We cross the line never meant to cross.
.ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


More often an now, we come across an impossible situation where we have to make a choice, a decision that will probably decide the present and the circumstantial future. And the problem is not usually the choice we have to make, but the fact that there is something beautiful on the other side, however temporary or floating, we still want to cross the barricades of morality, even after knowing that it’s the wrong thing to do. The outcome of it is pretty simple, we enjoy crossing those barricades but then again we regret it instantly because we have this voice in the head shouting at us about the wrong choice we made, the same voice which was shouting at us to make the right choice earlier to finally crossing that line.

It’s a dark place to be in, before and after. And it’s eats us up on the inside. We try to justify in some way but there is no justification of what was done that could help us from this very inhibition.



A traditional post where in the writer could write anything from poetry to prose to even a single line. Basically it is a prompt based post, but no restrictions whatsoever. Since I am kicking it off, I would be starting off with a couple of posts with will of the above format. My current format involves a quote and a bit of a passage around it, just to make a better sense of the abstract. If anyone wants to take up the project, please be my guest. Do let me know so that I can check your post as well.

.prompt : .inhibitions

198 thoughts on “.inhibitions

  1. I connected with this post, Enigma 👏👏👏👏
    I told you that you’re a brilliant writer!
    It, somehow, reminded me of Robert Frost’s poem “The road not taken”.
    Keep writing🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  2. I was watching a movie a while ago, Hacksaw Ridge. I couldn’t forget one line mentioned by one of the characters, “what if our morals are being questioned?” “Should we continue?”

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  3. If we never really crossed the line, how will we ever be able to tell interesting stories. Nobody remembers the moments when they were doing the right things. I don’t think one can actually grow without crossing the boundaries at any point in their life.

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    • I think I might not have been clear on this. So let me put forth my thoughts:
      Boundaries are very different than lines.
      Boundaries are the parameters we set, and crossing the boundaries is like being 101%.
      Line on the other hand is quite different. Because unlike boundaries it doesn’t have a measurement parameter but a different parameter such as the morality or self respect or likewise.

      Let me give you a scenario on which this is actually based on. And this is as real as it gets. One girl is in a relationship with a guy and the same girl likes another guy. The 2nd guy also likes her and one day meets her. She likes him very much and she is in a dilemma of crossing that line of being faithful to her existing boyfriend.
      Should she cross it and be unfaithful or say it straightforward to him that this is wrong?

      This is just one example. So it’s like whether we are willing to put ourselves in a position where our ideals/morals/likewise are questioned, that is where we draw the line.

      So in response to your thoughts, there are never interesting stories of someone crossing the line.
      Not crossing that line is more important than remembering the moment which we will definitely regret.
      And growing is not crossing the line, correct me if I am wrong.

      P.S. The girl mentioned above crossed that line. And believe me she regrets it. 😐

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      • I understood it wrong. You are right. In this case, the girl shouldn’t have crossed the line. But I don’t know anything e about her or her situation. I don’t want to judge. But situations happens and lines become blur. People just end up with regrets and lose love and respect. That can never be good. But then every situation is different, plenty of choices. Whatever decision he or she makes is up to them. If I have to give my view, I am never ready to bend my morals. But then again, I’ve never tackled any biggies. I believe one should always remember the line. I hope, I remember that too, when my time comes. 😅😅😅😅😅😅

        Anyways, great topic. 🙌

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      • That was just an example that I gave to make the point a bit more clear, nothing to do with judging.
        Yes, you’re right sometimes the lines do become blur. But it’s up to us to make sure that we draw that line so that we don’t regret it later.

        I am glad to know that you won’t bend your morals. even if you come across any biggies, I hope you stay focused and make the right decision.

        Thank you. And glad to have hear opinion on the same. 😊


  4. your .dot projects are love! ❤ ❤ ❤

    and the most important thing while we start to cross the line is we'll be excited to cross 'that' line….then regret to an extent as if we had done a sin!!! i usually face this…every now and then!! 🙂

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