You time is my memory.

What is it called which hurts the most? What is that simple thing that makes you realize your gravest mistake? Why is it that, it being just in front of our eyes we want to ignore? There are a lot of questions that whisper silently yet screaming in the head. Pain ah, man’s ultimate solitude. A fortress that we build in the name of pain and its outcome. Without pain, there is no gain. Someone said it and that humble someone is probably right. But how does it fall into place? How does it know when to fall in place? Time, a morbid concept of reality, tricky yet precious, at the same time.

Let me start by first apologizing to the people who apparently think that I am not good enough for being a friend. For the past 24 odd years, I never had the liberty of having a friend, let alone a best friend. There might be a reason to it, but it doesn’t need explaining. At the end of the day, I am still the same person I was a day ago, or a decade ago. I may have grown up or old but I have done with only me, I alone. People are fascinating beings. When I have spent a major chunk of my life being in the company of myself, there comes a time when one realizes to look around and most importantly look at the people around. It is even more moving when some of these people actually look back at you and spend some of their time with you. Time, that precious chunk of one’s life that once spent could never be taken back or changed or bargained for. Don’t you think it is precious? I do.

I had the luxury of meeting some of the amazing people here on blogosphere. I agree that I am not one of the most charming people who has a way with words, or a witty one, or as a matter of fact not even normal. I am just a plain old boring soul. Having said that I have come across some of the people who are just too amazing. I know that becoming a friend needs to meet certain criteria, which I was hoping to meet over the course of time. So, it began. The conversations. Be it comments, emails or WhatsApp chat, I was aiming to meet their checklist, having already checked my only point in my checklist which read as “Time“. If they could spare some of their time for me, that in itself is such a big thing. But, I made a mistake of assuming.

I have traveled places all my childhood, not by choice but by compulsion. This should have been an added bonus, but this somehow shut be out. It is always not easy to adjust to the new environment, new people, their habits, their way of expressing. I have seen it all and have slowly adapted to each one. During all this, this coping and matching their tempo, the level of understanding, something in me snapped which made sure that I was uber cautious of the people around me, about what to say and what not to say. This dilemma slowly set to a conclusion that it is better not to speak than say something and make a fool of myself. This became quite difficult for people to adjust to me, and I to them. Eventually, I became my own company and the friendship days became just a namesake day to wish people whom I apparently knew also called as classmates, and vice versa.

Recently, I had met some new people – at work and online here through blogs. All of them are way too amazing people. Then came the first Sunday of August, which we all know what it is. So, I waited to check if anyone considered me in their list, whether I was able to cross off their check

.boxes. It was at the end of the day that I realized that I still have a long way to go. But, before this I did something. As I have already mentioned that my criteria has just one checkbox and it’s checked for most people. So, I made a post for them. It’s not one of those heart warming posts that you might think, but it is something I like to cherish by mentioning the few people who have been a part of my journey through blogging. I spent the whole night drafting and redrafting and finally rambling something. It is not a great post, but it wasn’t all that bad either. I finally posted it and waited.

The whole of Friendship Day I was on a lookout for people I may know or might have heard of me, or probably might remember me, which was rare, but hope is a pitiful thing, isn’t it? After a whole day of contemplation and exasperation, I have finally manned up a bit and decided to invade their “friend-time”, so I sent out messages to people from my office and emails to the people I have been in contact with. And boy, was I surprised to see the responses.

  1. Who said I was your friend?
    A common courtesy of thank you would have sufficed. I didn’t ask for much. I was expecting anything more either. A simple “Thank you. Same to you too” could have just made my day. But well.
  2. The courteous friend :
    Thank you to you too.Courteous
  3. Validation :
    I guess I needed to be validated as well.Validation
  4. I don’t, really!
    So, I told this generous person to kindly read the blog post in which I have mentioned them, but who really cares anyway.

Probably, I got what I deserved. My sincere apologies for jumping into conclusions at the first sight of conversation. Hopefully, I will be more careful.

131 thoughts on “Realization.

  1. I am the first one, aren’t I? Or, was someone else just as mean?*Whispers*
    Anyway, jokes apart. Mayen. You’re way too sensitive for your own good.:|
    That’s just me being me. And, even after reading this, that’s how I would have reacted. Stop being such a wussy. Snap out. If somebody didn’t wish you a happy friendship’s day, screw them. What the hell.
    And, having a best friend is highly overrated. I don’t have one. Big deal. And not for the lack of people trying. I have always had people claiming to be my best friends. Right until the moment I profess in a flat voice in front of them that I don’t believe in the concept of bestfriendships. Then, they are like *Awkward*. And, I am a “great” friend. It doesn’t happen again. Not with them atleast.*shrugs*
    Why is it so important in everybody’s life to give other people so much importance that they walk all over you, I haven’t understood till date. Let people who don’t value you go to hell. What the hell are you so hurt about anyway huh?:/
    Mayen. You really need a good amount of lecturing. 😐
    You’re too damn dramatic, I tell you.-.-
    Stop being so butt-hurt about everything, for god’s sake.

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    • There is no competition. As of now, you are leading.

      Mayen, you okay? I mean who hurt you so bad? Who broke you? Or are one of those guys pretending to be a girl.

      I guess you’re right. You are still the same. Aren’t you the macho girl? Cheers.

      I wasn’t asking for a best friend or even a friend. And well acknowledging wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? I am not speaking about you. You have the heart of a diamond that no rock can cut apparently.
      It’s not a big deal and but I don’t screw over people.

      Oh boy, you don’t have to believe in best friendships. It’s a fable anyway. I wonder who broke your soft-wala-heart.

      Stop walking all over me. 😂
      I am not hurt. If I was I wouldn’t be apologising. I would be crying…it’s a process in which people get emotional and water always salty comes out of their eyes. You might never have had the displeasure of crying, have you?

      I’m all ears, Macho ma’am. What ya teaching today?

      If yours hurt, it doesn’t mean that everybody’s hurt. And anyway, which God are you referring to?

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      • Sigh well, that’s great.*eyeroll*

        Nobody did. I am just practical af.:/
        Not your typical, sappy, foolish girl, you could say.
        Though, the foolishness is still under consideration.*shrugs*

        Har har. I hate that word. Guys or girls. Uh nuh. Never again, cool? Cool.

        I wouldn’t know about it. The “wouldn’t hurt anyone” thing.:|
        I am not taking it personally either.
        Nope. Diamond solid.-.-
        As you wish.

        The world begs to differ. But, well, doesn’t matter.
        And, as I said, I am just practical. You should try that sometime.
        Nobody did. If majority’s idea is to go by, I don’t have one. So, no breaking, nope.

        I just told you you shouldn’t give people the power to walk over you. And, you. *exasperated*

        Why are you apologising anyway? Stop apologizing.:|
        You would be?:/
        Oh. You mean leaking water?*eyeroll*

        I am not. This lesson is done. And, don’t you ever call me that again. That word is derogatory. And, cheap.:|

        I am not. As simple as that.
        The supreme entity. You should try to have a conversation with her sometime. She’s a good listener.

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      • I hope your eyes are rolling…I mean working fine.

        Practical af? How can you tell how practical can you be comparing it to fuck? 🤔

        I never told you were any of those. And also you aren’t my bla bla girl, I definitely say so.

        Macho? Mardaani it is then for you.

        Yeeeaaah, about that. You are pretty intense. And also someone definitely did an number on you. How else can you be so dark in the inside! It’s ok, you don’t have to talk about it.
        Solid? Probably.
        I don’t have to wish. I know. I don’t take things as you so call it “af”.

        I wasn’t asking you to believe in it. It’s practical when you have done that practical yourself. You don’t seem to have, have you?
        Denial. Denial with justification. We are not having polls here to determine whether you have one or not, but it looks pretty bad in shape.

        That means you would walk over someone, keeping aside whether what they are doing. You would walk over? What does that tell about you?

        Because I am human being. And apologising is my weakness.

        That’s how people cry, btw. Your eyes are fine. No need to check them again.

        It’s not derogatory or cheap word. It’s just your opinion about it. But well, there’s a new word coined for you anyway.

        Oh, you definitely are. And it was bad, very bad, right?
        Who? Does this entity have a name? And the entity is a she.
        The walls are better listeners, the running shower water is the best listener, the rain is the better listener, the pages of the diary are better listeners.


      • Great, actually.

        You’re getting off-track here, one.
        I never said you did, two.

        Nope. Topic closed.

        I am?:/
        And, nope. I was born dark on “inside”. And, this is the last time I am saying that. This discussion won’t happen again. Get that through. I am sick of saying the same thing again and again. If I say something, believe it. If you won’t, forget it.

        This doesn’t make any sense. At all. So.

        Yes, I just might. I do, I suppose. And, all that tells about me is, I don’t care.

        They don’t go hand in hand. Cuz with the way you said it, it sounded like that’s what you meant. If not, fine.

        Oh. I had no idea about that. New information alert.

        Exactly. And my opinion matters. Especially when it comes to me.

        Again, this is closed as stated above. But to put it up front: No I’m not. Never was.

        She does for me. But I am not telling, one.
        And, yes. The entity is a she. It can be a he, too. But it’s generally she for me.
        She’s the best though. She listens for hours at a go. Without interrupting, I must mention. And, she always gives you the answers, in one way or the other.
        Much better than your champions, huh?

        P.S. This is too damn intense a discussion for a public comment section, don’t you think? Let’s tone it down or let’s relocate.:|
        I don’t like throwing a fit in front of strangers, generally. So.

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      • Cool. That’s good to know.

        Well, my speciality nonetheless. Still, your point and my question needs a little more than a “stating-the-obvious” thing.

        Mardaani, it is then. Topic closed.

        Yeah, you are. More than you think you know. More than you think you should never be.

        Why do you want me to believe whatever you have to say? You are commanding as if someone gives a shit about it. There are people just like you who go by the principle of “don’t tell me what to do”. So, get that through you too. “If I say something, believe it”. Why should I? And what’s to say that you are not lying af!

        To be practical, one has to either see it or have a personal experience. But it went above you. Height thodi kam hogayi. May be stand on a chair?

        I really hope that’s not true. You may not care, because you are giving this look of a bold, strong person, idgaf attitude mostly because I don’t know you, because you are anonymous. Take that away and would you still be same? Of course you would have yes. Why wouldn’t you?
        And if you really believe what you say about yourself, you really need to make some changes. You don’t have to care about others, what they think or feel, but you can just not tell them about your radical “opinions”.

        Don’t know what you’re talking about, but what’s your obsession with ‘fine’, ‘I don’t care’, ‘topic closed’ and the likes of it. That’s not how you close a statement or an argument.

        You’re welcome. You have a reputation of forgetting thing, right? And poor sarcasm.

        Your opinions matter when it comes to you. Aha, where have I heard this before? Oh wait, my post is my opinion and they matter to the last word, because it is about me. So by your logic, I can name you but you shouldn’t care.

        Ok, If you deny so.
        ‘Closed statement’, lol.

        What matters is what you believe in. As long as you believe in it/her/him.
        Unlike the optimistic people like yourself, I am an atheist at mind.
        I don’t know who my champions are but just so you know the answers you get are what you put in, the effort, your choices, it’s all your doing. But yeah, a mental image of a wish granting and answer giving entity is the undefeated champion. Cheers to you and your beliefs.

        P.S. : When was the conversation normal, by the way? Toning it down – you? That would be new. Relocate- sure. That sounds like a better idea. Don’t worry, my blog is a “no-read” zone. No one comes.


      • Who cares, right? Had there been more to my point and more to your “question”, that’s how it would have fared anyway. So, let’s just not.

        Nope. GTH.


        Because I am the only “authentic source” when it comes to anything me?
        Well, that’s what I do. And people do give a “shit” about that actually. So. *Shrugs*
        I am not getting your point here.*eyeroll*
        You would never know though, will you?

        Not commenting on that childish shit.

        It is what it is.
        I would still be the same!*exasperated* I couldn’t have “altered” my whole persona, could I have now? -.-
        I never said I am really strong or anything. But I generally don’t give 2 shits about things that happen. Or, their consequences. So. It comes to bite me in the ass sometimes. I am not saying it’s all roses or anything. But, well, that’s how it is.

        I don’t. I am this way. And I am not changing. Not for anything or anybody. And, I most certainly can, thank you very much.

        I do.

        Do I now?

        I am not stopping you, now am I?
        And, I was just putting forth my opinion, in case you missed that little detail. So, you see how you are being a hypocrite?

        Are you high or something?:/

        Well, that can’t really be helped, I guess. I have tried to steer you towards her/him. But, well, since you don’t seem like you want it or anything, I won’t try again. My beliefs are mine. Your beliefs are yours.
        No, it’s not. I can’t explain and I won’t even attempt to. It’s mine. I can’t share.

        P.S. Exactly what I meant.-.-
        I can’t tone it down by myself, can I? It takes two to tango.
        It’s not, and you know it.


      • Funny you ask, not all are as should I say open and intelligent as you are.

        It most definitely is.

        That’s he best comeback from you, like ever.

        Yeah, you wish. People actually lie when it comes to them. So when you say you are the authentic source, you maybe. But it’s not the reliable source.
        Oh, people do? That must be so much crap. Moving on.
        You rarely do.
        Yeah, I do know. You have quite a reputation when it comes to that.

        Of course, *whooosh* too high for you anyway.

        It is not what it is.
        No, you wouldn’t.
        Thats what you want me to believe that you are “incapable” of altering ? I am not doing that.
        Yeah, you didn’t say. You just put our that persona out front.
        Yes, you don’t give any shits.
        I know how it is. Being at the epicentre of that has its own benefit.

        You do. Scroll up and experience the miracle happen. You close out the conversations “you” don’t want to have. You can’t change that. Yes, you most certainly can, when you are beat. Figure that out.

        No kidding, Sherlock.

        Oh we’re you now? I had no idea at all. You are putting forth you opinion by telling me what to do and what not to, while I already put forth my opinion about what I believe in. Calling names doesn’t justify anything.

        Your classic maneuvor to stop a discussion : closed statement, fine, I don’t care, topic closed and now are you high or something. Unlike you, I don’t get high. Meer have, never will.

        Towards a imaginary man made fiction? Believe me, I am drawn to it. But like you said yours are yours, mine are mine.
        Of course it’s yours.
        No brainer that you can’t explain, or even attempt to. Oh, too personal.

        P.S. I know. That’s what I said.
        Apparently, you are right. It takes two to tango when either one knows how to tango. I don’t.
        Yes, it is. And everyone knows it.


      • I didn’t imply anything.
        It’s what you understood from it. Your own doing, your own thinking. I just opined.

        And I thought having an opinion was never the problem. But some do have a problem. Guess, who the quoting the one and only, the great WanderingViolet “wussy” is now.
        Should have told me, you get easily hurt because of others opinion.

        Quote you on what!? Being a wussy? Sure, if you insist.

        Have a great day yourself. 🙂

        P.S. Sare baat dil or matt liya karo like me. Thought you were the bigger person here. Don’t let bigger person give up so easily.


      • I don’t take things to heart. Not really. That’s what I have been telling you from the beginning. My reactions are generally over-the-top dramatic cuz of the very reason that I didn’t take it all that seriously. But being proclaimed a liar and a stupid person (almost) outright isn’t my idea of a fun time. I already have a lot of crap going on in my life to want to add this to it.

        Opinions aren’t really the same thing as this, yeah?

        Anyway, nevermind.

        P.S. Let’s end this right now, please. I am really not interested in prolonging a conversation that’s pissing me off big time. I will throw a hissy fit and it will grow ugly real fast. I am trying to be a calm, mature person here. Kinda. Maybe. I dunno. There’s even a please in there. And, it’s suddenly highlighted to me that you really don’t know anything about me, afterall. The block of text above doesn’t match my general reaction to such a situation at all. I am trying to be civil for once.
        So, stop.
        Don’t reply to this if that’s what it will take.
        Bye, AK.
        Have a great time.


  2. You know, in the past 24 odd years you had a great friend with you always. You have him with you even now. You just have to recognize him as your Friend and enjoy his company.

    And about other friends, there are such Friends who never believe in a day for celebrating the beautiful bonds. They never tell you specifically, but will be there for you without you even realizing.
    Yes, we might not be fortunate enough to meet such friends in person, keep in mind, they are there.
    Yes, solitude is addictive … you never know you’d meet your so called friend you are waiting to meet, you’d meet. Have fun dude. You have friends, and life is not an end without them.

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    • That friend is apparently too bored and disappointed of the person I have become.
      It’s not as much about celebrating as an acknowledgement that they are someone.
      I hope to believe so. And first of all I really do have to come across them first.
      Solitude is not actually addictive. It becomes the only choice one might have.
      It is not an end, I agree. I wasn’t saying otherwise. I was just telling that I made a mistake of believing that some actually were.

      Thanks though. You have always been a good friend. Cheers to you. 😀

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  3. I’m going to do something completely unlike what you know about me.
    You’re not in any way plain, old, and boring. I can tell on the outside you project a simple personality, but I can also tell there’s something more complicated that you might not even know about.
    Let me tell you this: the only reason I’m still blogging is because of the bloggers. Everyone here is unique and special, as cheesy as it sounds. If you weren’t unique and special, I wouldn’t be following you. Sounds harsh, but I guess it’s true.
    Also, I didn’t know the first Sunday of August was Friendship Day. If I had, I probably would’ve reached out to you.
    Love, Inf

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    • I would have been happy to find someone just like me, but I know how it feels. Though I am glad that you could relate to it, I really hope you didn’t completely shutdown like I did.
      Anyhow, thank you for the appreciation. Means a lot. 😊


      • I did actually.once u have to be cautious of what u speak,it gets difficult to be urself.and once the fortress is up its impossible to open up and let ppl in especially later when u want to reach out.. its nice to know tht u have formed new friends. 🙂

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      • Oh, sorry to hear that. I understand completely, having rocking the same boat for way too long. But then again, I guess there’s always a chance to be start over, I guess. If it helps, I could be an ear for whatever you have to say.
        Yes, I know it’s difficult to open up, but from burnt down bridges can we build new and better ones, don’t you think?
        Just a food for thought. 🙂

        Thank you, I have tried to make friends, atleast that’s what I tell myself that I really did. But anyhow thanks.

        And oh, nice blog btw. And also midnight musings? Awesome, sounds almost like my blog url and my old screen name ‘Midnight shadow’.


      • U really dont have to be sorry 🙂 thats the way it is… but thank u 🙂 some ppl only understand where u r coming frm.
        Btw that was the first thing i too noticed.. ah the love of the silent dark night,perfect time for the thoughts to start talking 😀


  4. Hi, thanks for checking my blog out and liking my posts which brought me to your amazing blog! I could absolutely relate to you. And they way you’ve penned down your heart out is splendid! I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Have a great day!

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  5. There’s such a thing as Friendship Day? I had to google it. Aug 6. Wow. Who knew? Well, you, actually – or I wouldn’t have found out.. Anyhoo – it went like all my other days. Me.
    Interesting comment about never having a best friend. I thought I did. Several times growing up. None of them ever stayed in touch after one of us moved away (usually me). I suppose I’m just as guilty – I didn’t write them either. Would things have been different had there been this wonderful thing called “internet” back then? Probably not.
    I can empathize. Too well, maybe. Don’t know if it even matters, but did think you should know you are not the only friendless soul out there. Again, I’m sure I’m the cause. Still hurts to be without one…

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    • Yes, there is. People celebrated everything. There’s an international cats days as well, so why the heck not Friendship day.
      It’s usually the first Sunday of August. 6th August is this year, next year it would be 5th August, if I am not wrong.
      It did go the same for me too, but I was hoping it to be a little different. But, too much dreaming anyway.
      I can relate to that. I never made an effort. Never. I guess I am messed up that way.
      Frankly speaking, it doesn’t give me comfort that I am not all alone in this ‘self made destructive’ relationship. It just makes me even more sad. The intention of this post is to remind myself that there are things that could never happen to me, and also that people, if they read it, realize the importance of the friends in their lives. I guess, I got distracted in crying over my problems and didn’t tell the exact essence of the post.
      I know it hurts. I have been there, I am still there, and may be I will be there. But I really hope that you friend that missing part of you soon. It’s not easy, great things are never easy, but I urge you to keep an open mind and let people see the person you really are.

      Thanks for dropping by and wow, reblog! Why, thank you. Really appreciate it. 🙂

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    • I have always looked out for friends. But with me what happened was due to constant moving here and there, the people I meet already have friends and it was not easy for me to adjust right away. I gradually talked less, and then it became lesser.

      I know about the true and real friends. I have seen them, they have been around me, the circle I wasn’t a part of, though.

      Thanks, btw. 😀

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      • Even my father had transferable job and I have faced this situation fairly once in 3 years but at some point of life you will definitely get some true and real friends, you will also have a circle which you will be a part of, just don’t loose hope in the most beautiful thing called friendship

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      • I am glad you can relate to me, and I am much more glad that you have found that circle of people whom you have bonded very well.
        And I haven’t lost hope in the friendship. I admire and respect it very well. That’s why I wrote a post for the people whom I thought became my friends and no matter what, I still consider them as one. Just that when it is not acknowledged, it feels a little bad.

        Thanks again, you are too nice and sweet. 🙂

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      • Glad to hear that you still value them, no matter what😊😊😊😊😊
        And yeah that hurts and best thing we can do is to ignore it and it will hurt less😇😇
        Well!! It’s my pleasure to talk to you.😅😅😅😅😅
        You are not just nice but a great person too…


      • I always value them, I understand what they mean, and how much a person has to trust for being called a friend, so I surely respect it, and will continue to do so.

        It does, doesn’t it? The problem is I can’t ignore easily. But will try.

        The feeling is mutual. 😀

        Come on, how much nicer and sweeter can you get? You are breaking the limits here. 🙂

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      • Yes, we can surely learn. But, then again, I still respect them nonetheless, because they took some time out for me. 🙂

        Oh, I intend to explore. You are setting new metrics for being nice and sweet. I have to update my metric rulebook. 😀

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      • And I appreciate your time. So thank you. 😊

        Haha. It does, doesn’t it. Ok, so I have made new standards and gave it a name as RosenGrey standard. 😁

        You’re welcome. The feeling is mutual. 😊😊

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  6. Finding a true friend is hard. But I guess, it’s always better not to have a friend rather than having a ‘fake’ friend.
    Atleast, you know nobody will hurt you by deceiving you!
    So, I think love yourself and even if you cannot make a bestie, you can always be open to have some chit chat friends.
    Don’t be disheartened 🙂

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    • It is hard, very hard.
      Couldn’t agree more. 🙂

      Yes, I do know that.

      That’s the key I guess and wish to get such friends as well. 🙂

      Thank you. You are too kind and sweet. 😀
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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  7. I went through something quite simialar to you . Im generally a very weird person indeed so yeah people take advantage of me and then just dump me aside . Those who i call as my true friends weren’t there for me when i needed them the most . So yeah …. coming to Blogging ,..reading everyone’s stories has truly inspired me and made me realize im not the only one . So yeah just beautiful . Anyway i wud it if u wud be my friend , Enigma

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    • As much as I am glad that there are people like me, I would really hope that you find a good friend who is absolutely true. 😊

      And of course, I would love to be your friend. 🙂😊
      Thanks for asking. And very nice to meet you, MOAG. Okay, I am pretty bad at names. 🙈 pleasure excuse my acronym.

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      • I did meet someone through Blogsphere and he is absolutely amazing … but i always love meeting other people and like just getting to know their stories , the real them without their masks on and also every deep dark side of them …. You may just call me Mirage 🙂

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  8. This comes from the heart.Through this piece I can actually look inside it.Its beautiful but very lonely.I can actually relate to this.Its a relief to know that I am not the only one out here who feels this way.

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  9. Hey thanks a lot for following my blog. Yours is amazing and you write straight from your heart. As for friendships, I guess it is nothing one has to work upon. The worked upon ones do not last… friendships just happen. Happy blogging!

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    • My Pleasure. 🙂
      You have a good blog. Sorry, I couldn’t comment. Got carried away by work.

      And thank you, you are too kind. 🙂

      Exactly, you have put it perfectly. I wish to get such friendships which just happen.

      Happy Blogging to you too. 😀

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  10. Hello, how have you been?? Long time since I got around to your blog!
    After reading this post of yours I decided to comment something and then while scrolling through the comments, couldn’t help but notice, all your comments in your post are really long!! And that’s really cool!! Its always better to let the words flow.
    And coming to the blog, I think people who are really enjoying their life are the ones who can afford to be a loner. You need too many people or stuff when you are not interesting enough for yourself…… The whatsapp reactions were hilarious!😁😁 Truly enjoyed reading your post!!☺☺

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  11. I haven’t experience this, I mean a reply with someone. Because maybe I haven’t wish anyone happy friendship day! Lol! I only wish someone during birthday or special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, what else, Anniversary? In fb they have this friendship day, I’m quite lame with it, before when I still have fb, rarely share on unless they are my dearest true friend.

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