Journey – “Day 3 : ‘3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge’ “

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by.”


Make your own way. The world is at your feet, you mind is at your disposal and let passion lead the way. People may not understand what you are doing or where you are heading, they don’t have to. It is you who need to make way, create way for yourself. No, it will not be easy. Because people will tell you to stop, will make fun of you, will try to let you down, because they never had the guts to take a chance, the courage to follow their dream. But you do and that is all that matters.

26 thoughts on “Journey – “Day 3 : ‘3 Quotes 3 Days Challenge’ “

  1. Hi thank you for stopping by my Blog and for the follow! I really appreciate that you took time to see around and decide to stay! I follow you too. Your writing and Blog is very interesting! I love your blog title and the tag line. I also enjoyed your quote for today, and your description which I can relate to it very well I always tryied to follow my heart and dreams with my Art and with my life! I really love your words…I hope that you will stay connected, I am looking forward to read more…and I hope that you enjoy my Art 🙂


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