The time sometimes deepens the wounds.
. ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


They say that time heals. I did believe it. Little did I know how blind I was. May be what time does is cover the ripped using that paper tape, which could and will rip apart anytime and there’s nothing the time can do about it. But what hurts more is that despite everything we do to heal, they do leave a scar. Some carry it with a brave symbol for over powering their short comings while some scratch the healing scars as they are too afraid to look through it, or perhaps that scar doesn’t let us get past it. Because that scar is more of a memory reminding us of the things we did and the things we should have done. Though, I admire the people who leave these scars while they move on with their business as if nothing has ever happened. But the ones nursing their lost time are still showing off that bright smile despite breaking down on the inside, every moment.


A traditional post where in the writer could write anything from poetry to prose to even a single line. Basically it is a prompt based post, but no restrictions whatsoever. Since I am kicking it off, I would be starting off with a couple of posts with will of the above format. My current format involves a quote and a bit of a passage around it, just to make a better sense of the abstract. If anyone wants to take up the project, please be my guest. Do let me know so that I can check your post as well.

.prompt : .deep

88 thoughts on “.deep

  1. The blessing and the curse is life demands changes. When you choose to listen to the demands of life, you heal. So I believe that time is like an invisible hand, and yes, it comes down to us.

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    • Yeah. It is in our hands.
      But more often even though it is in our hands, even though how badly they hurt, they just don’t go away. It’s not the physical scars. They tend to be mental… more like scars on our soul. Heal they might, but it can’t be for sure, and definitely not the same for everyone.

      Thank you for your thoughts. 🙂

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      • Of course. Of course!
        Mental wounds and physical as well, tend to leave scars which may never heal. I was referring to how Time may help cope with it, if not completely recover from it.
        But having said that – physical pain or the loss of a loved one …… is so very personal, isn’t it??
        Thanks for engaging with my reply. It helps to clarify thoughts. 🙂

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  2. Some scars will stay forever.. just like when you forgive someone, you don’t really forget what happened, right? It stays in your memory.. unless amnesia comes along.. though we have the choice to nurture it as hatred/revenge or as an inspiration.. 🙂 well written post!! And thought provoking..

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  3. Wait, do not answer that question. It was only a rhetorical question. I kinda already know the answer, since you and I are the same, maybe only a lil bit, but still.

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