3 AM.

Disclaimer : Reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead :
1. You are younger than 18 years.
2. You have much better things to do, like watch TV or stalk someone.
3. You are going to make fun of me !

There is an ardent niche regarding the intuition of man. What does a man (I mean Male) think about? What does he think when he is staring at the empty roads? What does he think when he sees a girl walk down the road? What does he think when the professor is giving a serious lecture on Higgs…SEX. Did I get your attention ? Who cares about Higgs Boson anyway?

Earlier this year, I got a text from a girl, a friend whom I have not met but she was in the same school as I. But she joined after I had left the high school. And since we had mutual friends and the fact that we both were writing blogs, it didn’t take long to get the conversation started. It was just normal conversations asking how either of us were doing and about how stupid the life had been and how to solve the problem with life. The solution was agreed upon that one need a billion bucks to get a normal life. But who had a million bucks? Not me apparently.

Anyway, one night after a cold day at office I get a text from her which made me sit upright :

I made out with him, again“. The guy she was referring to is her on-and-offboyfriend and she had talked about how impossible he had been becoming the last couple of weeks, but never was the talk about the intimate details, though I had suspected. Let’s just say that I haven’t in such conversations before. So, imagine what my response was ?
Oh ok“. Yes, I replied that. I had no idea how to respond to it as I never had such conversations. She went on to tell how many times it had happened. Now, this was getting awkward on my side. And the worst part was no details.

Now, lets back up a bit. This was getting intimate conversation and the good friend that I am, was lending my ear to pour all the baggage she was carrying. After all, what are friends for, right? And let me repeat, being the GOOD friend that I am, I didn’t pry on too much, I mean at all. I didn’t ask for details (which I must confess, I was really interested in). Nevertheless, no much details were shared and my “Oh okays” continued. My lame replies gave the much need suspicion.

You a virgin, aren’t you?”  broke my monotonous replies to “That obvious, huh ?“.  This didn’t come as much of a surprise to her. I guess I have sold myself as a too decent guy, even though we haven’t met. Nevertheless, she sets up a challenge for me to lose “it” before the year ends. Apparently, I was the only guy she knew who hasn’t done the ‘good’ deed. I laughed out loud for a few seconds staring at the screen and agreed as if it was as simple as buying a chocolate. Well, whom was I kidding? My chance of … ok, let’s not make it a point to embarrass myself than I already have. 

As months passed by, no action happened on my side while the adventures continued on the other end. “We had sex in the car“, I mean come on! Tell me every detail. How did this happen and tell everything. No, I didn’t say that. This apparently is on everybody wishlist. And like the nice stupid guy I am, I didn’t pry for the details. “I made out with my boss, at office”. The point being there was never any shortage of adventures on the other end. They were so frequent that guys started to bore her and she was already in plans to move to girls. “Dude, back off. There is already so much competition among boys, now if girls also join the race, what will happen to us?“.  Okay, let’s not talk about my story. Just don’t.

Imagine my surprise when I receive a text at 3AM and she starts talking about world war and world peace, which escalated to the philosophical preachings about life – What I should do to get a better perspective at life, how I should turn my life around by doing this and not doing that, bla bla bla. Apparently, she had joined Vipassana. I think that has helped her find her calling, may be. I have to get back on this on she is doing now.

Five things at the end of the story :
a. I am still at the same place where I had started, you know what I mean?
b. Don’t pass judgments on others lifestyle choice of living.
c. Whatever that Vipassana is, it sounds life changing ! If you are too frustrated about getting nothing, just join it. It involves no Internet, no phone, no social media, no Blogging, no reading my crap. Win-Win, right? 
d. The Picture Quote has nothing to do with the post, unless you find a relation.
e. I am the 3AM friend. Like you might have observed, I don’t judge or pry. I am open for HIRE !

530 thoughts on “3 AM.

    • See, you are not even able to say it.
      That’s why I started off with cliched notion, I don’t understand why people are so afraid of talking about it. And let’s not bring morals and traditional clauses here, it makes no sense whatsoever.

      And no, it’s not obsession. If it was, I would have done it somehow. Since, I didn’t, it should be clear that it’s not an obsession, but let’s just say bucket list point.

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      • Hey,what are you talking about?:/
        And yeah. People are. It’s sad,really. They claim to have grown and developed and what not(their words not mine) and yet,they can’t even bring themselves to say the “taboo” word in public.Whatever.
        It’s their life,their body,their decision.*shrugs* Let everybody…be.

        Annd,I was kidding about the obsession. *rolls her eyes*

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      • About the cliched topic, ofcourse.
        See, you still couldn’t say. Double quotes. Nicely done. 😛

        Yes, it’s their body and their decision.

        I know. Sry, 40 hours of sleeplessness talking.
        Someday, you eyes will just roll out. 😂😂😂

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      • I didn’t get a notification for your previous reply,first thing. I saw it now only.
        Secondly, I am not afraid of saying the word out loud, or in a reply, or whatever, but I am not gonna mention it just for the sake of it. Or just because you are taunting me.*glares*
        Sex is a “taboo” topic,for your very kind information. *fake sweet smile*

        Why don’t you bloody sleep then?*stares* 40 hours at a go?!😶

        Hah who cares?!

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      • Lol, I was kidding. *rolls eyes*
        And madam ji, need to get your WordPress in order.

        Itna mehnat karna padtha hai, ek word bulavane keliye. No wonder proposing is so hard. 😂😂😂

        Sleep is for the weak. Sigh. Such weak people, huh!

        I think you might be blind. Just using the artificial eye balls and hence you are rolling them. 😂😂

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      • Yeah?*rolls her eyes. Again.*
        I have no say in it anymore. The site acts as it wants. I have accepted defeat.😶

        *sighs* Whatever.

        Oh yeah? I am the weakest of them all,then.:|

        Yesss! I have loads of those. Soooo many. How did you figure it out,huh?*fake astonished expression*

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      • Loose eyes? Here’s a screw driver. Tight karlo.

        Yes. I was. Did I forget to add smileys? Looks like I am getting good at it.

        Accepted defeat ? Is this the same A, I used to talk, email ?

        No wonder. Sigh.

        It’s no rocket science, I mean it’s not a finanacial depression or anything. Just a good observation with ‘real’ eyes.
        Lol. Such a faker you are. 😂😂 I just created a word for you.

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      • No,thank you. 😌


        Nah. I am her doppelganger from halfway around the world. I just happen to have the same blog name and initials as she does.


        Oh. I thought it was a big deal,having artifical eyes and having multiple pairs of those. Guess,I was wrong.*shrugs*

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      • You need it like a person needing oxygen on life support. Take it. Before another rolls out. 😂😂

        One was hard to handle. Now two.
        I can’t live in this world anymore.

        Duh. You are wrong 99% of the time. *sighs*

        Yay! Thanks. 😊

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      • You would know.😒
        Again, no, thank you. -.-
        I will manage.

        Hah good riddance!!

        Oh no. But you do point that out ALL THE FREAKING TIME. You are obsessed. 😶

        Don’t mention it.*waves her hand dismissively*


      • 😂
        Your wish.

        Duh !
        Ye lo pani. Itna dry bhi nahi chahiye. 😂😂

        Calm down. Itna shock hone ke jaroorat nahi hai. 😂😂 everyone knows. 😃



      • Wapas. You really need a screw driver. Here.

        Lol. Good one. You must be having one right now. Here’s another shot. You’re welcome.

        Thank you. 😊
        It was Christmasy. We bloggers did a flash blog, more like a blog chain. And also played the Secret Santa for bloggers. 😝😊


      • *Grits her teeth* As I have said time and again, I don’t need it. So,no,thank you. -.-
        *long suffering sigh* Yeah? Well I will decline it graciously. Again.
        You have made me a fake person. That’s not very nice,you know that?!😒

        Oh cool!✌


      • Arey lelo. Kuch jyada he loose hogaya hai.

        Suffering sigh ? 😂😂 you can’t. It’s your addiction , your love, your everything. Another shot coming right up.
        Fake person ? How come ? I did no such good deed. If at all, it must be your own.

        Yeah. Cool. What’s the victory sign for ? 😛


      • #RatGirl superpower.

        Yeah. I’m. But you aren’t. You are the drunken master. 😂

        Whoa. You ? Polite ? Lol. When did this happen ? 😱

        Cool. I meant what did you win over ?


      • Shut up with the rat shit. The time’s coming to return to that rat trap. I am freaked out already. *visibly shudders*

        Just now?!😒
        It stands for peace,too,you know. 😏
        And I try to ensure that there’s peace all around. So I shove the sign in people’s faces from time to time. 😶


      • What does one rat trap going to do against a hundred vicious looking rats. You are in for a treat.

        Another shot?

        Yeah I know. And you peace ? Lol.
        Like while taking selfies ? Such a cliche. Sigh.


      • I meant that place, where rats come and go all the freaking time.😏
        Yes,ofcourse. I want the world to be a peaceful place. I am no Malala, but I try to do my bit.*smirks*
        I don’t take Selfies. Such a stereotype. *sighs*


      • Your room. Under your bed. In the pile of clothes. And everywhere.

        You talk funny when you are down a few shots. 😂😂

        Yeah right ? You are taking one right now.


      • Umm,yeah. Not the last one,though.😒

        Yeah? And you don’t understand a word, no matter what.😏

        Definitely not. I dislike the stupid trend and I am strictly not following it;never have and never will. People have to force me to take pictures with them during events because,apparently, no one has a picture with me. It’s all stupid, seeing as they do this during every single event and click thousands of pictures every single time and since I get this special “attention” because of lack of pictures till date,I am in enough of them for them to mistake me for their own selves.-.-
        The next closest event is gonna be the departmental fest,and I am telling you, it’s gonna be a picture-shed but I am not gonna be responsible for it.-.-
        Phew that’s some rant.:/


      • In your bag. In your pillow. Beside you while sleeping. Have fun with your lil army.
        No. I don’t.

        So, you’re a celebrity. Being topper of the class and obviously exceptionally good looking you attract quite a crowd to take photos with you.
        Oh, sounds like fun. No guys allowed in the pictures ?

        Yes. Some rant.


      • Shiz! I am gonna puke if you don’t stop right now. No more,please.✋
        Why don’t you get it!?! I am terrified of rats!!! I won’t be able to go back if you continue with this!!!*sobs*


        Oh,shut up. That’s not what I meant at all.-.-
        I am no celebrity. I am no topper. Annnd, I am not exceptionally good looking. Huh
        To be honest, I have never met anybody who’s exceptionally good looking. No one. Not even one.:|
        I am friendly with a lot of people,but that’s it.
        As for the topper thing,I have told you time and again,everything’s changed since school. I am not saying that just for the sake of it,like girls have a tendency to. I honestly am not intelligent at this point in my life. I am not being over dramatic like girls are. They attempt every question perfectly and still are like I didn’t do anything in there!!OMG!OMG!OMG!
        That’s not me. If I say so, I didn’t really do anything in there.-.-
        Lastly, just a normal girl who’s abso-freaking-lutely normal looking.:/ Seriously. 😒
        Soooooo, what I meant was, since I am not interested in getting my pictures clicked,people are all the more interested in getting some taken just because. And,seriously. Without events or outings, I really don’t get pictures taken. So,they grab the opportunity of getting one when they see that I am even slightly inclined towards the idea. Hence,they turn such times into picture crazy days while forcing me to get pictures with everyone.*sighs*
        Seeing as I don’t see all that many guys on a regular basis since school as mine’s an all girls college,it’s really a moot question.😏

        I really am in a ranting mood today.*wide eyes*


      • Hahaha. I’m evil. Ok, sorry. Won’t anymore.

        You’re a celebrity. Admit it.
        You’re a topper. Admit it.
        You’re exceptionally gorgeous. Admit it.
        You haven’t met anyone Good looking because you are comparing everyone with you abs that are failing the test, ofcourse. Because ? Your exceptionally good looking.

        Oooooh. This is a twist, I didn’t expect.
        Down to earth.

        Aree madam ji, I understood what you meant. Didn’t you get it ke I was making fun of that ?
        Celebrity people, sigh. So we have to stand in line ?

        Yes. Still at home ?


      • Thank you for that.😶

        Hell, no.
        Are you drunk? High? Crazy?
        *shakes her head* Gorgeous.*snorts* I have been called cute at times,but that’s it.-.- I am not even cute most days.*rolls her eyes* And take my lack of inclination towards fashion and make up and you have a real winner right there.*chuckles*
        Whatever.*waves her hand dismissively*

        Huh? But I am down to earth! You didn’t figure that out by now?!*wide eyes*

        Ofcourse. As you might have noticed, I am in a ranting mood today. So, I am ranting even if it makes no sense to.*shrugs*
        Oh yes! It might take one whole day,standing in a queue, awaiting your turn.😌

        Oh yesss! Last few days!!😍
        Then? Back to hell.-.-


      • You’re welcome.

        Hell yeah.
        None of the above.

        Yes. Gorgeous. Cute as well.
        So, you are naturally beautiful. Even better no. No artificial additives.
        Yes. We do have a winner.

        Sarcasm, miss. Don’t take it seriously. 😂😂

        Yeah. Good for you. Care to share about the topic no body wants to talk about ? 😂

        Yeah. I know. I hate these celebrity people: You. Too much over their head and ego. Sigh.

        Then? You are eagarly waiting for it no ? For college to begin again.


      • No.
        😒 I really doubt that.

        *sighs* I am not even gonna comment on that. *sighs again*
        I still can get over the Gorgeous though. Lol *shakes her head*

        Aha I should have seen it coming. You don’t see what’s there but do you see stuff that isn’t.*pitying Look*
        Delusional, as we have established over time.😌

        What topic is that?!😶

        It is what it is now.😏

        😒Again, I won’t even grace that comment with a response.😒


      • Yes.
        How high are you ? 😂😂

        Why? Why not?

        Yes. Because people have been calling you that forever.

        What’s your point though?

        Why do you talk about your traits all the time ? Yes, we have established that about you. 😂

        It’s ok. You don’t want to share your experiences. No problem. 😂

        Yeah. I pity them, you !

        It’s ok. You’re too excited that you can’t express it in words. Understandable.


      • Noooooooooooooo.😡
        I am not. Duh.😒

        Do I really need to answer that?!😒

        No,they haven’t. Hush,you.😒

        Nothing. No point.😑

        Because I am obsessed with my own self.*glares*

        Experiences about…what?:/ You aren’t making any sense here. As usual.😏




      • Yesssssss. 😒😒
        You’re. Duh.
        Yes , they have. Wait , they coined a new word : hot !
        Whoa, is that true? 😂😂 ofcourse it must be true But you’re going to deny it.

        Sigh. Ek do point rakho, for backup. 😂😂

        Yes. That we have settled a million years ago.

        Nevermind. It’s ok. 😂😂

        More pitying you. Sigh.

        Why are you jumping up and down your bed? Excited much ? 😂😂


      • Noooooooooooooo.😠
        No,not at all.-.-
        But I am not gonna.😌
        😒 whatever.*waves her hand dismissively*
        No. I have decided upon not having any point. So,no point,it is.😏
        If you must know, I am lying in my bed with the quilt pulled up to my neck because I am not well. I have body ache and sore throat and my voice is not really pleasant to listen. I am coughing every few minutes

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      • Noooooooooooooo.😠
        No,not at all.-.-
        But I am not gonna.😌
        😒 whatever.*waves her hand dismissively*
        No. I have decided upon not having any point. So,no point,it is.😏
        If you must know, I am lying in my bed with the quilt pulled up to my neck because I am not well. I have body ache and sore throat and my voice is not really pleasant to listen to. I am coughing every few minutes and I feel tired all the time. So, no excitement here. Just a pain-in-the-butt beginning of coming down with something. *sighs*
        Does that answer the question?-.-


      • Yeeeeees. 😒
        Yes. 😂

        So you’re not denying. Awesome. 😂 
        So, hot and gorgeous and cute and famous and bookworm it is. It’s settled them. 👍😃

        So, no point ? 😂

        Haha right. 😂

        Socha aapke experience se kuch seekh lu. Par, khair aapko nahi batana. 

        Tch tch.

        Yes. You’re excited too much yesterday about going back to college that you jumped and jumped and shouted and ate lot of food, ice cream , eventually sore throat and body ache. Still trying to figure out why the pain in the as..butt. 

        Happy college, young lady. 

        I mean take care. Sleep if you must. This weather is horrible these days. Rest up. 😊

        College won’t go anywhere, so don’t worry about it. 😂😝


      • Nooooo.👊

        I just don’t consider it worthy of a response since you are not listening anyway. Huh


        What experience? Will you be more specific? I don’t think I am following you. Seriously. 😶

        😒 you are unbelievable. That’s just a saying. Are you serious? 😒 Or trying to be sarcastic? Don’t overlook the fact that the key word here is trying. 😏
        I think I might be coming down with fever or something. Or maybe it’s just the irritating coughing and cold. 😶
        Is that clear enough?*insert fake sweet smile*

        No thank you for the “wishes”.😶

        Yeah. I had to work on my schedule this vacation. It’s too messed up,experts say.
        I wasn’t doing anything already. And now this.-.-



      • Yes.
        Yes. 😂😂

        Don’t worry. Your facts are safe with me.


        Ok. I kind of figured that out. 😂 but it’s ok, if you don’t want to. 😂

        No. Lol. Whatever makes you feel better. 😂😂
        That’s why told you to rest up no? The cold weather is causing this. So, take care and get well soon.
        Oh btw what was with the butt ? 😝😂

        You’re excited and you know it and don’t need someone’s wishes ? Ok.

        Experts ? Take care. The fun is about to begin next week. You need to be fit and healthy for it no !



      • No.😠


        I wanna punch you so hard right now. You won’t tell me and will still keep at it. Go to hell!😶 It’s your thing,no? Not listening?😒

        I got a huge butt I can’t seem to lose a few kilos from. Not that I try. But anyway. Information enough?*fake smile*

        Yes,exactly that.-.-

        Um yeah. An endocrinologist , mumma’s bestie(who’s a yoga and naturopathy expert), a psychologist(an ex-classmate’s mom I saw by chance somewhere a few weeks ago), Mumma and papa (experts on me:P), and just everybody else I know.:|
        They all think that my messed up schedule, sleeping patterns, lack of sleep are all responsible for every single problem in my life. :/


      • Yes. 😂
        Yes. 😂

        😂😂 why don’t you like people telling facts about you ? 😝😂

        Haha. You can try though. And you are weak. So it will be swifter than wind. Like I said, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell. 😂
        Nah, that’s your thing.

        Huge is good no ? Kim K will be jealous of you. Yes. 👍 information. 😂

        Oh awesome. She might give tips on how to reduce the butt no ?
        Psychologist ? What’s wrong with you now ?
        Oh. Cool. So many people taking care of you. Awesome..
        Oh. No comment there. Sudharo apne aapko. 😂😝


      • Nooo.😤


        You don’t know for sure. You don’t know how much strength I have on a normal day. So,you don’t know how hard I can punch on my weak day. So,stop with the assumptions.✋
        I don’t know what shit you are talking about!!!!!*exasperated intake of Breath*

        Um, I dunno. It’s okay,I would say. I never wanted to be skinny. So,it generally works. But I won’t mind losing a couple of kilos.😶
        And no. She won’t be. Hers is sexy. Mine is fat. -.- Oh shut up.😒

        Nothing as such. I just saw her out of the blue. It wasn’t a planned “meeting” or shit like that. I just happened to see her that day. And in discussion she told me to take care of myself and for that to work on my schedule because I looked “weak”. I am not,trust me. But my face looks weak. It looks like it belongs on somebody who’s stick thin.:/
        I know. I am thankful for that.:)
        😏 I get that I need to work on the schedule shit. I am trying to. A bit.🙊


      • Blah.

        Lol. Stop kidding. On your normal day also your strength = phuss 👎 😂😂
        So, weak you = nada. 😂

        😂😂 like I said it’s okay. It’s really okay if you don’t want to tell.

        Oh, you want to add a few kilos ? Eat more. That should work.
        Hers is botox, not sexy.

        Oh. Sounds like you went for a counselling. 😂
        Thin ? What’s wrong ? not eating enough ? Aren’t you the one giving lecture on the importance on food and sharing the photos of Apple chocolate mix ? What happened ?

        So, schedule as in ? The time table ?
        As long as you’re trying, it’s good.
        Need help ?


      • *Glares* I am strong!!!😠

        Oh shut it!-.- No more,whatever it is. It’s been more than enough,this secret shit. ✋


        Oh I forgot the quotation marks. I meant “sexy”.:P

        No,I didn’t. 😏 As I said,she’s the mother of an ex classmate. So we just happened to cross paths.😏
        I am perfectly okay mentally. I don’t need counselling. Atleast not yet. But I will if you continue this.😒

        Ugh I meant just my face. Baaki I am fine.😶 More than fine, I would say, if it’s all about body mass.🙊
        So, I am eating more than enough. Seeing as I am home, I am having more number of meals than ever. 😶 It’s terrifying really,how much food I am inhaling, seeing as I don’t have your metabolism. But I guess I just don’t care. I am not getting this stuff for next 5 months,except for a handful of weekends. So.

        Yesss. And getting up-going to sleep timing, and hours of sleep, and all that shit.😶
        Yeah? Well, nobody else thinks it’s enough. Not even me.🙊

        Oh yes. All the help I can get,really. Do you have some secret tips or something!?!*wide hopeful eyes*


      • Dream on. Dreeaaaaam on. Look what the experts had to say! Seriously, you need to eat more and become strong. Join Fight club in the process. 😂😂

        Irritated much? So little patience, sigh! How does your bf bear you ? 😝😂

        Sexy on you ? 🙈😂

        Yeah, right. How convenient right ? 😝😝

        Hahaha. Ok. I shall stop torturing the poor soul. 😛

        Huh. Kuch bhi. Aisa thodi hota hai. 😒😒
        Haan wahi toh. Eat more for the body mass.

        Great. Have more.
        Whoa. Inhaling ? What’s that ? Taking in the steam of the food ? See, that’s the problem. Eat. Don’t inhale.
        You come home every other week. 😒😒😒😒
        I went home last year Dussera.

        Ah. Not my cup of tea. 😝😂

        Keep doing what you are doing. That’s just fine.

        Do you exercise ? Like run ? Gym ? May be take that up.
        Put reminders in your phone. Use sticky notes to remind yourself of the things you want to do.


      • 😒 It’s just my face,dude. Don’t you get it? Every other part of my body? More than fine. 😶

        Annd here’s another nail in the coffin of my tolerance. WHAT BF?! Are you hallucinating!?!😡


        Oh shut up!👊

        Yes,you should. Stop!🙉 I can’t take anymore!😶

        😒 It is what it is,bhyi!!!!

        You really are provoking me now. SHUT UP! 😠
        And I am not gonna visit that often,no. Every 3 weeks maybe? I am gonna stay there. Or I am gonna try.😶
        Why don’t you go, then? It’s not like you aren’t getting holidays. You are home all the time. Or you used to be when we emailed and stuff. Half the days you were like, I am home today.:P

        I knowww! That’s why I was surprised when you offered to help with it.:P
        😒 which is nothing.

        I try *cough* different stuff *Cough* from time to time.*cough* But I never stick to any of it. It’s not my cup of tea.:P Lol
        Nah. Too much work. 😶 I hate the treadmill with a vengeance. We have the most Hateful of relationships. Just like…What should not be named or I will puke and I. 😶
        But I do that already. And that’s not the real issue. It’s the sleeping pattern. The being awake all night and snoozing my alarm for 2 hours straight before I even begin to stir out of bed. That’s my problem. That is the pain-in-my-butt. -.-
        What Umm?:/


      • Yeah. How can your face be different? Wait, did someone punch you ?
        Lol. Every other body part. You sure ?

        Awesome. More nails.
        You told na. Forgot ? 😱


        Nope. 😂😂 #GetWellSoon

        Lol. Just kidding. Pushing you to the fastest limit. 😂😂


        Oh yeah yeaaaah ! 😂😂

        So, you are saying college > home ? 😱🙈 aapse ye umeed nahi thi.

        Home yani in my room, the place I work.

        So mean.

        Oh ok. So, you need yoga. Auntyji ko bulao. Aapki mummy ke friend ko. Special classesfor you..

        Ah, sleeping ! The struggle is real. I know.

        Umm… What else.. as in I’m thinking…


      • 😒

        Oh I did no such thing. You are definitely hallucinating. 😏





        😒 I said I am gonna try. That’s it.

        Huh? What the hell? It didn’t sound like it.
        And anyway,if those days you were working,the other half you were home home no?😏

        They are responses to different things,dumbo. Your offer to help with straightening out my sleeping patterns is hilarious. And I am doing nothing about it myself. I am bad,but not that bad that I insult the person offering to help on his face. 😛

        Tried it. Left it. She has given up now.🙈:P
        I never stick to it for more than a couple of days. So.😹

        Exactly. I snoozed it for 3 hours today. The situation is spiralling out of control every day a little more.-.-

        Oh so you think?🙊


      • So who punched you? Or was it the facepalm ? 😂😂

        You did all such things, which you don’t tell / want to tell / agree / don’t want to agree. 😒

        What does it mean. I forgot. Bhai ?

        Ok try. 😂😂

        So, here’s the deal. I am home away in another city where I’m working. I haven’t been to home (where parents stay) in over a year. And I stay in a PG ! In those days? It wasn’t a decade ago, it was a couple months ago. Sigh. What woman ?

        See,it’s called being mean again.

        You didn’t try well enough. Poor aunty might have thought such a stubborn girl you are, kisi ke baat nahi sunti.

        Keep it 3 hours before.ie if you wanted Ro wake up at 6. Keep alarm at 3. 😂😂

        No. I was kidding. Duh!


      • 😒
        No one. But I am definitely gonna punch you real soon.


        It has a slight variation in pronunciation , actually.


        So, why don’t you? It’s new years. You will definitely have a couple of days off. Take a leave of couple more. Go visit. Enjoy. Have fun. Make memories. And just…be.:)
        Hahaha whatever!*waves her hand in a dismissive indication*

        No,it’s not.

        She knows me too well to KNOW that I AM a stubborn girl. *smirks*

        Oh my family’s definitely gonna kill me,then. My alarm starts at 8 in the morning. Then it will be at 5. Not cool. I am gonna try in the PG though,roommate be damned.*sighs*

        I thought so.😏


      • So you facepalmed yourself. Lol. How did that happen ? Did you trip or something ?
        Lol. Dream on.

        So you did. 🙈

        What kind of language is that ?

        I know. I didn’t want to.

        Yes. It is. Such a mean person you are.

        So, the whole world knows. Aadat badlo.

        Great. 👍

        Lol. You thought ? Is that a Christmas miracle or something. ? 😂😂


      • 😶


        My language.

        Oh. That’s a different matter, then.

        I accept that,don’t I?😏

        She’s not the whole world. She’s practically family. 😏

        Nah. Just that the exams,and then the result makes me crazy. 🙈


      • Lol. It is true. 😂😂

        Kaha se sekhi ye bakwaas language.

        Yeah. You do.

        I know. She knows. Sharmaji knows. The whole world knows. 😒😒

        Lol. You are already crazy. How much more crazy are you talking about ? 😂😂😂


      • 😒

        Maine Banayi hai.😒


        You are delusional.😏
        Only a handful of people know.
        Okay that’s not true. Maybe the whole world knows,really.:/

        Exactly my point. It can’t be measured,just like the level of vitamin D in my body.😶🙊


      • 😂😂

        Duh! Theek se bana dete. Ulta pulta kuch bhi bana dete ho..

        Yes. Do that a lot. Thoda fat toh kam hoga. 😂😂

        Just trying to be you. 😂😂

        Nah. The whole world knows. 😊

        Wokay. 😂😂


      • Sigh. Theek se ek kaam bhi nahi hota. Tch tch.

        😂😂 lol. You mean the butt ? 🙈

        I did. It was freaking hell. Too much fat in the butt. Couldn’t move only. Finally back to being me. 🙏

        It is so. 😂


      • 😂😂
        Atleast by that you could burn some fat. 😂😂
        Waise bhi, you can’t move na. So, try try. 😂

        I figured you’d lie. Sigh.

        Yeah, right. Lol. Good joke. Almost laughed.
        What’s with the double quotes ?


      • I missed this in the notifications. For once, I missed it and not WP. :/
        There needs to exist something called a butt shrug for me to do it. Why don’t you make a video and email it to me? Or better yet. Upload it here.*insert fake sweet smile*
        As for the other stuff here, I can’t seem to recall what we were talking about and I really don’t want to go through around 500 comments on your posts to know what it is. So,let’s just drop it. Lazy I am,as you know.😌

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sigh. Get it together lady. 😒
        How many times same excuse. Kuch naya bhi socho. 😝😂

        Oh wait, twerk. 😂
        You can find million videos of how to do that. Wait, aren’t you an expert in that. 😝😂

        No wonder the butt problem. 🙈 so lazy you’re. Sigh.

        Happy New Year. 😌
        Have a great year and may all your wishes come true. Stay blessed. 😄


      • Oii this is a new excuse. WP WASN’T responsible this time. I missed it. I seem to be overlooking a lot of stuff these days.:/
        If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that.*rolls her eyes* Everybody with a big butt doesn’t know how to twerk. I haven’t tried it,anyway.-.-
        That I am.😶
        Happy new years to you,too.:)


      • Too excited about going back to college tomorrow. I should have guessed.

        YouTube, miss. Learn from YouTube. Why do I gave a feeling that you know but don’t want to tell about it. It’s ok if you do. 😂😂

        Thank you. 😌
        Dekha, aap toh wish karna bhool he gaye. Mujhe yaad dilana pada.. kaise dost ho yaar aapbhi. 😔


      • Oh shut up. The result’s not out. So I am not going. I can’t see it alone. I need my family with me when I see it. And seeing as it’s speculated that the result would be out tomorrow night,I will attend college from Tuesday or Wednesday. Not before.😌
        I haven’t tried it. So, I dunno.-.-
        If I ever do, I will be sure to tell you.😒
        Such a DQ.*shakes her head*


      • You must be college right now. That’s the only explanation. Dude, you can’t love your college that much. 😂😝
        Go home. And you’re going to ace the results. Don’t worry.

        Right. High pitch music and you start twerking. 😂😂

        Bhavanao ko koi samajtha he nahi hai.. 😔


      • Haha, thanks.
        I was kidding though.

        To be frank, in this part of thr world, this topic is such a “Topic not to be talked about” and if someone does they start getting called names.

        I too hope so. Thanks. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, not to repeat my habitual trait, but I’m ‘assuming’ the unicorns have names too, because you will have to address them somehow. So, you can give one name of that list.

        Yes, you’re special. We have cleared that already, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Remember when you said that I was ending the conversation already, I thought that it might have given you a clear idea that I am way too bad at keeping the conversation alive, or say choosing a topic. 😔

        Anyhow, like the gentleman I am trying to be, please do the honours. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes. Definitely. 👍

        No, I have read your blog. I had known that you are younger than me. But never got to calculating the age part. So, wasn’t expecting older.
        But then you talk more matured. Had a run for my earlier made assumptions. Thought may be I was wrong or didn’t pay proper attention while reading your blog.

        So, you read the post? Inspite of the disclaimer? 😱🙈

        Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely.
        You seem to know more than I do at this time, after all these years.

        At that age, I was still sleeping all day and night. So, total respect. ✌

        Btw, do you know about the stuff that I didn’t wanted people your age to read about ?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not alarmed.
        Thank God, you said little bit.
        Because same here. Else it would be too embarrassing… 🙈 umm let’s not talk about something I know nothing about.

        And I just wanted to know how the next generation is faring compared to mine given the technology and whatnot.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The disclaimer part invited me quite nicely, though the post seriously doesn’t need one. Cheers to you and your self abilities. 3 AM friend, you don’t find many these days! And, I wish you retain your self within you this new year. Happy 2016 🙂


      • Hahahah yes, you are indeed 3 AM person 😀
        I guess, like the batman. A night bug bit you, hence you are awake in the shadows of the day 😉 Mr.Bugman 😀

        And pls try to bear with me. I use a lot of thank you, sorry and please. You can say it’s my manufacturing defect 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Duh, I told you, didn’t I?
        I am having some trouble with my phone, so am not able to reply immediately, which I usually do, no matter what. Kindly excuse my delays in the replies.

        Shhhh. It’s supposed to be a secret. Ok, now that you have figured it out, don’t tell anyone. Its BatMan. Sigh. Typo you made there. 😛

        Thank yous and please ok. Sorry not accepted. Come on, Close your eyes and say “I will never apologize to Enigma (since you are giving one day each day, I figured I will stick with mine. :P) like ever again”. Repeat this mantra twice a day. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, nice. 😀
        Thank you very much for the pardon. 😀
        Wait, sir? :O Itna bhi respect matt do. 😛
        Aam aadmi hoon, madam ji.

        :O Again new name? Ok, if suggestions are appreciated, then may I suggest to make it short like yours ‘Prats’?

        Great. Print it and stick it on your work desk. It will also help. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the only thing that captured your eye? 😛

      Vipassana is something of a meditation where they keep you isolated from the outside world, by that from social media, so no phones or internet. And it is some sort of process to find oneself, I guess. This is all I know.


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