Those eyes, and a world hidden in them.
. ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ


Eyes are the gateway to ones’ soul. We might have heard this a couple too many times. Most of it must be from me. I am usually the one who doesn’t look at anyone’s eyes. I fear I would sneak into their world and I understand their true emotions which more often than not is not exactly the same as they portray on the outside. No, I am not saying that I can read people, but from my experience I tend to understand the person’s emotions when they are talking to me, which usually shouts uninterested. Over the course of time, I have isolated myself than to involve myself in other’s scrutiny. Why even? But then again, we come across people who without doing anything intimidate us. Mostly its the eyes.

It was something like that with her as well. I never talked to her but yet whenever I saw those eyes, they spoke a million things all at once. Like a whole universe was inside of her and every time her eyes sparkle, it lights up the whole world around us.


I have been putting off things that I want to do in the name of getting my mojo back or say the good times to thrive, but lately I haven’t got anything do, so now I am doing a project to keep myself occupied a bit if not nothing. So, I came up with a project for myself.

A traditional post where in the writer could write anything from poetry to prose to even a single line. Basically it is a prompt based post, but no restrictions whatsoever. Since I am kicking it off, I would be starting off with a couple of posts with will of the above format. My current format involves a quote and a bit of a passage around it, just to make a better sense of the abstract. If anyone wants to take up the project, please be my guest. Do let me know so that I can check your post as well.

.prompt : .Magic

128 thoughts on “.magic

  1. Damn!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
    Finally, you wrote something 😘
    Someone is back in action🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Write more, post more!
    You’re an impressive writer😉🤗as I’d always tell you.

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    • Why, thank you. ☺️

      You are too kind to say that.
      I am just playing with words. Rambling actually. I really hope they make sense.

      I hope to post more often.

      Ah, aren’t you too sweet? Thank you for your time and you dropping by. Really appreciate it. 😊😊

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  2. Loved this concept. I also always think of adapting some different type of formats in my post. Change is essential and it gives you a lot of hope to keep on moving. 😊

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    • “Why, thank you” is basically an expression, mostly used when the compliment is unexpected and it’s sort of resonates with “Thank you very much ( as in it was quite unexpected) ” or something like “Thank you. Thank you ( sort of excited, again since it’s unexpected)”.

      Did I make any sense? It’s usually a verbal expression I guess, bf is used informally like I did.
      Makes sense ? 😬

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  3. Awesome quote and the write 🙂 Can I request you to take classes for me on how to read ppl looking into their eyes.. correction understand their inner true emotions 😉 I think it will help me a lot…. Can you pls think abt it and tell me if u can take classes for me? 😉

    I know two things abt u now, i.e u live in Bangalore and so do i and the second thing is you are an Aquarian and so am i. Hoping you would say yes to take classes for me 😛 😉 (Fingers crossed, Hope i earn a brownie)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much. 🙂

      Haha, I wish I were an expert in that. But I guess sometimes, you just know, when you look into someone’s eyes. They speak out for themselves sometimes.
      I am no expert but sure, I can try my bit of what I know.

      *Taking classes from me is subject to a lot of risks. Please read the document carefully.* 😛 😉

      1. Wow. I had no idea there was a new Sherlock in town. But two Sherlocks, not a good thing. You shall me eliminated, my friend. 😛
      2. Just. So close you were. Your zodiac start date – 2days. 😛
      3. You got brownie points, for effort. And also free coffee as well. (Hoping you drink coffee, otherwise Green Tea? 😛 Or completely different beverage. 😛 😉 ( )

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      • Your welcome 🙂

        LOL 😀 Pls give me the link of the document so that i can go through it well 😉 😛

        – Hahaha I am no Sherlocks (i wish i was) so you can be proud and happy as you are the only Sherlocks in the town 😉
        – Hahahaha yaa just so close i was 😛
        – Yuuppppiiiieeeeee i get the brownie points and a free coffee… Oh pls can that be a cold coffee? 🙂 😛

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      • 😀

        You have to sign a Non Disclosure Document first and then the Document will be shared with you. 😛

        a. Phew. Good that you backed out. Else, I would have to use all my skills. 😛
        b. Yeah. Capricorn, basically. 😀
        c. It’s your choice completely. And I actually have two free coffees at Starbucks + size upgrade. So, you are in luck my friend. hehe. And yeah not to mention the ‘brownie’ also you get. 😛

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      • Lol 😀 hmmm ok I will sign the non disclosure document 😜

        1) uh uh I shd have let u used ur skills first naa… Hmm will keep this in mind… 😜 Maybe I won’t give up so soon next time 😜

        2) Ooohhh haaannnn Jan 19th – Capricorn…

        3) Woooow I get to choose that’s nice😊 😎 so what’s the validity if ur free coffees at Starbucks 😜 ooohhhh woooww I get a brownie too…. Yuuupppiiiieeee… 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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      • You agreeing to sign is all is needed. So you are in. The classes start at 6AM sharp. 😜

        1. That was me tricking you into revealing things. 😝

        2. Yup. See, you are smart. 😬

        3. One is another 5 days valid, I think. The other another month I think. I don’t usually use them. I try to get my friends to hang out. But now that there is no one(as in they moved out of the city), I have to make use of them. 😬
        Yeah. You do get a brownie. 😬😊

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      • What 6AM ru kidding???? Pls not 6am I almst fall asleep during that time 😬😬😬😬😬

        Me and smart lol 😂

        Cooool 😎 My brother is a fan of Starbucks and I still hvnt been to one 😝 sooooooo I guess, I wud soon know why is my brother crazy abt Starbucks 😜

        Liked by 2 people

      • I sleep at that time. 😬😜
        And Yes, I was kidding. 😁
        So does 7AM sound good ? 😝

        Yeah. You are smart. In the same sentence. 😁

        Oh he is. Little know fact about me. I spend around 7-8 hours on weekends at Starbucks. 😜
        The guys over there now me also. 😬
        Wait. He didn’t take you ? 😳
        You can tell your brother that you got coffee for free. 😬😆

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  4. Lol good to know you sleep at that time 😂😂😂 thank God u we’re kidding 😜 no 7am does not sound good😜 But 7pm sounds good 😝

    Lol Smart… My brother should read this…

    Ooohh 😎 now I know u like Starbucks and ur available there weekends…

    Uh my evil twin hasn’t taken me to Starbucks yet…😠

    Good, now I have company and getting a coffee and a brownie😇😇😇😇😇

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    • Yeah most days. Today it was 5 AM 😝
      7PM on an weekend sounds good. 😬I usually come home by 9PM. 😬

      Then show him this. 😆

      Yeah. Almost all weekends. Unless I’m out of station. 🤷🏻‍♂️😬

      Oh you have a twin brother? That’s cool. Why hasn’t he taken you there ?

      You got a deal my friend. 😆

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  5. 😎 u like the plan… 😁😊

    Sure will let you know how he feels though I actually know what his reaction would be😂😂😂
    Lol😂😂 I wish he was going out with someone and didn’t want me to know abt it initially… But naaaa, I know that for sure 😜😂

    Liked by 1 person

      • :O Hmmm why don’t you first try the adventure and tell me about it, and incase I like your adventure then the nxt time you plan for it, i shall join you OK?? 😛 I think that sounds like a good 2nd plan 😛 hahahahaha 😀

        Hmmm so what are you waiting for??? Ru chking out the time/day or some auspicious muhurtha?? 😛 😛 😛

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      • My workplace is 13 km from my home. I used to go on cycle. And my friends place is 15 km. I went there too. Ok cycle. 😜 so I know it’s an adventure. You too should do it sometime. 😝

        I don’t have your email Id. Or your other messaging app id 😝. You see the restriction. 🙄🙄😬

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  6. You said to walk, now where did cycle come?? 😛 So you are suppose to walk to some place and then let me know abt it. (Psst I don’t have a cycle & nor do i know to ride one 😛 sooooooo you see cycle is totally ruled out now 😛 ) And as i said once you tell me abt the adventure, i shall try or maybe join you the nxt time you go on an adventure 😛

    Hmmmm ok…… now i see the restriction 😛 You can give me all your messaging app id’s, i shall select one out of it and ping you 😛

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  7. eyes!!! aah they’re really magical but sometimes this magic will dissappoint when the person speaks one thing and his eyes mean something!! i usually see the people’s eyes when having a conversation and by looking into their eyes i decide whether the conversation could last long or should i shut my mouth!!

    ‘Eyes are the gateway to ones’ soul’ and even mind too!! 😛

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