The Tale Of Irresistible Fads And Creating ASmart-world!

A sneak into the present day, a little into the future.
Meticulously written.


It is assumed that the pulse of the society is measured by the advertising we foster. The fads, we foster.

As individuals who share equal responsibility towards a better and peaceful tomorrow, what do we do?

Pardon me, if I sound too preachy. This ain’t that kinda blog post, peeps.

Advertising, today is a reflection of us, the hard working parents, the glorious life of the single people and not to forget the lonely 40+ plus bunch. It was about people, all kinds of them. Whatever or whoever you are, we’ve got you mapped they said. We transformed. We became the inevitable bunch of the infamous Target audience.
We evolved again. For better and worse. Now, over the past decade, There’s no target audience. There’s just cool people and un cool people. We made a bunch of things, activities and traits to classify people into categories. The mechanism works on…

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