The High Tide.

Let us consider a parent and a child, their child. Now, what will the parent do to keep his family safe. Right from the birth, they will try to make the most  and offer the best for their kid. Be it care, education, guidance, or anything a parent would be their to support their kid, their every need.
Now, this has to come to my attention. Mostly it is in the movies or novels. So, there it goes… Let’s say the father is held at a gun point and asked / forced to tell about something more crucial and if it falls into the hands of the person holding the gun, a thousand or even more people could die. SO the person pointing the gun at the guy ( father) shifts the gun from his head to his son/daughter. After a little but of hesitation and a lot of intimidation, he finally reveals the secret endangering a few thousand lives. No, if we were to weigh the balance, there is one / two people on one side while on th other there are a few thousand. I would assume, he would only tell, if he was capable of stopping the catastrophe before it happens somehow, escaping from the clutches of the person hold the gun and somehow overpowering him. IF he really does succeed, wit ha little loss of like ( lets’ say 20-50), he finally stops the perpetrator, just in time saving a few thousand and his kid as well. Yay!  The good guy won. And because he is the hero, he won, the story that he was in. Cheers and hugs and what not. But no body speaks about the causalities ( those 20-50) . They are casualties of war? Or is it because the end justifies the means. But does it really ? Does End really justify the means?
Now, the parent-kid bond is something that can[t be compared or described. Now this brings us to the ultimate parent – kid relationship. The god and the disciple ( or his people) or should I say his children. A parent would try to provide them everything that is in their power and everything they are capable of. But then there is God, who has the ultimate power to provide anything in this world., like anything. It doesn’t have to be out of the world, it could be as small as a hope, a little but of faith, or perhaps a life. And we hear about the 2-3 year kid battling Cancer. And I question everything. Every fucking thing.  And I am like What the Fuck God? Is it the sins of the previous life? Are you being stupid, right now ? Or is it the sins of the father? Are you being idiotic / cynic right now ? Seriously ? Of all the people, I mean the higher power in the world, are you giving stupid excuses. Oh are these the ones we are giving ? Well, we need to have some explanation for things that happen right? Nobody could prove that you exist. You wouldn’t  let anyone! And then there are billions of people believing in you. Are you taking that for granted ?
A parent would be impartial, even if they have their own favorites. Yes, they would punish someone, but there always something to learn, a scope to learn. But what do you want us to ? Preach what you have preached? Take a dip in the holy water and be purified. And what now ? Some even offer everything to get some favors from you. And they do get the favors. Is that what God is ? A God to be bought? Yes, all you ask is faith and a little belief. But then , lets just go though the bible and you wanted sacrifices and all that shit. You created something beautiful and you wanted that to be sacrificed for the better of the rest ? Really ? If not sacrifice then there is some or the other thing that yo just want.
I just hope that someday people realize that what really are you. A fragment of human imagination,. Perhaps a good person who once changes the whole world once ! But the you just left it to pursue something better didn’t you? And someday people realize what they are really doing. Talking to the wall, a stone ,  offering to the wooden planks, stones and whatnot. What’s more disgusting is the people who are cashing on your whole belief thing. We have to offer money to keep the family safe, to keep the house safe, to keep the person we love safe? Is this some sort of business transaction or what?
Why? Why am I doing this? Because life happened.  Nearly 25 year ago, a life was lost, out of the blue. Just like that. A kid, not even 4 days old taken, or should I say snatched away. A kid who perhaps could have done wonders and a kid because of whom I am here writing about all this. I never knew this kid. I never got a chance. May be if he was alive, I wouldn’t be.  And that my whole existence lives on his mercy or should I say his death ? A brother whom I never even got to see. God.
Are you testing us ? The loyalty of people ? Really ? Testing the loyalty and what we are made of? So, what if we fail, are you going to let innocent people die? Kids die ? You do understand that it sounds more sadistic than anything. Are you the devil in God’s image? Perhaps, you are. Because I don’t seem to find any other explanation for it !

41 thoughts on “The High Tide.

  1. This post confuses me. If there is no God than why did you feel the need to write this to him/about him?
    Anywho I am really sorry for your lose… I can’t even begin to understand your pain. But God is merciful and your brother is in heaven with God. I know it’s hard to understand or even think about a loving God taking a precious life. An innocent holy life… But He did. He gave your brother a better home, a prefect place to live. *hug* I hope one day God will prove his love to you. ❤


    • I felt the need to write, because somewhere deep down I believe there is a higher power, no matter how odd that may sound. And because I am swayed by the belief that everyone has. Right from the birth we have been told and preached about God and what he did and could do.

      But I haven’t seen any such thing so far. As much as I want to believe, something is making me doubt. It’s the dilemma that’s bothering me and a sort of frustration that my life has brought upon. Hence, the post.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Really means a lot.
      I believe so that he is in a better place.
      Thanks, again. 😀

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  2. Oh, okay. That makes more sense. What do you think it is that makes you doubt? Do you think maybe you are bitter because of your brother’s death so you can’t fully trust God and believe in him? God is a just. God loves you. God also loves your brother very much. (You don’t have to answer… I know this is very personal.)

    You’re very welcome, anytime. [=

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    • Oh no, it’s not about him. It was the thing is the past.

      I have had my share of experiences and I have people telling me to be optimistic and all, but I just can’t find the right way. Yes, God is just. That’s why there are somethings we can’t explain and somethings we don’t have answers, but we have something called faith, say to keep us motivated and keep us going. I lost it along the way, and no matter how much I want to keep it alive, I’m just not getting it back.
      And the worst part is whether I’m justified, as a person. The whole existence (my) is due to the series of events that took place that fateful day and I clearly am not doing much of a justice. That’s what scares me, if I may say. And if it (the incident) hadn’t happened, may be it would have had the best outcome.

      Sorry, I don’t even know if I’m making sense of not.

      Thanks for your time, again. Really aoppreciate it. 😀

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      • Oooh okay! That actually makes perfect sense. I totally understand where you are coming from. I have lost all faith, hope, love, trust…. before. It was like my heart, soul, my very being was a cold, dark abyss. I couldn’t get out if I wanted to. It was rough. It sucked. The pain was very real. But none of it makes someone mad or crazy or a psycho… it just makes us human. Every human goes through this at one time or another. They just hide behind masks and lies. *hugs* I’m sorry you are going through it right now and have been for some time. I hope you find what you are seeking soon.
        But until then write and share whatever you little mind/heart/soul/whatever wants too! I’m hooked, I’ll read whatever you post. And I don’t mind you posting anything. Like seriously try to make it crazy and uncouth if you can. I love how honest you are and how you share everything. You and your blog is amazing. Don’t ever change… well do if you must but don’t change for people change for yourself. Hahaha I even enjoy your typos it’s great! xD anywho I have no clue what this is becoming… I’ll not edit out the weirdness… I’ll let you enjoy it. =P
        Ps. Sorry this is so long… and mindless nonsense. If you got nothing more than I understand and don’t change for people… that I think was what I was saying… Ahh I’m doing it again. Anywho have a wonderful day. ❤


      • Why, thank you. 😀
        You are the sweetest person I have come across. If I could teleport, I would have given you a big bear hug. Thank you for all the kind words and the support.

        Yes, I hope to write more and everything from the heart. That has always been my plan.

        Hehe. Sorry about the typos. I really need to proofread before posting. 😛

        I’m enjoying it. And please don’t edit the weirdness, not all I.

        PS : Hey, come on, no need tk apologize, not now not ever. And it wasn’t mindless nonsense. It actually made a lot of sense. Thank you for that. Thank you for your time. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for supporting. And thanks for the hug. 😀

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  3. Well it sounds to me like you need to meet sweeter people then!!! xD thanks, that’s really kind of you to say. =}

    No problem, anytime.

    That’s a fantastic plan and I admire you so much for putting yourself out there. It’s not easier even under a pen name. (For lack of a better way to put that.)

    Hahaha don’t be, I love it!!! There are reasons for author and editor being two very different people. You are a very good storyteller that’s something to be pround of!!!

    I shall try not too… no promises though. I am not good at going unedited. But I will try.

    If you say so. I will take your word for it. As long as you understand that’s all that matters anyway. You’re very welcome. (Hahaha I feel very unoriginal saying that again…) it was my pleasure, anytime good sir. (Hahaha don’t ask… maybe I should just stick to unoriginal! =P)


  4. But I just met one of the sweetest. 😀 you are welcome. 😀

    Thank you. You are way too kind to say so. I’ll try my best and probably give my best.

    I’ve read my posts after a month or so and realized that I have so many typos. I could have done those changes long back. But thanks for liking them …should I say raw? 😛

    Just be yourself, that’s all I am saying. 😀

    I mean it, really. Yeah I understood. Thanks.
    Good sir? Too much respect, I say. It should be the other way around.
    Haha, just be yourself. 😀

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  5. Awww thanks!

    You always do!!! [=

    Hahaha I’ve done the same thing. Even after spending 2 hours or so on a post. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve learned I really enjoy editing my work though, it’s so relaxing for me. My perfectionists ways. ^_^
    But I love reading other blogs that are so raw, unedited and open. It’s so not me, I prefer to keep that side of myself for a few people I really trust. *shrug* it’s so inspiring though to read others put themselves out there.

    Hahaha too much respect??? Nah, you can never give another human too much respect. Sir, good?? 😉 is that better???

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    • You’re welcome. 😊
      Thanks. 🙂

      I should outsource my posts for you to edit. 😁 Just kidding.

      So do I, I like the true sense that people portray in their posts, however worse the situation that they are dealing with. It’s like you said, inspiring.

      Yes, ma’am. Too much respect. So you say, but you just gave. 😁
      That’s better, but I would rather prefer not to even say Sir. 😊
      Thanks again. 🙂

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  6. Thanks!!!
    You’re most welcome. (Hahaha I’m not even sure why we are saying thanks at this point. >^_^<)

    Lol I have thought about becoming an editor of sorts here on wordpress but I think it would take the fun out of it. Besides I love your typos they are endearing.

    No truer words have been spoken. [=

    Hahaha Fine if you insist I shall put away the foolishness of calling you sir. I have no clue why I chose to in the first place… I think it has something to do with the top hat… *shrug*
    You're most welcome.

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    • Hehe.
      I think we can cut out saying thanks to each other. 😛

      You can still take that up as a part time job, just saying. 😁
      You make me feel like I should intentionally make some typos.

      Thank you.

      Since we have conversed so deeply, we can call each ourselves friends. So, let’s just say we can call each other with crazy names rather than Sir/Ma’am.

      Thanks again. 😀

      PS : I am really sorry, I couldn’t visit your blog and read. I plan to do that this whole weekend. 😀

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      • I agree! Hahaha like you said we’re friends now, no more crazy formalities.
        I could… I don’t know. I would rather work on my own stuff though. (Does that make me selfish??? I don’t really care if it does.) I might try it out and see if I like it. *shrug*
        Hahaha that would take the charm away!!! You have to do it naturally! ^_^
        No problem, it’s just my opinion.
        Deal… What crazy names tho… *mischievous grin*
        You’re welcome.
        Oh dear… Now I feel as though I should hide under a rock for a very long time… *blushes* Dude you really shouldn’t worry about it. My blog isn’t something to worry about not reading or plan to read. If you want to read it great, or if you like reading it great… but don’t feel like you have to. It’s nothing overly wondrous…

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      • So it’s a deal then. 😀

        Of course, it’s always your dream before anything. So follow it and fulfill it. No, it doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you ambitious.

        Hehe. Ok. I’ll not be so vigilant while writing. 😛

        Awesome…we can come up with something for that. 😛

        I did visit your blog the other day, but as I was reading I got some other work so left it midway. So, was planning to read it over weekend. So, there’s that. I want to read your blog. Whatever little poem I read, it was good. And needless to say, you have a nice blog. Only that I am waiting for my laptop to get back, I can be more active. And if you say something like that about hour blog, I would say the same thing about my blog as well, not so wondrous either, right?

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  7. Hahaha yes… This is a first for me… I’ve never made a friendship like a business deal. xD *puts hand out for the bottom line handshake*
    You are right. I guess I worry too much about what people think of me… but I don’t give a crap at the same time. It’s an odd dance my brain does.
    Hahaha sounds great!!! ^_^
    Yes… what were you thinking???
    Oh okay. I just didn’t want you to because you felt like you had to. *glares* You win I guess… but only because I love your blog. I like my blog but… At the same time I hate reading my old posts. =P
    I always feel like I couldn’t done something better. I think it has to do with being a creator though, everything is evolving so fast when I look at my old stuff it makes me feel like an idiot. xP

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    • Yes, it’s a deal then.
      lol. *shakes the hand warmly* oh, you have very soft hands. 😀

      Tell me about it. I have the same dance playing in my head as well. -_-

      Hehe. 👍🏻

      I just realised I am too bad at picking up names. 😛

      I’m going to read that right now. If I’m making a plan to do it later, I’m always forgetting it. 🙈

      I understand what you are going through. Because I feel the same way. That’s why I get a little scared when people say they are going to read my old posts. 😁

      Thanks for letting me win. 😜 and also thanks for liking …err loving my blog.


  8. I am so sorry for your little brother,i can’t even imagine how you would have felt about it.There’s really NO explanation at all for anything happening in the world.This question arises in my mind vry often,Why am i suffering,why me,why thia,why that? Even i have suffered a lot in life,everyone does,perhaps.But we don’t ask god for an explanations for the good things,why? Did we ever ask,what good have i done to be born without any deformity,in a good family? Did i save someone’s life inmy previous life? Is it due to the good deeds of my parents?
    Do we question this? Do we ask for an explanation for this?
    Not really.
    I know,its quite obvious to look up and ask why in trying times.We must be grateful for the good an hopeful when life is harsh,some questions will never be answered,i guess.😊

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  9. It is true parents love their children and it shows when a father will reveal a secret to a man when the life of his child and not his own is at risk. God is good and I do not believe he would command or ask any parent to spank their child and call it love.

    I love your thoughts and reflections in this piece.

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