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      • Touché. Yes, we do.
        The feeling is mutual, my friend( hope, I’m not overstepping here by claiming so). 😀

        Give me a moment, sry. I was trying to formulate my thoughts for the next post. Kind of stuck. Will visit soon. 🙂

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      • The woes of being a writer.. Well, sure. I completely understand. Here’s hoping your thoughts come to you effortlessly. 🙂
        Enigma as a username sounds mystical..but lovely. 😀


      • I am? Thank you for the assurance. 😛

        You thank a lot, like a lot. I going to do the same thing. Thank you, you are too generous. (Ok, here’s the deal – lets say we call each (blogger)friends and cut the thank you to a minimum. *here’s me extending my hand*).
        Glad to have met you here too. 😀

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      • Phew, I am glad. For a second j thought I might have overstepped a bit there.
        Obviously, we all do right? But to the same person we can cut short, I guess. Since, we have a deal we can do that now. 😛
        And am glad you agreed, blogger friend. 😀

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      • I like it when people are straightforward with their words..and establishing friendships on wordpress is a beautiful thing because there are such lovely writers and souls here. It makes me really happy to stay connected with people from different parts of the world and share our ideas and thoughts and perceptions. :’)
        And yes, definitely abiding by our deal here. No worries, friend. 🙂

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      • Well, I amreally glad. Because I have seen people getting a little offended when being a little straightforward. Their analogy of ‘You don’t even know me’ kind of makes you a little conscious to extend a hand, per say.
        I wish more people were as cool as you are. And yes there are amazing people out there, different unique and creative, who have a lot to teach and inspire. But, we belong to the same country, if I’m not mistaken. 😛 just saying.

        You better; because I be watching. 😛

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      • We belong to the same country, yes. 🙂
        I think it’s about cultures too and not just countries or distant lands..now we may be from India but it’s most likely that we’re from different states..and that makes a difference too.
        I’m glad to hear that you think this way about straightforward people, because I really am one of them. 🙂

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      • Completely agree. 🙂

        I’m basically from the state that was recently divided in southern India.
        Though I have moved places, mostly east west and south, I have been the least in the state I was born in. And I’m a SW engineer. Duh, right? Anyhow, I’m basically an introvert. Believe me, I’m at the epitome of that. And umm… I’m interested in writing and photography, which makes this my third blog. Well, I guesd thats pretty much it. You may ask any questions, I suck at introducing myself.
        May I know a bit about you?

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      • That was an interesting icebreaker of sorts. 🙂
        Okay so you’re from south (I know the exact place now but let’s keep others guessing for the sake of your mysterious anonymity that you seem to relish).
        I’m from the north. I’ve been perpetually on the move as well as far as moving is concerned but originally I’m from Delhi.
        It’ll suffice to say that I’m a student in love with writing, photography, music and the arts. :’)
        We have quite a similar palette this way. 🙂
        Oh and you could read my page “about the blogger” for a little more because well, I’m not so good at introductions myself.
        So there you go. 🙂

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      • I’m glad.

        You know the exact place? Not that mysterious after all,am i? 😛

        Awesome. So, I have a Delhi friend now.

        Quite similar minus music and arts. Music I listen, arts I see. If that qualifies, then ok. 😛

        I have gone through your about page. Poetic it was, mostly.
        You made apfetty introduction for someone claiming to be not so good. Kudos to you.

        Well, Glad to meet you V. 😀

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      • Ahahaha. xD
        Not so mysterious after all. It’s alright..had to figure you out in the end, didn’t I?
        Well it all counts if you enjoy it, if you like it. I’ve had two years of science, so yeah, I know what it feels like once you get inclined towards this field. (I’m assuming so because you’re a software engineer).
        And lastly, I’m glad you went through the page. It feels like I’m not so bad at introductions thanks to your kind words! I won’t thank you already though. xD
        Equally glad to meet you, enigma. 😀


      • From now on, my aim is to be more mysterious and no slip in any clues. It’s not fair for my screen name. 😛

        Music yes. Art , I still need to figure it out. Though I claim to be a photographer I have no knowledge of the most it.

        You already thanked me. I noted it down. 😛

        Likewise. 😀

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    • :O
      Sry about the inconvenience.
      Did I delete it by mistake though I never delete comments. Anyhow, thank you for notifying, I mean to take some time to check it.

      How have you been and how has tbe day been treating you?

      PS: We were introducing each other right, if I’m not mistaken?

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      • Hey no, it wasn’t your fault. WordPress acts weirdly sometimes. That’s it.
        The day has been great so far. Caught up with a few friends and well, life’s pretty good right now. 🙂
        What about you? How’s it going?

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      • Well, I’m taking back my apology then. 😛 Got only a few. 😛

        Awesome. Glad to know.
        Wow, hope you had a great time.

        I’m going okok. Cramped up with work I have no idea how to do. So theres that and ocassional long coffee breaks to keep me sane, I mean…..wait lemme check if my boss is around. 😛

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      • Hahaha. xD
        Coffee keeps us all sane. Word.
        It’s going well here but I always find myself preoccupied with something or the other. Boredom and non-productive hours kill me softly, so I try and stay perpetually busy. It helps with the mindset sometimes. Maybe you could try it too. But you already seem to be busy. Well, take care then. Keep the sanity intact. 🙂

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      • Amen to that. 😉

        That’s a good thing about you trying to be busy. I, on the other hand would download a movie and pass away the time.
        Mindset as in, pray tell.
        I am not busy, I’m outside playing. 😛
        If I did that, kept the sanity intact, I would be just normal, wouldnt I? 😛 and I don’t want that.
        Sry about the delay in replying.
        Take care yourself. 😀

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