What can we have?


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He stared into her eyes. Something was different about them. They twinkled the first time she saw him and that charm was still alive as she spoke about the week that passed by. The week she was away and didn’t get a chance to meet. He wasn’t listening to her, mostly it was nods acknowledging her thoughts. He was just lost in her sparkling eyes, full of enthusiasm. The animated hands, the curls of her hair bouncing on the shoulder and her lips soothing him in the most beautiful voice he had ever known. She was extremely happy to see him and so was he.


She smiled as he made his way and sat beside her. He was grinning and she was too lost in his charming smile. There was something building in the air and both chose to ignore. They were scared what would happen if they really explored the uncharted air. They had forged this bond of friendship over the last year. To avoid any new feelings to rise up and also to keep him engaged for as long as she could, she talked about everything she did and couldn’t do over the last weekend. And while she was at it, she also gossiped about her friends and colleagues. He was listening carefully, laughing when necessary and sharing his opinion whenever he opined. Taking turns as the conversation led from one thing to another he narrated his series of events for the week staring deep into her eyes, “God, I missed her”, he said under his breath.

There was silence when they reached the point where everything that was at the top of mind was over. Now, to keep the conversation going on, they were slowly digging and finding new topics. She smiled as if she read his mind that they were out of topics as at stared into each other, completely forgetting what was around them, the noise fading in the background. He leans in a little, finding his cue, in an attempt to make his intention clear as a sweat developed at the corner of his forehead. He was a little scared that this might go completely sideways and that, and that could never end well. He knew for sure. Her mind already got another old gossip but then her thoughts fall short as she sees him lean in, his eyes drowning in anticipation and she got the message, loud and clear as she leaned in, which was more of a reflex.They stared into each others’ eyes for one whole moment, as the world faded behind them. The limelight was on them and it was dark all around as they breathed into each other. Their lips close to each other and still staring into each other’s eyes. breathing each other in. A moment later they slip into a bliss as they danced to the rhythm of their heart beats with the same passion they had for each other. Everything they had kept hidden for so long, finally spoke with the unison of a kiss the one emotion they were so scared to express. The concept of time was forgotten as they wrapped each other in the warm embrace of one another, speaking to each other with their eyes closed.

And then she tapped on his hand. She smiled as he stared into her eyes. She was far, unlike a second earlier. She tapped again on his hand and he traced her hand on hid with a bright ring shining in glory on her finger. His smile slowly faded as realization set in.

255 thoughts on “What can we have?

  1. well done ! very beautiful one .
    I was able to relate it to my situation nowadays …thanks for writing this !

    one question ….I m just curious to know..
    do you always put your so much time
    in justifying yourself and counting other’s view this much (faults according to you ) ?
    do you believe in saying it all , whether needed or not ! ?

    I feel its not that any of you is wrong or right …its more about your I ndividual perception and another’s Individual perception of life and choices he makes !
    I feel everyone have right to express what he or she feels …so I feel you should be bit less impulsive and bit more kind !

    Not advicing anything…I m.way too small to advice anyone but myself so
    just asking ….because learning from experience holders is something I definately believe in.

    Thanks ,
    hoping ..you’d clear my doubt !

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    • Hey Muskaan,
      Wow. I must appreciate your effort and time. Thanks for dropping by.
      If you are able to relate, I would like to know how do you feel about it?

      I’ll answer all questions to the best if my knowledge.
      1. I am not or will not justify myself, because I know I am not perfect. I also know that what I know is too less to justify it, and whatever I am perfectly sure and confident about, I might be able to pit up an argument to support my theory or say a thought.
      Do I count others view this much? Yes I absolutely do. Faults, you ask. No, I don’t try to find the faults and debate on them. But I always give preference to the thoughts of others than mine. And it’s not always the faults or the rights. I’m not sure what you imply by ‘faults according to you’.

      2. I believe in saying it all. You can’t bear around to bush and make people happy and don’t sag what needs to be said. Why waste time when it’s not needed? It could be better used elsewhere.

      What makes you think I am impulsive and not kind? I would like to know because I want to check and prevent off from happening.
      Lets just say we are at the same level as far as experience is concerned, I’m not a veteran. I’m here to learn and do my best.

      Hope, I cleared your questions. Let me know, if I can do more.

      Have a great day. 😀


  2. heya ! thanks for clearing my doubts and enlightening me by broadening my point of view .

    Umm ohk I didnt expected this kind of a reply honestly from you , seriously !
    well I felt you’d be like how dare you call me impulsive and not kind ! lol
    haha sorry

    ohk I m able to relate to the thing you wrote very much because yeah I m also day dreaming this way and I guess the guy I m intrested in is also ……but yea I m.waiting for him to pursue me …so yeah it ws indeed very much touchy and beautiful .

    and rest all I said about you like not being kind and impulsive is all because I felt you are justifying your maximum sentences in comment section…..I mean comon what sense it makes in arguing with the guy whose 11 …seriously…he’s trying to pull you down and you are doing same…comon hez a kid….I felt it ate loads of your energy
    so impulsive here….u could have stopped the argument when it seems going nowhere….because whtever that lil lad say..he wont b able to pull you down so better just leave him .

    then umm one more time you was arguing with another guy just below named as pheonix something….I felt u was very kind in starting where u let him.know the phrase and all,
    but then you guys became clingy to each other ..and dnt know when people like me read it , it honestly look foolish and weird ….and something like cold war ….because being so mature and “bloggers ” you guys were doing nothing but just irrelavant arguing .. I felt it wasnt “kind “the way you ended it up with him….he read your work appreciated it..so bit respect is a must…I m.not saying to go n worshipp him…nopes..but the way you got irritated and wasnt getting his point of view and then the way you talked like bhai yeh n woh…I felt that was your level of saturation of tackling people. …according to your argument with him,
    but I feel you do have more caliber to handle people and not get stressed …. ……according to the personality which. i m.able to carve of you by your work .
    .your work is stupendous and I like it a lot ..you just need to work a bit more on self control I feel.

    umm thats all.
    sorry if I ws being very judgemental , I am learning not to b …
    And I m.anyways only 19 ..way too small and naive to match your level of work and knowledge
    so dnt take my words in wromg manner I just expressed because you asked
    and also because I ” being 19 ” wouldnt have reacted the way you did to those 2 guys ….
    I felt it was immature …or may b u was trying to play like kids….it happens lol

    nice to converse with you
    I guess I streched it a lot …hopefully I made my point clear !
    do take care of urself

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    • You are welcome.

      If I said in that tone, the conversation would have ended, don’t you think?

      Oh. I hope he does. Or rather, why don’t you? You just can’t wait around for things to fall in place, sometimes we have to give a little push.

      There are very few meaning ful conversations that go around. Rest are all like these. I understand that either one can be a bigger person and talk sensible things, but for that both need to atleast have the same level of understanding of the things at hand. Otherwise, it’s just nonsense talk.
      Well, not all are happy about thr keg pulling, right? One or the other has to feel a little offended or something like that.

      It’s not about reading my work or appreciating, it’s about how clingy the second guy was getting by being all over the place and expkaining his every action and overthinking stuff way too much. I was just telling him to tone it down s bit, as tbat much is not required.

      I didn’t lose my cool or get offensive on him or on anyone. It will be a while different convo, believe me.

      You were expressing your opinion. Feedback is want is important for people , mostly for bloggers so that we can improve on it or make amends. So, no need tk apologise.

      Like I said, if we had meaningful conversations, they won’t be that long because mostly they would end up being boring.

      Nah. You did just fine.

      Take care of yourself too.

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  3. yea sometimes lil push is required but someone taught me it can b done without us being rude too

    n if i will take it on myself then literally saying I make sure my most conversations are meaningfull . (there are nonsense ones too
    but not in great number .) because wasting precious time in irrelevant stuff is never very appeasing to me

    most of the time one who feel offendedd by leg pulling is the one whose insecure
    if someone will degrade my work or my. paintings then I wont take it as offence because if its done in a way to let me know my faults in painting then I would learn from it but if its just crappy shit ..then I m more than confident of my work to let any stupid lil guy’s word affect me to even reply back to him

    about second guy ..he wsnt clingy he ws just taught to show gratitude every time he can I guesss ..so he did that may b

    at last how boring was I ?..
    I never knew meaningful conversations are boring …they are most deep and fulfilling ones I feel ….

    alrite I will not b ” clingy” now

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    • We have our share of differences on dealing with things. And feedback however good or bad, are always somehow tell the truth.
      You would be right to react that way, if such a situation were to arise.

      About the second guy, I would like to argue ans counter your pov, but like I said we have our share of differences on dealing with things. Whatever I said or did, was right by me. So, you may not feel it perfectly right about it, but then again your opinion. You would havd welcomed him a million times in return for showing so much gratitude.

      For a meaningful conversation to happen, both parties should be well versed in the said topic. Did you find one here ?

      Your opinion on replying back and forth makes you clingy? I don’t feel the same way. I just stated to show the difference of opinion.


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  4. well I just didnt felt like arguing on this thing anymore because it is not affecting me in any way and also getting frequent replies from me might make you feel I m.clingy which you cleared now that you dnt feels so…. …I m glad .

    and for meaningful conversation …I dnt think both parties are required to be necessarily well versed in topics …honestly…if it was the case then there would have been no teachers and no students

    its. about one being more mature in knowledge and experience and other being still naive in that .so the reqiurement of one to share and another to listen n learn can b fulfilled .
    one being a good elaborater and other one being good listener and learner with curiosity to put up questions…and doubts ….I feel thats all Is required !

    n yeah true different opinions different perceptions are the things that makes us different n unique . fair enough !

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    • I’m glad you understand. 🙂

      You know what you just did: You discarded the idea of teachers and students and then again the concept you expressed is the exact teacher- student relationship. You just changed the terms – listener and learner.

      When I said well versed, it doesn’t have to be a equal minded people or that of a teacher -.student , I meant the same zeal and enthusiasm on a said topic.


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  6. That’s true. Loving each other and knowing you can’t be together is the worst! I had always mourned that situation when I saw it in other’s relationships, And never understood until I have first hand experience. And then I kept morning that relationship, Even though I was the one who left.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that.
      I can’t imagine what it would feel like. Frankly, I’ve never been in a relationship. Do, can’t really be someone who could comment much.
      I have had friends in these situations and I’ve told them to take the risk. Of course, I don’t know what they be feeling abs they are really sacrificing.

      Anyhow, hoping that you find that better half who completes you in every way, you didn’t even imagine possible.

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  7. This post is the equivalent of driving a stake through my heart…IF I had a heart.
    Great post btw! Beautiful writing with a pinch of eerie quality which is just right 🙂

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  8. Hoping this was not fiction.
    Well, I missed your remarks on my blog, so I decided to know if every thing was fine with you.
    You see,you do not want to let go of some people.
    Your Insta page is a delight. Do you have a thing with starbucks?

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  9. This is really cute! I could feel being in the scene. I could relate, I guess. I feel like I’d been on the same scenarios before. You should do more of this.. really cute!!! Feels like having butterflies on my tummy! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Why, thank you. 😊
      I am glad to know that you feel what you felt.
      I shall try my hand at this again.
      You should know I have never been in love or even know how it feels to be in one. All I write is purely imagination and what I observe from the surroundings. 😬🙊


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