Lost in the Echo is an exempted attempt of a mind plagiarized with the morals, the sanity and the ideals that revolve around in the present day. The realms that govern the balance of nature, the obstacles, the highs and the lows, the life of an ordinary, yet not to ordinary human being. Human Being? You! Me! Aha, the masterpiece in creation, a morsel in the food chain, the creator and the destroyer, the epitome of the world.

Under the dome of a countless stars and endless seasons, the journey was set in motion a long time ago. Perhaps, a few are lost, a few ashore, a few sailing and a few soaring with the clouds. The noises penetrating the fragments of life,  the echoes rupturing the dimensions. Lost. A search for self, lost in those echoes.

But proceed with caution as sometimes the personality of the author jumps invariable heights in search of the clichéd notion called solace, freedom, independence. 


Truth, the brutal there could ever be.

Lies, where no harm is done, mostly.

Stories, where the castles are made and life is created.

Abstract, a revelation, a search.


This is Midnight Shadow, your friendly* neighborhood writer.

 I know the name is kind of funny**. Nevertheless, welcome to the dark side.


don’t get your hopes up – not-so-friendly after all !

** ah, no! Not the right word! uhmm  Stupid – yes, perfect


239 thoughts on “About

  1. What an amazing about, such a great hook. I just followed you and now I will be reading some of your posts because this About made want to know you better. So maybe I will see you later in the comment section of one of your posts.
    P.s. you won on this one 😉

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  2. Hey! just wanted to say that you have an amazing blog here . . . I really mean it. You write beautifully (and I’m not saying that JUST to flatter). Thank you so much for following my blog, ’cause though the follow made me extremely happy, I discovered your blog in turn : ) Count me a regular visitor to your blog!
    Also, great spidie and Star Wars reference ; )

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