Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

What breaks you makes you stronger! When the life pulls you down and you fight with every last strand of will to fly. When you are sinking in the ocean and you swim against the tide to shore.

Well, this is a hypothetical scenario or more like a lesson we learn from it. A small significance hidden in it. What happens when what breaks you finally breaks you. The flame to fight back dies out. The will to swim to the shore fades away. You are broken, inside out.

PS : So, I was wondering how many people just like the post even before reading it just because it is in the feed? I mean seriously I wasn’t asking for that. So please be kind enough to unfollow my blog. Wait, they don’t read. Dammit !

234 thoughts on “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

  1. Oh my! It seems like someone has been posting enough for more than a couple of people.
    Are you posting on my behalf, too?*Whispers*
    And,I seem to have missed it all.*shakes her head*
    Also,that someone is kinda pissed. Hah
    You’re generally not pissed by…stuff.😶
    I am gonna Check your site out.

    P.S. I don’t “like” stuff I don’t like. Or can’t relate to. Does that count?*dry smirk*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, you have been busy with I-don’t-know-whom. Having a great time, I suppose. Because you totally forgot about the people on your Blogger feed.

      Yes, I am. *Wishpers* how did you know ?
      Yes, I guess you have. -_-

      Someone? Not me? Are you ? :O

      Oh, you haven’t seen me pissed. It will be a censored post, for sure.

      Wow, my blog will be graceful. Thanks. 🙂

      PS : Yeah, You say you don’t do things you don’t like, but you eventually do. LOL !


      • Hey,that’s not true and you know it.*exaggerated indignant huff*
        I am dying here! *cries*
        *WHISPERS*I have a sixth sense.
        Yeah.*long defeated sigh*
        Eeeep. Okaay. I would stay away from it,then.🙉
        Hahahaha drama queen.*shakes her head*
        P.S. You don’t know shit. -.-


      • I don’t know. May be that is the case. 😂😝
        Who is killing you ? What’s his name ? We will kill him with umm…words probably.
        *whispers* You are very good at jokes. *takes a front seat*.

        You’re pissed ? 😂 Really ?


        Are you watching Pogo right now ? 😝😂

        Are you shaking your head like a drama queen ?😂😂 You can stop now please. 😒

        PS : I know. Denial is your middle name, I guess. I’m right, ain’t I? 😂😂


      • 😒 You’re so full of shit.
        You’re so ignorant. I have said it time and again that I have only one enemy. And it’s economic honors. So,that.👊
        I know,right?*smirks*
        And you’re getting good at getting them.😏
        I am pissed all the freaking time. What’s the big deal?😒
        Nah. Just Disney baby. Or something. 😶
        *shakes her head in exasperation*
        P.S. No. Ofcourse not. You’re never right. Never. 😒


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  3. Ha ha ha. I actually get annoyed by this too. Like I am online on wordpress. Suddenly some blogger likes my post. And then bam!! 10 likes in next 10 seconds. I mean atleast read my posts. If u don’t have time, then read only one. And most irritating of all is, when some blogger keeps on posting and reposting their post. Just to keep them in latest feeds. It’s so irritating to see, 2 days old post as posted 5 min ago. I make sure that I unlike it, if I see any post liked by me appearing again in my latest feeds. Lol.

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  4. Funny! I think the same thing. I’d much prefer feedback than a simple like. But for the most part, I think the WordPress community (at least that I’ve encountered) is less focused on likes than let’s say Instagram (where there are actual offers to buy likes…sheesh!) Anyway, I wasn’t following you before, but now I will. I just stumbled upon your blog and am eager to read (and like) more posts. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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