Somethings always come with a price.
.ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


Colours. How fascinating are they? And how beautiful they are. And yet the fascination, my fascination lies with them two; monochome. You ask why? I wish I knew. Or perhaps, I wish I could explain. So tell me, what does happiness mean to you? How happy are you, right now? If not, don’t worry, you will be! How often do you look forward and want to be happy all the time? Wouldn’t you agree if anyone said that happiness is a beautiful place to be in? Of course it is a beautiful place to be in. And nothing makes me more glad to know you all are happy!

But amidst all this aura, it pulls me down a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love happiness. And also, I am scared of it. Because if there’s anything experience taught me anythimg, time and again, that there’s always a yang for yin, white for black, good for bad and sad for happy. Well, that does sound a little strtched.. something like out of context, doesn’t it? There won’t be anyone more ‘happier’ than me, if you said that there’s no alternative for happiness. But unlike you, I beg to differ. No, I am not trying to put a pessimistic approach or kill that optimistic mind of yours. I am speaking from mere experience. I agree with the odds that the percentage is different. For you happiness is a hundred percent, while for me sadness. There I did it again, brought the pessimistic viewpoint. I really can’t help it. And like I said, I am speaking from mere experience of a lifetime, so far! I wish it were a hazy opinion, a heresay, a lie, blurred emotion. But, time and again, I have seen it come back, like a stone in the ocean to ripples of tsunami, like a voice in mountain to multitude of echoes, piercing a million times over. Can the

. ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


A traditional post where in the writer could write anything from poetry to prose to even a single line. Basically it is a prompt based post, but no restrictions whatsoever. My current format involves a quote and a bit of a passage around it, just to make a better sense of the abstract. If anyone wants to take up the project, please be my guest. Do let me know so that I can check your post as well.

.prompt : unblur

72 thoughts on “.unblur

  1. Very well said enigma! 👌 It is true, and I am not dimming the light in me, but frankly one day it’s a good one, then comes the bad one, like a wheel going round and round.

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    • Thank you, Graci! 🙂

      That’s how the world seems to work, or it is how we have come to a conclusion that it is how it normally works.
      But what if, that wheel that turns doesn’t change from the bad one. What if it gets stuck at the same thing?

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      • Hmmm… It hasn’t happened to me. Well, there are times when it would stay for a while but not forever. Just in case it does, maybe that means, the wheel needs a push from someone else to turn around, don’t you think? 🙂

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      • I guess you are a true believer in God and he is maintaining the so called balance!

        You do understand that a while is enough for someone to break, Not all are strong.

        Ah, that’s an interesting thought! That’s a new one. I haven’t thought of that. But then again, why should someone else be involved to push the wheel? Why should one be dependent on others?

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      • Yes I am Enigma. I have a strong faith. Like they said, strong walls shake but do not collapse.

        And although we should be independent, there’s also what we say, no man is an island. We live in this world, with other human being and other part of the ecosystem so we exist to coexist.

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      • Yes indeed that you are!
        Wow, that analogy! Mind=blown!
        Who was that who prayed to god for strength to bring down the whole building?

        Raaaiiiggghhhtt! Co-exist! Interesting. Not that I don’t know this. Just that it slipped my mind.

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      • I am not sure who that is Enigma. Do you want me to google it? 😛

        Oh I have to congratulate you for posting again. You vedo been in hybernation period for a long time.

        It slipped your mind? What else slipped your mind? I’m interested to know. 😝


  2. I can totally relate to this. Something good happens and then you are happy about it but then suddenly at the back you hear a voice, telling you not to be so happy as it won’t last and soon you will face something unexpected which will leave you shattered again. And that thought fades away your smile and the fear will not allow you to even enjoy that particular moment which is happy. You can’t live and enjoy that present moment too due to the fear.

    Sometimes it make me wonder how come some are so blessed and some of them are so unlucky that back to back they would have to face disasters.

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  3. First, I had been waiting for your new post bruh since the time we last talked.
    Second, I feel you!
    Third, Chaos is not exactly the evil we presume it to be, and Happiness is not the bliss we hope it to be. You yourself said that there’s always a yin for a yang. Call it a law of the Mother Nature! We evolve ‘cuz there’s pain! For if we’re to find happiness, and bliss today Humans, and Humanity, as we know, will end today.
    Fourth, Read “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells
    Fifth, I’m Sorry if I sound corny. I’m not.

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    • 1. You are too kind, Man! Thank you! I really appreciate it. Also a little taken aback since this never happened to me. So, thanks again!
      2. I had hoped that no one did. But that’s alright, we can get through this together, if at all this drowns us.
      3. Never said it was. Chaos is what keeps us sane. Without it, we will lost in our marginalized lives being way too monotonous. Yes, that is what the world conspires to be. Also, it is not entirely true. You see, the balance should be there, as in like the nature will do it’s best to make it happen. But then, if you read the previous line, the keyword is ‘try’. Sometimes, the balance is maintained, the other times it isn’t! You feel me?

      And yes, pain, chaos, et cetera are the foundations to how we grow.

      I agree to it. It just might!

      4. Okay, will do, Thanks, man.

      5. Haha, yeah I know. You don’t! Chill. 🙂


      • First, I’m not kind or anything fancy. I’m just a regular asshole. I don’t know man, I kinda felt compelled to read you, you know. Usually I don’t even bother but I don’t know man.
        I thought I should, so I did. Plain and simple as that.
        Second, Whatever this is, this is my home now. I don’t know if I can even survive on the other side of this. So, I’m Okay.
        Third, I lil bit fumbled on my last lines in my previous comment but I hope you saw thru it. And I get what you mean, at least I hope, ‘cuz bruh you see I’ve this Theory of Everything which says that Everything is already in an equilibrium. And there are only limited portions of happiness and sadness. And God is handing out the portions in equal ratio to two random people without adjudging them, it’s mere luck. And we do not get to choose between the happiness and the sadness. It’s all random. It’s chance!

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      • 1. All that admittance makes you humble! Which means you are kind as well, may be on the inside, or a part of you is.
        And I understand. You don’t have to explain. Also, I am glad that you do. Atleast I have one person reading and sharing their views..

        2. I am not going to comment anything more on this. You seem to have figured it out yourself.

        3. That’s an interesting analogy you have there. While it may be true, but God, I believe is an entity we created for us. And the portrayal of God’s will and actions is a figment of one’s imagination. Th whole universe might be in equilibrium, or not! There is no way of putting our finger on what is right and what isn’t!

        4. Where do you stay in the country?


      • First, You got me, bruh. Maybe it’s the other way around, but what the hell.
        Second, An ongoing process that lasts thru-out our lives!
        Third, You mistake me there. I’m an Atheist, down right to my very core. But I used the word God for I lacked a better word. And I agree that there’s no way of telling what is right and what is wrong. There’s really no way we can simply put things into the categories of right and wrong. But that’d create a havoc. So, we’ve to act delusional.
        Fourth, Up-north. Kathua.


      • 1. I am glad you agree.

        2. Exactly. We figure it out as we grow with life.

        3. I did’t say anything about your religious beliefs. I was talking about an entity that doesn’t exist, but we make it real.
        It has already created havoc and we are just adding fuel to the fire we started. And there is no acting, we are, in a away!

        4. Oh, way up north. I am way down South.


      • Third, Really think about it. All their lives, our folks worked their ass off to provide for us, and then suddenly at 50 some age, they lose everything. Everything that they worked for, for all their “so-called-successful” lives, all gone. And that is a shitload of crisis. So, they turn to the only thing they do not understand, that they think they can decipher God. I mean, they have to turn to something, they have put all their energy to save themselves, to save their psyche. So, figment of imagination or not, if my folks are happy with it, I’m totally cool with it, even if it is only a lie. If we go against them, telling them how God is but only a hoax, there’d be mental breakdowns, and murders!
        In a way, this shit we think is havoc, is but only a trailer of otherwise raging series of death, and complete chaos!


  4. Ah well, you’re not the only one who’s skeptical about happy times.
    It’s the law of life, because it’s a cycle. If there are good times, there’ll be bad times. And if there are bad times, the will be good times too.
    It works both ways, doesn’t necessarily have to be pessimism in thus style of perception.

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    • There’s always a reason for that, don’t you think?
      It’s not about being skeptical, it’s more about coming to terms with what’s happening around me and to me.

      It’s the law… I wouldn’t call it a law, but if you look at the finer print, it is not so plain and simple.
      But then again, I will sound pessimistic. Just to be clear, it’s not like I don’t want to be happy or am not looking for that bright morning everyday. It’s just that the circumstances are such that they don’t seem to be in the vicinity.


      • Yes I can understand what you mean. It is sort of a law, only because of the one thing that is constant in life : change.
        And people often forget that they experience happiness because they have experienced sadness. Without having been sad, one can never know what it means to be truly happy.
        Also nothing is plain and simple, that’s why life is life! What you can’t find in your vicinity now might fall on your face tomorrow!
        Have faith in your inner self, the one that has stayed with you through out this journey.

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  5. even i agree sad for happy! even if i want to be happy i myself will do something at the moment that makes me sad, so yeah sad for happy! by the way isn’t it something like happiness lasts for a little while? then why to run for it wasting all of your energy? huh! sounds like pessimist, i know! 😛 😛 😛 😛

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    • Haha, you don’t. But I get what you are saying.

      Running for happiness is a sad thing in itself. Don’t you think? Happiness should come naturally. The more we run after it, we are doing ti completely wrong.

      Well, I hope that you don’t worry about the unsaid balance. Just be happy with yourself and at all moments. And not let the sad things over you, ever!

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