syllables but are more straightforward in their meaning. Otherwise, I get need someone to spell it out for me. But I’ll admit that sometimes I enjoy something open-ended and mystical.

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      • If it helps, I don’t either. I try. But I have to do a better job at it than I think I am doing.
        If you come to think of it, each person interprets the said poem in their own way. That’s the beauty of the poems. That lets the reader’s imagination run wild. I agree that some are quite difficult to grasp. Open ended ones gives the reader to continue the story or a narrative in their own way, right?

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      • Right, and in that regard, I find written pieces like novels (and, yes, poetry) to be more flexible than film; though film does also allow for a certain amount of imagining.

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  7. You have a really unique About page! I went through a few of your posts and, wow, you write exquisitely. Given you a follow as I’d love to read more from you 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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    • Thank you very much. ☺️

      Also very glad to know that you went through the posts and you like them.
      And thanks for the follow.
      I hope to.
      Having said that, you write very well too. Already bookmarked your blog.

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  8. What an amazing about, such a great hook. I just followed you and now I will be reading some of your posts because this About made want to know you better. So maybe I will see you later in the comment section of one of your posts.
    P.s. you won on this one 😉

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  9. This is the best “About” I have ever read on here. It’s intriguing and thought provoking. I definitely want to read more from you and will be checking out your posts whenever I get the chance! Superb writing. 👏🏻

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  10. Hey! just wanted to say that you have an amazing blog here . . . I really mean it. You write beautifully (and I’m not saying that JUST to flatter). Thank you so much for following my blog, ’cause though the follow made me extremely happy, I discovered your blog in turn : ) Count me a regular visitor to your blog!
    Also, great spidie and Star Wars reference ; )

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  11. This is such a well written note about self and the writings! Glad to come across this blog.
    Keep writing as your words have the power to keep the readers completely hooked up.

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