We build walls not to keep ourselves from the outside world, but to keep our demons locked up.
.ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


They ask me why do you write so much, why do I keep everything to myself, why can’t you love anyone, why don’t you hangout with people. Question, just too many questions with no answers. I smile. Like I always do. And while they wait for an elaborate answer, I observed over in my mind as to how to tell someone that it’s a dark place inside and letting people in might turn out to be the last thing they would want to do. Dark? They mock. As if they haven’t seen what dark was, they say under their breath. As if you are a special case, why even exaggerate. They mock. And all this while, I still haven’t told that it was dark inside either. I didn’t say anything yet. Because perhaps it wasn’t about the darkness inside. It wasn’t about the silently screaming voices. Or the battle inside to break through the shackles that drag them down. It wasn’t even about the suffocating thoughts that drown the mind in agony and pain. May be it’s about keeping the demons inside that no one ever even gets the shadow of it.


A traditional post where in the writer could write anything from poetry to prose to even a single line. Basically it is a prompt based post, but no restrictions whatsoever. My current format involves a quote and a bit of a passage around it, just to make a better sense of the abstract. If anyone wants to take up the project, please be my guest. Do let me know so that I can check your post as well.

.prompt : isolate

185 thoughts on “.isolate

  1. I am sending a bulldozer to break the wall. This is a warning so you can ask your Foreman and Engineer to build a stronger wall. 😜

    Just kidding, hey hope you’re alright… 🙂

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  2. Yeah demons are supposed to be locked inside you otherwise it’s a complete disaster…for me, it ended up a lot of things till this day haha….
    Btw what should I call you….enigma?! Yeah right! I like your username

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    • It would be better if Umar dont harbour any demons inside us to lock them up.

      Oh, is it? Sorry to hear that. But I hope that there are no demons on your side.

      You can give a name as well, but Enigma should be fine.
      Thank you. 😊


      • Haha most of the time I was confused about if it was my demon or theirs….cause at the end I was the one who was blamed, that’s how the demon took birth and got stronger. Now no one likes to be by my side and I don’t like being with them too….but that’s alrightttt 🙂
        Enigma would be nice to call you 😀

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      • What do you mean by “all of us”?! Haha no I’m happy with my darkness trapped within me, it’s just beautiful how it is….
        Have a great day ahead 😀

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  3. I can totally relate to this. It is deep and i hope you get the strength to move on asap from this pain.
    Sometimes we do not need any suggestion, opinions, solutions for our pain and problems. But all we need is an understanding heart and someone who can listen to us and not be judgmental. And In-case you need someone who could just listen to you, then always here… 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 God bless you 🙂

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  4. The quote you started with… That was the best part of this post.
    Truly said, sometimes we build walls to block people, so they are not let into the twisted dark mess we can be. Not everyone is capable of being able to handle it!
    Beautiful ❤

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