For Life.

The initial intention was to lay low, not make much noise, keep everything to myself and may be share some of my darkest inhibitions. I had friends on almost every social media. I am sorry, let me rephrase. There were people who knew me, mostly because I was that annoying guy abruptly invading their online space. I am an introvert by heart. I don’t mingle with people. As a matter of fact, God forbid, if I were caught by Police or I suddenly get into an extreme case of emergency, I have no one to call to. This is bad. This is very bad. Well, let’s some I don’t get to that phase. I know what you are thinking. I need to change my thinking. I need to get some friends on which I can count on. Well, if only I had that mind of yours, I would be at the top of the world, wait, that’s too cold up there, but somewhere top.

I started off writing my blog mid of last year. I had a lot of things that I wanted to write about. I had letters that I used to write almost every single day. Most of the letters were just curses to the one and only supreme entity, because clearly I had…have issues. So, I tried to get down and all dirty. I did write a couple of posts and published, which were kind of very personal and horrible in all ways possible. Horrible, in the sense of if we are talking about it with the perspective of Life and where I stand. It was horrible letters. I had hoped that I will continue writing, but then I lost the enthusiasm of copying my slowly turning pale pages onto my blog. So, I decided to stick to normal routine of writing and probably meet some people from different wakes of life. I started following and reading quite a few people. I used to comment and always had the last comment even if the comment was blank, because people do get pissed off of a sticky guy poking too much. It didn’t seem to work either. It was then I decided to quit all this. But then I came across one profile where the author wanted to become penpals, which was my idea in the first place. So, like the weird guy I was, I poked the bear. I got the reply. So, that was the first person I met, who despite knowing did me a great favor. I was this close to giving up on the blog, but then the writer’s reply did what CPR does to a dying person. It revived my enthusiasm. I have had met some amazing people since then. I would like to dedicate this post in their favor. I am apologizing well in advance for what I am about to tell. I don’t know whether I am considered as a friend by the people who follow, I have always treasured the little conversations that happened. I said treasured because you gave your time for me. And I would never forget that. I am not entirely sure whether I would be qualified to be one among your long list of friends, but you guys definitely are.
Secretive Writer : As the name itself suggest secret, there is no doubt who the person is. The person in, Shhh, it’s a secret, (for a reason). The blogger who unknowningly pulled me out of the drowning sea. I would like to call her a friend, though I haven’t met her or even know her name.
Wandering Violet : The second secretive person, I have come across. But always a great sport. I piss her off a lot occasionally. Ok ok, I piss her off all the time. May be that’s why she ain’t reading my blog. But none the less, a great person. After having met this person (online, without a name), I have realized that it is possible to make friends without knowing each other and not having met either. Having said that perhaps one day I do get to meet this amazing person.
Darshith : I didn’t meet him or know him. I just came across him through his blog. He is kinda busy right now, and perhaps have completely forgotten me. But like I have said, I treasure each and every one.
Sathyaghan : The guy who almost stole my screen name for a post of his. Well, he actually did. But he didn’t steal. He was creative in his own way and happened to come up with something brilliant which matched my screen name. He is also the guy who thinks highly of me. I have tried to explain to him that I suck at writing, but he insists otherwise. I hope you guys agree with me and put some sense into this guy.
Infinity Magic : This person is amazing in her own way. However annoying and whatnot, I had some great time talking over emails. Pen Pals, my friend. Perhaps, not anymore. But we had our moment. May be, we will again.
Whimsical90 : Another amazing person I have met online and have influenced me in quite so many ways. Let me tell about this person a bit. Her being a girl and I being a guy did raise some red flags, because for starters I was anonymous, which is itself a no-no. But she was such a great sport. At one point, she felt that she wasn’t comfortable talking to a complete stranger. Oh and she wasn’t anonymous. So, I felt that as a friend(or may be not)…acquaintance, I should give her the opportunity, or perhaps she has the right to know who I was. But, I didn’t quite think that through or perhaps I overstepped some boundary, which I didn’t realize. My sincere apologies. Anyhow, she had been a great (ahem) friend and hopefully she will be now.
SevenThirtyAM : Some witty comment sparked inquisitive mind of a doctor-to-be to know the person behind the mask. I tried my best to evade the identity disclosure, because that’s what secret agents do. But I gave in. Girls, I tell you, have the power. So, I have pissed this person off like anything. But like always, she is always a great sport.
Aarzoo : I have come across her on the social media, Twitter. I had read her blog earlier, but didn’t get a chance to connect. One thing led to another, somehow and I now have another friend.
Pratishtha : Another sweet person I have come across on the blogosphere, who is currently not responding. May be, not in the friend-list anymore.
Aanchal : She uncle-zoned me, like literally uncle-zoned. I couldn’t believe she did that. I am not that old, for your information. She has nominated me for an challenge and I still haven’t taken it.
There are a lot of people I have come across but I have never got a chance to interact with them on a personal level. No, not very personal. But not other than the blog related posts or comments.
Kritika Vashist,  Roberta Pimentel, Akhila ( who has nominated me for the quote challenge which I still haven’t taken up. Sorry), Muskaan ( who has nominated me for the Liebster Award, which also wasn’t taken up. Sorry). Shambavi31 ( who has nominated me for One lovely award, which also I have’t taken up. Sorry again. I am such a terrible person.), Phoenix09, Honeyvicious, Pratyusha, Soumya MishraAbhijit ( who has given me a Blogger Recognition Award and also who doesn’t even remember me now), Vidisha Kaushik to name a few. And also each and every one who reads my blog, who comments, who reads but doesn’t leave a comment, who liked my posts, who likes my posts but doesn’t read it, who likes my comments on their blog, who replies to my comments on their blog, who likes my comments on their blog but doesn’t reply.
I mean to each and everyone “Happy Friendship Day”.

72 thoughts on “For Life.

  1. I have much to say to you my dear friend! cx
    1. You spelled my name wrong. At least, I assume you were talking about me. Maybe it was some other creep who has a very similar name as mine. Tbh I hope not xD
    2. If you’re going to keep doing this, you might as well drop the mysterious guy act. Way too heartfelt for that.
    3. I’ve already told you. Get yourself an editor.
    4. The only reason I stopped emailing you is because you acted as if I were a nuisance. Which I probably am, but nevertheless…
    5. Wouldn’t it be really funny if you weren’t talking about me? Well, who cares ._.
    6. Yes, it’s a long comment. Deal with it, I’ve done longer.
    P.S. It’s infinitmagic. Just thought I’d mention that since 1. You spelled it wrong and 2. One of my blogger friends almost didn’t recognize me since I changed it to Inf, which, btw is supposed to be my nickname, but 75% of my viewers don’t listen when I tell them to call me that and then they screw up my name. Like you did. But i’ll let you off the hook since I don’t think I even told you to call me that. Or maybe that’s just my horrible memory in action again.
    P.P.S. I just realized that my name links to my blog, so it has to be me unless you seriously screwed up your mind. I think I’d go for the latter.
    💜 Inf

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  2. *sighs* Such a drama queen. Mayen. You make me look like a logical, drama-free person, and that’s saying something. *makes a face*
    And, what can I say? You’re damn piss-y.*shrugs*
    And I will read your blog when you post something, yeah? You haven’t. So. And, anyway, I haven’t really been reading anybody’s, so calm your horses.*eyeroll*
    Great? Amazing?*Snorts* You are definitely not in the right mind frame if you are complimenting me right and left.*shakes her head*
    Anyway, happy friendship’s dayyyy, by the way.
    P.S. Who told you we are friends?*stares you down*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sigh, can never take compliments, can you?

      lol, I am not pissy. You are just too sensitive. Not my problem.

      I don’t have a horse to calm down. If you did read, I would have got a sarcastic comment like this on my other posts, which I didn’t. 🙄🙄

      What is wrong with people? Just take the god damn compliment. And anyway, I wasn’t asking about your opinion on yourself. I wrote mine.

      Thank you. 🙂 Happy Friendship Day to you too.

      PS : Thank you for clearing that up. My bad. It’s not easy writing for me to about people, and then when I do, they just have to be mean. Well thanks for that. I deserved it, anyway.


      • Ugh mayen. You definitely are a little out of your mind. If not more.*shakes her head*
        I can not take compliments. I am not programmed that way. Why doesn’t anybody understand!?!?!?!*sighs*
        You. ARE. PISS-YYYYYY.
        You didn’t even make sense there.:|
        What makes you think you can have an opinion about me?*side-eye*
        Thank you so much.
        P.S. Well, I am mean.*exasperated* We have established THAT time and again. Why are you so surprised?*unnaturally wide eyes*
        Just…can we not?*turns to go away while shaking her head*


      • Have you read your blog comments?
        People are actually complimenting you for the write ups you do. And I guess you just hate them with a smile and a very huge thank you.

        Like I said, you are sensitive, way too sensitive. Tch tch.

        If you read my blog posts, I would have received a sarcastic comment from you on my other blog posts!

        Because, freedom, duh! Because I can. And anyway, what are you going to do about it?

        You’re welcome.

        PS : Yes, we have established that. I don’t know why you keep insisting on being mean. So, why do you hate me so much?


      • Um that’s my WordPress persona. I really can not take a compliment, to save my life. I am weird about it on WordPress sometimes, too. But I generally have a very generic response to comments, in case you haven’t noticed.*glares*
        Nope. Not sensitive at all. But you definitely are pissy.:|
        Sigh and why is that? You haven’t posted stuff in a long time. Where was I supposed to comment?!?!
        *In a whisper* Or, have you?
        Nothing. I was just asking for an answer.*smirks*
        P.S. I don’t. But you say I am mean ALL THE TIME. So, I remind you we have already established that. What’s the point of wasting energy establishing the same thing again and again?*shrugs*
        And, I don’t. What makes you think that, I wonder.*tries to stop the laughter from spilling out*


      • Whatever your persona is, you are still the same person inside. You would take that compliment, how much ever you are adamant to deny it.

        Sensi…sensi…sooo sensitive.

        You haven’t read in a long time, that’s alright. No issues.

        I will admit, I haven’t.

        You couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

        PS : Because you act all mean for whatsoever reason. That is why.
        Yes, you do. When was the last time you acted nice or said something nice ?


      • Ugh can we not?-.-
        What was I supposed to read though?*blank look*
        Arrey. But I am not, bhyi.*sigh*

        P.S. I don’t. That’s just the way I am.*stares you down*
        Never? Cuz that’s definitely not me.*gives you a look. Then walks away whistling*


      • Can we not what? 😳

        It’s ok to be sensitive.

        It’s okay. I wasn’t complaining.

        PS : Are you sure?

        I don’t know, have you ? Bas aise he peet dhikake chale jao. Also whistling bhi seekh lo. Sry, bhool gaya, you’re already good at that.


      • Not talk about my “Persona” and sensitivity?

        Fine, fine.

        P.S. I am not, actually. :/
        But, well, I do get pleasure out of being kinda mean, I guess? I am not sure.
        I even am a Slytherin. Pottermore says so.*Nods* And I like Malfoy and his father. So.
        No, I haven’t. That’s what I was pointing out in the previous comment.:/
        I don’t know how to whistle actually. I wanna learn so badly. All my friends have tried teaching me but in vain. So, I let my “Persona” whistle atleast.


      • Because you are sensitive about them ? Ok!

        Umm ok.

        PS : That’s what I had been saying. 😒
        Why? How do you get pleasure by being mean?
        You also like Voldemort then.

        I know about whistling. We talked about it, remember?


      • Nope. Not okay.

        P.S. Haan haan.
        I dunno. I just like it when people beg me to do something and I don’t do it anyway.*stifles her laughter*
        I do. But I like the Malfoys more. So classy. And cunning. And secretive. And mean.*fangirl sigh*

        We did? Did I not miss out on anything with you? God. I am not as mysterious as I used to think.


      • You seem to be. And it’s okay.

        PS : 🙄🙄
        Beg you? Itna bhi kaun karta hai?


        Yeah. You missed out on a lot of details. And well you are mysterious alright?


      • :/

        P.S. Karte hain log. You don’t know. 😛


        Oh? I did? Like, what? You even know that I want to learn to whistle and I can’t seem to, for hell’s sake. *eyeroll*
        And I am? How?


      • It’s ok. Nothing wrong with that.

        P.S. Seriously? Like who? Real people only right? Imaginary ones don’t count.

        Yeah, you did.
        Because we talked about it. That’s why.
        Yeah, I don’t know you as a person yet. Half of the people I mentioned above know my real name. 😐


      • Arrey zabardasti hai kya.*exasperated*
        P.S. Hahahahaha I dunno why, but that cracked me up. 😛
        And yes. Real people. Real, live people.*smirks*
        Okaay, then. Voh toh we must have. You aren’t a mindreader, afterall. Or, are you? *small voice*
        *Gasps* How come? You acted so secretive whenever we talked, and here you are basically tell me it was all an act? Why, “AK”, WHY!?!?!
        Who are you? WHO!?! You aren’t even AK, are you? *glares*


  3. I never could understand liking a post and never reading it. I put a post on one of my bloggs today and within 3 minutes I had I view and 4 likes. How could I have 4 likes when only 1 went to the post.Did they see it on the reader and just like it without going to see what I wrote. I hate that! It’s rude It’s rude. I spend a lot of time on my posts. If you don’t come to my blog and read it then you shouldn’t like it.Maybe they think they’re helping your stats.

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    • I know the feeling. I feel exactly the same. That’s the most annoying part ever. Don’t like if for the sake of liking, just because it’s in your feed. That’s not a great deed.
      Yes, we spend a lot of time contemplating, arranging our thoughts, drafting and finally putting it on paper and a casual like doesn’t serve the purpose. I even a write a post on that. Don’t like if you don’t read it. People liked the post without reading.

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      • I wrote a post like that, too. You are right it did no good. There a couple people That always put likes on my posts and i know they didn’t read it. The likes went up too fast. I want to reach people with my posts. My blogs are very different. The one I sent you to is my important one, because it is a cause. The other one is this and that and some ranting and raving. I never like something for the hell of it, and I don’t comment unless i have something to say. some people will put up a post and it will have 60 comments that say nothing but, great post, thanks, smiley faces and such but nothing with substance. How can you get to know your reader if they don’t talk to you?

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      • Yes, I have seen. Your blogs are different and unique.

        I completely agree with you on this. to know a person better or the real person it is important to communicate not on what’s written level, but on an undestanding the underlying between the lines level.
        People are different, they have their own way of communicating and that needs to be brought to focus.

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      • Yes, and with effort and patience sometimes that kind of communication can develop, but there are some people where it is impossible to get past the conversation of “How’s the weather where you, do you know for next week?”. or talk about their job or gossip about other people, but when it comes to talking about things that matter, some people just can’t talk. After moving closer to family, overcoming an illness I wanted to get to know my sister. She just said “I don’t know how to be a sister, but all my friends love me” asked her why they loved her. What does she do for them to love her, but she just got mad. I had a liver transplant. She never even called to see if I lived through it. Fast forward 4 years. Our mother had a stroke. She is 83. This sister is very loving to my mother and comes every weekend. She lives 2 1/2 hours away. I live one block from my mother. I will be her daily caregiver. I’m telling you this because it has forced my sister and I talk – nothing heavy, but we are talking, so I will have patience. My other said I scare her because I make her confront herself. She will have to learn to understand me and realize there is no reason to be scared of me. I don’t bite! But I do hit back if slugged.


  4. This post was awesum ! … well it kind of reminded me of the kind of friendship i have with a fellow blogger . we r both anonymous and we started talking to each other through mails .It is smthing i will truly cherish . He has always helped me when i was sad or angry and we like told everything to each other and all … this post was truly gud 🙂

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  5. Gosh! Aren’t you just the sweetest. I haven’t seen anyone writing a post for another blogger like as such how you did. Hope you do that after a year on our friendsary day! Lol! 😂😂

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