What do you believe in? What do we believe in? What do I believe in? A question that strikes every realm of our existence. I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in us. But why? Why do you believe in me? Why do you believe in yourself? Why do you believe in us? A question we can answer with a little or no hesitation. Because I know you. I saw your work, saw your passion, saw your heart beating loudly for it. I saw. But belief is fickle, you know. A flickering summer rain. A flash on a rainy day, not knowing where it comes from but you just feel it. Belief. It is hard to come by. It is hard to come to terms with. But what do you believe in, really believe in?

The night whispers sweet lullaby with the stars shining bright in the limelight of the moon. The wind ruffling through the hair, soft and cold. A rhythmic music plays among the countless stars flickering, the pale white clouds drifting in the melody, the silence that beheld the night. Among the perfect organized structure, a blaze of raging ball swifts across the horizon beyond our reach. Shooting star. That joy that it adds to the pleasant night.

Our hands intertwine, holding them close together, we bow our head engaging ourselves in a conversation, a conversation with God, thanking him for the life we thus had, and hoping that he would continue to do so. In out little intimate sessions, we implore for a better life, we ask, beg for forgiveness, if need be. We pray, pray for our own selfish needs, perhaps. Better life. Redemption. Forgiveness. Prayer. Belief.

Why? Why do you believe? How do you believe? What made you believe ? I believe in you because I have seen you, your passion, your heart. I know what you are capable of? But how do you believe in something that you don’t see, haven’t even felt ? Fickle, is it not? The stories that are passed on through generations that once created the world, the ones who once protected the world, the humanity from its extinction, the ones who led the mankind into extinction. Stories passed on, generation after generation. Stories. Belief.

Utopia. Pi. Bull-fucking-shit. Belief.

43 thoughts on “Belief.

  1. i also do not agree with it but yeah a deep question just to find the right answers and there you did it ,just have to look for it as everything has a creator from pen to building then how can this whole world do not have

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    • You do have a point. Yes, everything has a creator. Pen to buildings are all made by us. We are the creators. But who created the world, we don’t know. May be god? But then who created God? Isn’t it us?

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      • every created thing has a creator that would be the proper definition the moment you ask who created god ?he is not god cause the definition of god is he is uncreated for example if your friend asks you his friend tom give birth to a child can you guess is it a girl or boy ? but a man can not give birth to a child so where is the question of him being girl or a boy so when we ask who created god by definition he is not created god, god is onewho have no kids ,no picture ,no father and no one is like him, and there is no one who fits in this category


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