A kind.

He saw a girl today at the park, a little girl. She reminded him of his daughter. He hadn’t seen her in over a year. He misses her, very badly. She had meant the world to him even when she was just born. He could never forget that moment he saw her for the first time, her tiny face, her tiny arms. She was small, but to him she was much bigger, a world. I would do anything for her, he said under his breath.

The little girl in the park was playing with a friend of hers. She looked happy, giggling away and throwing sand at each other. He wanted to talk to her. But there were people all around. He didn’t know how to. He had lost his daughter a couple of years ago. Some freak accident, some natures’ fault, but he blame himself. He has never really recovered from that loss. The trauma had been painful enough for him. The little girls mother comes back to take her home. But the little girl didn’t wanted to. She wanted to stay and play. Her mother  has some important work at home and so she drags her back to her car and drives her home placing her weeping kid at the back of her car.

He wanted to confront her. He wouldn’t let anything happen to the girl, this little girl. He would never make her cry. He would take care of her, the best possible way.
The little girl was playing as usual. Her mother is talking to another lady whose kid was also playing in the ground. Eventually, it was time to go butt her mother feels bad for yesterday, so she looks at the little girl and lets the little girl play a little longer. And waits while talking to her new friend.

The little girl was a little exhausted and was panting a bit. He offers a candy and takes the little girl to get an ice cream saying that it will give her the energy to play more. She wanted to play more, so she obliges opening the candy excitedly. The little girls’ mother comes back and doesn’t find her. She panics, shouts,  screams, turns the playground upside down, checks every nook and corner. But in vain.

The little girl enjoys the ice cream sitting in the passenger seat of her new found friend. He takes her to his house, shows her room, his daughter’s room. It was pretty, pink, with ponies and stuffed animals and a million other play things. She gets excited and plays for a little while. She suddenly remembers her mother. She asks for her mother. She cries, cries for her mother. The cries become louder. He gets scared. He takes to the room in the basement telling her that her mommy is hiding there. And this was all a game they were playing. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her, he wouldn’t let anyone take away from him, he says under his breath. He wouldn’t let anyone do any harm to her. He wouldn’t let the people harm this little girl. He is going to protect this little girl, his little girl. As she goes inside, he locks up the door behind her.

While having a discussion about the kind of people and ‘psychos’ in particular, with a friend of mine, she said ” psycho with complex ,layered way of thinking. Their brains work in such complicated ways,we can’t even decipher. It’s idiots who don’t think. Psychos do. And since we do not understand the mechanics of their brain,we label them as PSYCHOS. ”

I did think that the complex layered thought process was for the geniuses. Like the real geniuses who see the world differently and make something extraordinary. But psychos? Come on. They never had a brain, did they? We don’t understand them, sure. It’s because they are mad and don’t know what they are doing. They don’t look into the future. They live on a whim, looking at things in their twisted way with no conscious whatsoever. They lack the empathy. I could go on and on. I label people psychos who don’t think about other’s, who don’t think about what damage they would do to others, what their actions might implicate.

Why did I post this? Because after spending quite sometime on writing this so called story, I didn’t get the response I was looking for in the discussion we were having. So, here it is.

Did you read this post? Do care to share your point of view? I would really appreciate it.

22 thoughts on “A kind.

  1. I did read this story and actually, Psychos are highly intelligent. They lack a certain kind of empathy which enables them to think more rationally and specifically. Hence, when they make a decision (for example, taking the girl) they never back down no matter how tantrums the girl does.

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  2. A response to your question.
    The assignment of layers to a psycho or genius is absurd, as if people not under the category have plain and uncomplicated thought processes.
    Similar to how we grapple with maintaining order, a psycho manipulates chaos. It is because we have an aversion to chaos that we are clueless to their thoughts.
    They may as well see the world as is, rather than whitewash it with naïveté.

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  3. Hey. I guess you’re right. But I thought this was copied from somewhere just to prove your point and not written by you, firstly. Secondly, due to the overload of stuff that was up for discussion at that point, we couldn’t really stick to one thing, you know. It wouldn’t have been possible.:|
    Annnnd,I still don’t agree. Psychos do think. But they do it in a way which is something beyond our imagination. We don’t understand it or them. And, as is the case with humans,whatever we don’t get is termed as strange. Mad,in this case. I am not saying the way their mind function is “normal”,no. Far from it,actually. But saying that it doesn’t function at all is outrageously discriminative,don’t you think? THEY DO THINK,IN LAYERED,COMPLEX WAYS.
    “…psychos-so unhinged…”,
    “PSYCHOSIS:problem often caused by repetitive, obsessive thinking”,
    “A label slapped onto an intelligent person by a psychiatrist who believes that they have a superior vision to the average Joe, who does not believe in the status quo, and also recognizes that they are above much of society due to thinking, intelligence, and intuition”,
    are only a few of the definitions associated with psychos, which clearly show they do think-in complex, “intelligent” ways.
    And as for not thinking about others,who does in today’s world huh?It’s not a parameter to label someone as a psycho just because he isn’t thinking about anybody else. Someone who is a “genius” may not think about others,either. Take Einstein, for instance. He didn’t talk till very late. His parents were worried out of their minds. He still didn’t. Not because he couldn’t. But because he didn’t deem it necessary. His words,not mine. Given he was a kid. But still. He didn’t think about his teachers when he refused to cooperate in school because he thought reading facts was a waste of time as the book could easily be referred to in case there was a requirement of the facts later. He can easily fit the psycho category for “not thinking about others” instead of the genius we take him to be today.
    It’s the idiots that don’t think. You call people who don’t think psychos? I call those idiots. They have half a brain. And they refuse to use even that.-.-
    Sooooo,this. Some views huh?*dry smirk*

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  4. 1. I don’t plagiarize and don’t appreciate someone doing mine. So, no. I think I mentioned for the genius part that I would have written another story / fable but time wasn’t on my end.
    2. Hey, no worries there.

    Coming to the point whether they think or not, they do think. What I am referring here is they don’t think rationally. Like in the little story that I mentioned, that guy did think about protecting the little girl, taking her home safe and all that. So, he is thinking, alright. But what’s lacking is empathy. What’s lacking is the rational interpretation. What’s lacking is the how the other people will be affected in this little selfishness of his.
    Umm, Caps lock !?

    When I said think about other, I meant about other people as a person. It is because they are involving the other person in their endeavors. Einstein didn’t think about others.He didn’t involve other people. Not the same thing.
    I am not able to put the right meaning in words. Let me reformulate it.

    I asked for the views which you delivered. So, thank you. 🙂

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  5. If we’re using the term “psycho” to mean “psychopath”, then I think the defining characteristic (as mentioned above) is a lack of empathy.
    I think there are probably a lot of people out there who don’t get labeled as “psycho”, because they only have the psycho thoughts, like your character did in the first paragraph. It’s when a person acts on these thoughts that she/he becomes seen by society as a psycho.
    I really like your story for how it captures the rationale and emotions behind a person’s “psycho” behavior 🙂

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    • Why, thank you! 🙂

      Yes, lack of empathy a characteristic feature of the psychopaths/psychos.
      And you are right, most of the people don’t get labeled just for thinking. As a matter of fact, I do think the same way – with lack of empathy – but its’ directed towards the people who are psychos. So, I guess I am a half-psycho, in a matter of speaking.

      And I am glad you like it. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by. 😀

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  6. I really liked this story in a way… and it freaks me out in another way. I think you are right. It’s not a lack of emotions so much as a lack of control. I’m sure normal people have thoughts like “Awww that little girl is cute and reminds me of my kid.” But they don’t act on the emotion to hug the child or take the child. I personally think it’s a lack of self control that is the fine line. It is also a lack of empathy, but I see it mostly as a lack of self control that really differentiates the psycopath.


    • Exactly.
      We are wired almost the same way, and when we see something that catches our eye or reminds us of something, we appreciate it. We might say it out loud or to them or whatever we do, we would do it complete decency. Because we have this empathy and also appreciate thier privacy. But if someone loses that crucial aspect, it is then the real problem arises.
      No, I’m not not saying some people are wired like that. No. Sone incident or trauma or whatever that is snaps that switch off in the mind. Now that, that is the problem.

      Thanks for droppong by. And your views. Really appreciate your time as well. Thanks. 😀

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  7. You know I saw this movie “Crush” it was up on YouTube, in there, there is a lady who is psychic, when she has a crush on somebody she would go further beyond infinity to get him, to the limit that she ends up hurting him with a sharp drawing pencil. Strange Right?
    And then they show how she behaves. Reminded me of that movie.
    Great Post.

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  8. I know what ill say now won’t make sense …but i think “psychos ” i dont like that word so people who have suffered extreme loss feel and dont think while acting !! When someone suffers a loss like the death of a child its changes them psychologically . Every action they commit is in the memory of their loved one . they feel as if they are helping others . Feelings are always stronger than thoughts . Their minds are clouded with pure anguish ..

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    • I don’t like the term either.

      I completely agree with your trail of thoughts. I think that is what the problem is, the choices they make have consequences because they are just thinking about themselves and how they could fill the void without much regard to what the other people might be feeling about it.

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      • I agree,,, it isnt a win-win situation …..but it isnt their fault …they dont have regard for what others think because they dont know they are harming them …they only want to find happiness and that is all there is in their mind ..how can you blame someone when all that person thinks about it finding happines …forget ” psychos ” as people say it …dont normal people hurt others only thinking about themselves …these guys can think for themselves they know the consequences ..so how are the any different from those who are fuelled only by emotions

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      • It never is a win-win situation.
        I completely understand what you are saying.

        You have mentioned two kinds of people. But both of them are driven by the consequences of something happened. Nobody is born bad, but the circumstances changes them.
        So, they are not different if they are thinking about their own well being over others. And most importantly by hurting others.
        We could categorise them into different genres but at the end, its the other people who are suffering. Which shouldn’t be the case at all.


  9. This is quite a mix emotion post. I had seen it on the news how this happen here in Aus, where you let your child play on the playground and then someone (who has unsound mind) can just kidnap/abduct a child. It’s creepy. That’s why precautions has to be taken on great extent.

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      • It’s a mental issue or issues that needs addressing. Here in Aus, you can seek professional help if someone is unsound mind. I don’t have a degree for that so my explanation might not be a professional answer, but I always like reading psychology books, it helps me understand people and different behaviors.

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      • I believe professional help is available everyehere. But the unsound minded people don’t prefer that, or perhaps they don’t know that they might be needing some help.

        I also try to understand people, though I don’t read books, I prefer people in real.

        Thanks for your inputs. 🙂

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