A casual encounter.


Disclaimer : Kindly advised not to proceed, if you are lesser than 18 in age. NSFR (Not Suitable For Reading, especially for kids)!


(Continued from An Encounter ) …

They crashed on the couch while she offered him a glass of wine. A soft music played in the background and when the music in the background hit the right note, they looked at each other, into their eyes and it happened again, a spark in their eyes that called out to each other. They came a little close to each other, diving deep into each other’s eyes and they came close enough to breathe each other in.


One thing led to another and they found themselves naked in her bedroom. The eyes still held each other, their breaths synchronized with each other. The eyes, their body did all the talking. He knew with the look in her eyes that she wanted this as much as he wanted. He went in slowly and as she moaned and closed her eyes in ecstasy, the voice, her voice gave him the goosebumps, which added to the euphoria he was already feeling. He paused for a second, trying to live in the moment and telling himself that this was really happening, that it wasn’t another dream he had been long dreaming and he needs to cherish every second, every moment of this. She opened her eyes and tried to search something in his eyes, may be the reason why he paused. But before she could ask she realized that she was also in the moment and they both were relishing it together. She had dreamed of this moment and it was nothing what she had ever imagined. And she found the answer in his eyes that he was feeling the same.

He saw her smile, the smile that acknowledged his thoughts, his feelings. And it excited him a little more. He went inside again, locking his eyes with her. Neither of them blinked. They were going on each other, their bodies grinding against each other, the moaning synchronized. He liker her very much, may be in a way it might seem that he even loved her.He had this idea of how delicately he would do it, how softly and diligently he would take her and cherish her like the queen that she was. But, in that moment that was out of the window. Oh, he sure wanted to cherish her, each and every inch of her, but nothing soft, nothing delicate, nothing diligently. He just wanted her, her everything and it matter where the passion lead them.

She was reciprocating his momentum, and neither of them realized how fast each other were going, the passion that they had for each other was reflected each thrust and each moan. He flipped her on the bed and he was on top of her. He held his breath as he breathed in her, her beauty that shined in the glimmering side table lights. He enjoyed looking at her. He was hungry for her, the passion that had been building up inside him was finally coming out, but he wanted for each second to count. They were still locked into each other, eyes and body. He slowly let himself out, still looking into her eyes. He bent over to kiss her. The passion flowed through the lips as their tongues battled for more. They forgot to breathe and in that moment that could care less. He bit her lips, soft as they may be, were a delight in disguise. He wasn’t getting enough of it, as much as he wanted. He continued kissing, and was even more happy to find her dwelling for the same. He released her lips for a moment to take a breath, and started kissing her neck, her ears, even biting them, then caressing them with his tongue. He slowly went down to her breasts. They were full and soft. He looked up at her, to find her staring down at him in full ecstasy, and dying of anticipation what he was going to do and hoping that he does what she has been thinking. He took her breasts in his hands and bit one of her nipple. She moaned in response. It was so soft, he felt guilty for biting it but her moan had the answer that she wanted more and he too. He then kissed them, sucked on them one after the other, changing left to right and then to left. It was such a delight to hold them, kiss them and most importantly feel them and see her enjoy as he did everything he desired to her.

He didn’t realize that time was moving, that the neighbors were shouting over something, that there was a party with loud music two floors above them. He just minded his party, the one he was very much enjoying, actually both of them were. He went further down, keeping on hand on the boob and the other searching for the vagina and while he trailed down the stomach kissing and licking every inch. And as he kissed her belly button, his hand had already reached her vagina. He started stroking it, feeling the little wetness after the small session they had a moment earlier, feeling its softness, while she moaned. She moaned more as he put one finger in and rubbed the clit with the other. He had one hand caressing her boob, the other in her vagina, and he looked up from her belly kissing, at her wanting eyes as she grabbed his hair hesitating but wanting him to go down further. He kept the eyes locked until his tongue reached the clit, that was when she closed her eyes feeling the softness over her tenderness. And he kissed and licked and dug his tongue inside her, enjoying each and every moment, her every corner and her watery juices that flowed down. She almost shouted when he took her clit into his mouth and rolled his tongue over and licked it endlessly. She held his hair trying to pull him out, the euphoric pleasure as she orgasmed.


In that moment, he was too aroused to let the moment slip away. He let himself in as she trembled under this breath, slow and deep, relishing every moment as it slipped in, her insides grasping him, in its tightness in a warm embrace. He couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that he was going through and neither could she. Him and her both, were in a completely new world, lost in the hazy fog, drifting over the soft clouds, transpiring from one emotion to another, all of which were a complete mystery to them both, yet they didn’t want to feel anything lesser. They exchanged their positions where she was on top of him and he looked at her in complete admiration while she rode him. There wasn’t a moment that they looked away from each other. They enjoyed each other eyes, the dilated pupils told a much deeper admiration for one another and radiated the passion in their movements. They didn’t get enough of each other. He cupped her breasts as they gave the ecstatic pleasure to each other looking deep into each other’s eyes. They could go on and on for hours, perhaps days even. He had come close a couple too many times since the beginning of their intimacy session.  And it could explode any moment now.


That was when he pulled her back. He was almost at the brim, he knew it, she knew it. He stopped her because he didn’t want it to end so soon. He pulled her up into his embrace. She sat on his face, wrapping him. Their bodies exchanging the warmth, his mouth under her, the honey juices flowing down as he dug deep into her with his tongue, as he smelled her sweet honey. He rolled, licked, sucked and kissed and took in deep her. She had lost count of the times she had orgamsed that night. And he didn’t stop when she shivered under the high of her hundredth orgasm. His hands around her thighs held her grounded on his face as he continued to kiss her wet and tender pussy. She wanted him to leave her, she didn’t want him to let her go, he was in a complete euphoria in the moment. As he slowed down, and let his grasp loosen a bit, she slid down and sat on his hardness. It was her time to take what she wanted. She went in deep, the deepest she could, pulled herself out and went in all the way with all the force she could. It was a pleasant surprise for him as he wasn’t expecting this fast encounter. She continued to do that until she got comfortable and then as she settled nice and deep, she started rocking back and forth with everything she got. He was feeling everything, everything that he couldn’t even begin to describe. He bit hard onto the his tie as he felt every pulse of his resonate with her, every heart beat match with her, every thrust sending him to space and pulling him back. He held her my her waist and he was at his brim, a second away from explosion. He wanted to pull her out, but he knew that there wasn’t much time nor did he wanted to,  and nor did she. He almost let out a shout as he released into her, arching on his back with every wave. But she was nowhere near stopping. She continued to ride  him, continued to resonated with his waves, even after he had emptied everything, every last drop he could, but she planned to continue until she had her fair share of orgasm. He wanted her to stop after that enormous wave and explosion, but there was nothing much in his hands. She was in control, she was in complete control of what was to happen, when he is really finished. A minute or two later, he felt his hardness being grasped harder as a trembling wave swept across him. She had her orgasm and she fell on him, him still inside of her, while she slowly rocked even after that huge tiring pleasurable workout. They didn’t seem to get enough of each other, after all this while, after hours of being inside each other.

They lay on the bed wrapped in the sweet sweat of their hard work, their passion resonating in each sweat drop, their love electrifying with each touch. He kissed her, as they hugged each other in harmony while the soft music filled the former echoes of their intimacy. He looked at her as the soft light delicately kissed her. She was as beautiful as ever, tired, exhausted and too worked up, but beautiful all the same. He could keep looking at her all night, all day. She was the perfect in how their thoughts matched, how their eyes talked to each other, how the bodies moved under each other’s breath and how badly they wanted each other. She was just too perfect. Similar thoughts were going through her mind as well, how good he looked under her shadow and how he liked talking to her, the joy in his eyes shining bright every time he looked at her. She settled herself by placing her head on his chest over her interlocked hands and stared at him, and he stared at her, both admiring each other. Neither of them moved for a moment. It was just a fraction of moment, after which she felt something move under her belly and she knew the second round was about to start any moment now.


P.S. This is the beginning of many more such (erotic) posts (I hope). If you feel that this could be better, I completely agree with you. Because all of this is out of my imagination and not from experience. I hope you got what I am trying to say : No experience at this whatsoever, and I don’t mean writing. So, do tell, if there is something crucial that I might be missing, that is essential to spice up or perhaps to tone down. And I tell you, no amount of porn watching helps in writing erotic fiction. Nope. Not one bit. Well, do pour out your thoughts, if you happen to read such lengthy not-so-erotic post.

146 thoughts on “A casual encounter.

  1. This was hot! And good! Damn! It didn’t look like you’d never had experience because you seemed to describe everything in a…just manner. You satisfied all the description😉

    I love it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Why, thank you. 🙂
      Okay, we don’t have to talk to about the experience part. It’s embarrassing as it already is. 😛
      And I am very glad I have described in just manner. Haha, satisfied. Very satisfied myself to know that.

      Thank you, you are too kind. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • Waiiiiit… Are you kidding?

        Okay I’m not tryna to embarrass you. I’m just… Surprised. If a girl says that I can say she’s probably saving herself for marriage or something but you guys…there’s no way your woman would know you have been with another woman before her except you tell and and… Probably experienced at how to pleasure the female…

        Okay. My next question is why? Is it a personal decision?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ok, *waiting*.
        I wish I was.

        I know you aren’t.
        I figured you might be.
        Well, never been with anyone, so I have no idea how pleasuring a woman works. Except Ofcourse the online tutorials. 😜

        I want to. I really want to. You have no idea. Some might say I am sexually frustrated, and that someone would be me. But I have never reached that level of understanding with anyone / or had a girlfriend / or likewise. It’s not my personal decision, it’s the others- to not to have. 😭

        Liked by 1 person

      • Figured I might be what?

        And tell me you’re kidding about the online tutorials😅

        Never reached that level of understanding Uh? I get that.

        Next question… Have you ever had a girl who liked you? Like really liked you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Surprised. 😐

        By that I meant visual aids : porn and stuff. 😜

        I am glad you understand.

        I sure want to think so. She didn’t express herself may be. P
        But otherwise, no. 😔

        Liked by 1 person

      • I asked because I know guys who take advantage of the fact that a girl likes them, so they do all sorts with her cause she likes him that much… Though I’m not saying its right.

        Next question. Would you call yourself attractive?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know. I hope to believe that I am not that guy, however desperate I might be. Well, still a virgin, so didn’t even when I almost had the chance.

        And it is not right at all. They are just using her to satisfy their needs or is it called ego. And in the end once they are done, they will just leave her.

        Truth? Average, or atleast I hope to believe I am so, even though I may be not.

        Liked by 1 person

      • To satisfy their needs and to have something to say when they’re with the guys.

        I like the sound of that.

        Next question. Where are you from? I think I’ve satisfied all my questions on your sex life. For now anyway 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah, that as well.
        I hate those guys. What I believe is sex is kind of sacred, like a union of two people and sharing each other on a level that is a little bit beyond personal.
        I also hate them for telling me even when they know I haven’t crossed that bridge.
        I am glad none of my female friends share their ‘encounters’.


        Other side of your world, I assume.
        Ironic, I know. Being the most populated country, I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’. 😅
        Satisfied already? That was fast. Is this what they call a quickie? 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know people who just have sex because. Or some cause of money
        They aren’t sluts, not really, but they want money, and they know that a sure way to get it is to keep giving it to the boy friend. As it’s their boy friend, they don’t mind, and some for other reasons. I don’t know how you have sex with someone on an outside level. Like… On a physical level. It gotta go deeper than that, but that’s just what I think. Not so much people share the thought.

        Funny. I never knew India to be the most populated country.

        😉 Yeah. Quickie. Orgasmed already?😂

        Liked by 2 people

      • I always thought that people have sex to show their affection to one another and how much the other mean to them.
        Yes, some have sex for money, with boyfriend or outside.
        When it comes to outside, the people are just hungry for sex and they would pay to satisfy whatever their sexual needs be. It is not intimate, it is not passionate. It is just one person’s inhibitions at play.

        Do you have a boyfriend?

        Well, it is the second most populated after China.

        You were done. So, you have to tell. Did you orgasm. 😛
        I can go on a lot longer. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I agree.

        Don’t have. Never have had. Not for lack of being asked, but for lack of actually feeling (like really feeling) for them.

        Oh it is? Okay then.

        Well I’m spent, and I need to relax before I go at it again😅😛

        What’s your name?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh. That I understand.
        I have the feeling but the girls always seem to already have a guy, better looking one.


        Satisfying you is so easy. 😜
        Let me know when you are ready to go again. 😂
        Don’t mind me asking but how old are you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • So easy huh…
        I’ll sure let you know when I’m ready.

        And I don’t mind. I’m 17 (Okay now begin to feel like you were having a discussion about sex with a young girl, because that’s the usual reaction, though if it will make you feel better, I’ll be 18 soon)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Your words.
        I mean you made it sound easy. Can’t tell for sure.
        Will be waiting right here.😜

        But is it safe to assume that you and I are both on the same boat?

        I don’t even know why I write Disclaimers. Did you read it? 😐
        Well, that’s assuring. Not. 😐

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s alright. Some people do abide by the +18 thing, but I think myself older than I am, so I don’t let that bother me.

        And I think it’s safe to assume we’re on the same boat, though it would help if you tell me what that boat actually is.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Touché. I did feel like I was talking to not-so-(below 18)-young person. So, there’s that. That was why I didn’t ask for your age right away.

        But that still doesn’t justify the actual age, does it?

        The boat resembling the PS (Post Script).

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, it is. And I am agreeing as well that you do sound older than your age.


        Bored you already? Sigh, how come I have this super power.
        Yes, I haven’t. Kind of anonymous at the moment, so. But in time, I’ll tell you?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well thank you, though I get that a lot, and I prefer to think it as complement. I’m told it’s one.

        I’m not bored actually, I’ve just run out of questions to ask you.


        Liked by 1 person

      • 😄 It’s not actually being bored. I did enjoy talking to you. I’ve just satisfied my interest for now that’s why. You’ll probably make a blog post later on that’ll unleash more questions in me, but as for now, I think I’m done, except if you’ve got anyone for me.

        Yeah cause I don’t see a lot of guys being virgins at that age, except if they’re staunch in their religions, or if they just haven’t being lucky. I got interested in knowing why, which was the reason I was asking the questions. So yeah. Just sex questions. Sex is a very interesting topic 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      • Touché, again.👏🏻
        I also enjoyed talking to you, though a major part of it was embarrassing for reasons known.
        Another blog post on sex to unleash more questions from you, huh? Sure, I will weave one from one of my many experiences. 😜
        Actually, earlier I thought of asking you the female side of experiences, so that ‘whatever’ I would write won’t be more men-centric. And also for general knowledge purposes(remember the online tutorials? 😜) But then, I dropped that thought for you know why.

        Not being lucky is the key word here. Nothing else. And yes, Sex is indeed an interesting topic. Though, a lot of people shy away from talking. If there are any other questions, I would be happy to help, with my zero experience, of course. 😆

        Liked by 1 person

      • With your zero experience, of course😄.

        I’ve not had any experience whatsoever. With sex I mean, so don’t look to me as one who is😅, regardless of “you know why”, as you said. Remember what I said about not really feeling for anyone enough to say yes to being their girlfriend? It’s impossible I then say yes to someone having sex with me.

        By the way, I like the way you use words. I like words, English words, so I appreciate it when someone knows how to weave it well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • See, still making fun of me, I see. 😔
        I like to believe I have good imagination, atleast. So, any inputs to my imagination would be highly appreciated.

        Same boat reference was for this very experience. Now, I realise I wasn’t so good at explaining it. 😐
        That’s why I haven’t asked you anything about sex, have I? Also you are still a kid, and not even 18. 😜

        Yes, that you have made clear. You want to have that personal connection to go to the intimate level.

        And so that you know, I dropped my idea of asking you out as well. 😆

        Thank you. I am not saying I am an expert, I mean not even close to a good writer, but I try.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah your imagination is very good.

        Oh oh yeah. I only now understand the reference.

        Still a kid huh? What ever you say Mr Anonymous.

        Yeah that’s right.

        You had that in mind…well if you tone down your constant reference to my age, I think I might just hear your proposition.

        Yo do try, and I like it, so that’s something 😃.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Talk to you later (does this particular sentence sound wrong to you? It does to me, for the fact that it’s actually us just texting 😯)

        Oh well. Laters then 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • I must say, it was nice talking to you.
        Even though it was more about my embarrassing sex life. 😛

        It doesn’t sound wrong to me. Yes, it is basically, just exchanging thoughts in comments, something similar to that of texting.
        But it will sound wrong to me if that later never comes.

        Take Care. 😊


  2. A pretty detailed work …. Didn’t listen to your warning though . I’ll tell this- the way you sir is quite beautiful. Having never done something like this and for writing it the way you wrote .
    How are you ? We haven’t talked in a while . Back to writing again and started my day reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You.
      I don’t know how but this ended up in spam, just saw this.

      The purpose of Disclaimer is to caution readers. But sigh, you didn’t listen to the warning.
      Thank you for the compliment again. Yup, just had a lot of visual help, so trying to put them to pieces as to how it would be.
      I would have asked for your advice or thoughts or experience, but well you are too young. Or are you?

      I have had better days. But you seem to be busy lately. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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