It’s raining awards.

We put a lot of effort into a work, the work we love and are passionate about. All we expect in return is not a reward, but as small as an appreciation. 

I have been nominated by the amazing Kritika Vashist for not one, but two awards. The awards being “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” (The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just someone who follows and comments regularly) and “The Premio Dardos” (The Premio Dardos is given from one blogger to another, in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of creative and original writing).


Thank you very much, Kritika, for the awards and considering me worthy of them. Here comes the fun part :

The rules are same for both the awards:

1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post. [ check ]
2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated. [ … in progress ]
3. Give 7 facts about yourself. [ here it goes ]

7 Facts about me :

a. I have three blogs ( active ) and a few inactive blogs. But I am trying to manage all three of these at a time.

b. I choose to be anonymous (Midnight Shadow – what kind of stupid name is that, right?) because I wanted to write and express myself the part of me that I couldn’t do with people knowing about me. This was supposed to be deeply personal and silent part of me, which refuses to leave the pages of the diary, but I have totally failed in that aspect.

c. I am an addict. I am addicted to caffeine. Sometimes, I have no idea how much coffee I drink. The funny part is that whenever I go to a coffee shop, they know what I want, I don’t have to stand in the queue also, which is a good thing, I guess. And also, I have spent so much time in these shops that they might start asking for rent from me.

d. I am a junk food eater. (I know what you are thinking. Wasn’t coffee enough for this guy? Now Junk food also?). Believe it or not, I had this as dinner for 5 days a week. It’s like I am giving these fast food centers a sizable amount of salary each month (but on a daily basis).

e. I don’t talk much. If you think my comments are longer or my posts are longer, so the actual me would be one hell of a talkative person, No, I am not. I don’t talk at all. If you were to ever meet me, you will definitely consider me as an impostor,

f. I am too lazy and a very good procrastinator. I will look for the easy way out. Or else I just abandon it, just like that. And I procrastinate a lot, like all the time. That is why, I am writing this after 2 days. Finally, right?

g.I am a complete TV and movie buff. I watch almost all the movies and the television series that get aired. Yes, I have huge collection in the hard disks. I think I might need to dispose of them to make more room for the new ones.

And the nominations for the awards are :

Secretive Writer

Himali Shah



Shreya Sudesh


PS : There is no obligation or compulsion that you have to follow the rules, you can just accept the award. Thank you. I think I have to intimate them. On it.

174 thoughts on “It’s raining awards.

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  2. CONGRATULATION****************************************************** TO ********************************ALL ******************************WISHING***********************YOU******************************ALL*********************************************THE**************BBBBBBBBBBBBBEST…………..


  3. Hey there! You’ve quite a blog here ! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog. Lovely post. I enjoyed reading all the facts about you 😛 Looking forward to read more. Will try reading the ones I have missed!
    Best wishes,

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  5. One gets too much,sometimes. How do you manage 3?*widens her eyes*
    I love anonymity, too. That’s why,no name,no number.*chuckles*
    And,fast food.♥
    And laziness?hahahah I am the laziest person I know. And the biggest procrastinator.*sheepish Smile*
    Love the facts,by the way.*smirks*
    I will have to follow you now,I guess.:P

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    • Ah, people are being generous, too generous.

      Damn. I thought I almost had it. Have to start over that again. 😭

      *High Five* ✋

      Get in line, ma’am. I’m still winning. Because too lazy and a good procrastinator to get in line also. 😂😝

      Why, thank you. 🙂

      I’m honoured.
      And You sure ? Wasn’t the headache enough ? 😛

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      • Hahahaha no,they are not. They are being honest. 😛
        And you won’t get it.Try all you may.*sing-song voice again*
        You won’t for long. I am THE champion here.:P
        You’re very welcome! 😀
        Annnd,no. No headache at all. Pheww lol

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      • May be you are right. But still they are generous. 😊

        Arey, come on. So much hard work, still not good results. 😭

        They called me to collect my champion trophy, I didn’t go. Why? You know the reason. 😝


        Waaaait for it. It’s almost on it’s way. 😝

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      • Hahhahah you know I am.:D
        Nooo. No results at all.*sing-song voice. AGAIN*
        Are your ears hurting yet?My singing abilities are_let’s just say_questionable.*sheepish grin*
        They came to my PG bed to give me the nationals trophy. I didn’t extend my hand to take it. Next day I got the letter of qualifications to the world championship.*smirks*
        Noooo,it’s not.*chuckles*

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  6. Haha. You can say that. But still generous.

    That’s harsh. 😝
    You should, you know, after all that hard work. 😂😝

    No. They are bleeding. 😝
    Actually, no. You don’t know May be, but it’s kinda sweet. And you know it. That’s why you were grinning. weren’t you ?

    Hahaha. Lol. When was this ? Because I’ve been the champion for 15 years in a row.
    And you smirk a lot. I would do that and you know why. Because I’m the champion. 😂😂😂

    Network problem may be. It will come. Don’t you worry. 😝😝

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    • Na na na na na
      Were you saying something, MS?What hard work? *tries to stifle her smile*
      Hahahahahahahahah told ya!It’s even worse now,I guess.*grins*
      Hahhahahahaha no,it’s not. Trust me. People tell me I have a good enough voice. But singing abilities? Nah nah.:P
      You have been the town champion. Duh. I am 19 and I have been the national winner for 20 years now. You are dillusioned.:P
      So,no smirking. And yes. I love smirking. It’s mysterious. And, as I said,I love mystery. 😀
      And I do have it now. Just for different reasons.*sighs*

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  7. Argh. You’re impossible. 😭
    And don’t you smile! No.

    Lol. No. It’s not.
    You should hear yourself sing may be. Not that one you had been singing all along in this comment – conversation.

    Town champion ? Ouch.
    Haha. That’s preposterous. And you know it. 😒

    Haha. Touché.

    See. The reason is me. me. me. 😵😔

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    • Hahahhaha so I have been told.:P
      *Bursts into a full watt smile*
      Don’t tell me what to do. No.*playfully reprimanding tone*
      Hahhahahahaha I have.I have recorded my voice a couple of times while belting out Ellie Goulding. Let’s just say,it was not a pleasant experience.*shrugs*
      Hahahahha whatever,whatever. *SMIRKS*
      Nooooo. It’s the fire. The flames. The water. The grossly wet floor. And me trying to clean it all by myself.*sighs*
      And not eating anything, ofcourse. My hunger evaporated in thin air after the “incident”.*makes a face*

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      • Argh. Why. Why you do this to me?
        No. You are not. No. No. No.

        I’ll try, but can’t give my word. 😝

        You sure?
        I beg to differ. *holds you down and stops your shrugging * 😂

        Preposterous, I repeat. 😒

        You need some help?
        Oh no. Please eat first.
        Want me to cook something for you? Umm…on second thought the whole neighbourhood will be in flames if I did. But I can order. Should I ?

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      • Yes,I kinda am,MS. When I want to be. Which is almost all the times. I am stubborn, too.:P
        Okay. Try is good. We can work with that.*sighs*
        What good would that do?I can still smirk,huh?:P
        You can’t stop me from doing that,now can you?*smirks while shrugging*
        Noo. I kinda managed. Well,kinda being the focal word here.:/
        I just…my nerves are still kinda shot.*sighs*
        Well,your cooking abilities sound even worse than mine. I never cook. Like never. But I had to try it today,no? And oats are sooo simple. Just empty the content in a pan. Pour water. Boil. Done. But,no. I couldn’t do that much either.:/
        Anyway,I had biscuits and appy. I love appy. So,there’s that.:|
        But thank you so much for the offer.*smiles genuinely*

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  8. Yeah. I can see that. May be I just have to with a little harder. 😝
    Why did you have to be so stubborn. Argh.

    Cool. 👍

    *Duct tapes you* Now. Can you? 😂
    Argh. You are just turning out to be more impossible.

    Oh. Ok. But still you need to have some thing more than kinda.
    Oh. 😐
    Umm.. I didn’t know the procedure either. That being said, I cooked for myself for a little over a month.
    And you will get the hang of it , eventually.

    Biscuits and a drink.I know what’s that like. Not enough food. Do you have fruits in your room ?
    I still can, though. Should I ? Humbled.

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    • Hahahahaha that’s a part of who I am. Cannot be changed. *grins*
      I warned you. Don’t blame me. *chuckles*
      And yes!I actually can. I have superpowers like no other.*smirks*
      I don’t really wanna,to be honest. My mumma has forbidden me from even trying to go near a stove in the future after hearing about this.:|
      Soo…no chance.:/
      No,that’s okay. I didn’t feel like eating anyway. And,even though I don’t have any fruits,I have loads of processed stuff with me. I will get through if need be. But I don’t, actually. :/
      I can go the whole day without food. Not much big on food,until and unless it’s a favorite of mine. Which oats weren’t. Obviously. I am going home for a long extended weekend. I will eat today’s portion,too,then.:P
      Thanks,anyway! ✌
      P.S. It’s Rakshabandhan. You want rakhi because of the fast and furious discussion?*Snorts*
      That’s something I have only ever discussed with my brother before you. Hahahahaha
      Lemme know.:P

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      • I will try my best to change that. 😛
        Yes you did. But lets’ see about that.

        Nooo. No. No. I just have to close my eyes, I guess.

        Oh, but you should. Doesn’t have to be much. A little start would be great, don’t you think ?

        umm. okay. Are you going this coming weekend ?
        Its’ not about staying without food, its about the minimum required nutrients and proteins for the body. And that is useful in the long run. I mean you are 19 right? Still growing. So, you need to have that share of food in required quantity and on time. umm.. I should stop now. Sry.

        PS : Wait, did it mean that? Then I wouldn’t have said a word about the movie. 😛 #totallyKidding
        Well, since there is no turning back, I would love that. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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      • Hahahaha I won’t. 😛
        I know I should. But it’s just that parents worry,no?They say, whatever you wanna experiment with,do it at home. Because they know how clumsy I am,how I mess up all the freaking time and how nothing seems to happen okayish with me. I invite trouble, in short.:P
        Yesss!I am going home tomorrow. *excited squealing* I cannot wait. And since you read my post, you would know how excited I am about going home all the time.:D
        Did a couple of mugs shatter,by the way?:P
        I know,I know. You seriously sound like mumma and her bestfriend. 😛
        They both sit me down whenever I am home and gimme a lecture about nutrients and essential food consumption and stuff. But, concern again,I guess. 🙂
        Hahahahahaha I was actually kidding. Rakhis are a terrifying thing in India,no? I was just trying my hand at trying to get a reaction. It’s always funny how guys react to Rakhis.
        But your reaction was totally out of the blue. You agreed immediately. 😛
        Are you missing your sister or something?*wide eyes*
        You’re very welcome,by the way! :*

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  9. Yeah, I understand.
    Yup, that’s true as well. I am not buying that clumsy and inviting trouble thing. Nope.

    Awesome. Damn. Another cup broken.
    Yes, I know. My broken cup says more than the post. 😛
    Yes, one did. The others I locked them up, just in case you give surprise squealing visits. 😛

    Lol. Noooooo. Did I sound like that ?
    Oh yeah, parents do that. All the time.

    What? You were ? You tricked me. This is cheating. Let’s start over.
    Well, they are not terrifying. But yes, most guys are a little scared. What if their crush ties a rakhi and they can’t really have a chance then. But I kind of loved it all the time. May be because I wanted a sister and never had one. And may be that if my crush does tie a rakhi, at least I would have a new sister.
    And also the fact that I had no chance with any, so I wasn’t scared of it.

    No nothing as such but like I said, I never had a chance. 😛
    And like I said, I never had one. -_-

    Thank you, sis (I would have added your name here but its still stored as Wandering Violet Blogger Friend in my mobile with an empty space for the number) 😀

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    • But I am clumsy!*whines*
      God!I am not a whiner by nature. But I sure am whining a lot on WP.:P
      Hahahahaha Told ya!Get the iron ones. Good quality, heavy duty. Lol
      Hahaha I was kidding,dude. But they so do that. Every couple of weeks,actually, because that’s how often I visit home.*grins* But I love it!
      Hahahahha you want a do-over?:P
      Point!I see where you’re coming from. *Nods*
      Awwwh that’s so damn sweet.:*
      I don’t easily make guys brothers,to be honest. I have loads of cousins as well as a brother, who you are kinda aware of now. Fast and furious fan. Hahahah
      But okay. I will make an exception. *grins*
      The number thingie again!I cannot stop laughing. Really. Hahahahhaha
      P.S. Where do you live anyway? I would so mail you a rakhi if you live somewhere near to me.*grins*
      Also,we made a unique relation on WP. People here are blogger buddies,blogger friend. You are blogger bhai. Lol
      And you can call me A. That’s the closest thing to my name here. The first letter of my name.:D
      Also,I never had a big brother. So,that would be cooool.✌ (You’re older, right? *wide eyes*)

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      • Well, you won’t be like that for long, right ?
        You whine ? You just put it in asterisks, right ? But really don’t. Do you? 😛

        Heavy duty ? I don’t know whether I need coffee cups or a bulldozer ? 😛

        I know. So, your college is near to your home. Cool. 🙂

        Can I now? I think the train has passed.
        I made a lot of points, I think. You are agreeing with all ? 😛

        You don’t? Man, I was too soon wasn’t I ? 😛

        Ok, You gotto stop laughing, ok? Too much hahaha’s !

        PS : I live in Bangalore, but currently in Kolkata for some work. Where do you live, btw ?

        Lol, and you are Blogger behen. 😛

        Yeah, I read that, A. As a matter of fact, mine does too.
        Oh, awesome. Sounds cool. Yup, I am. How old do you think I am, btw ?

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      • Hahahaha well,most of the things which I write in asterisks are what I am doing at that point of time. Really. Swear!:P But,whining… Well,I don’t whine. Not really. It just seemed appropriate at the moment. Lol appropriate. Hahaha
        Seriously!! You need heavy duty,cups or bulldozers.:P My squealing just might be effective on something as huge as a bulldozer. Lol
        Well,not exactly. Since I have to live away from home,it’s too far for me.:)
        Hahahahahaha sure. But,yeah. Kinda.:P
        Well,I dunno. I have never been in situations like that. I am not really a crushes and opportunities kinda girl in this respect. I neither believe in love,nor relationships. So,I am agreeing to whatever you say here,because you know better. Atleast,better than me.*sheepish smile*
        Hahahahaha I have no freaking idea how to answer that. Hahahaha
        Annnnnd,didn’t I tell you before?Don’t tell me what to do?I always do the opposite. *evil laugh*
        Hahahahaha are kinda my thing. I don’t like emojis much. So, these work best when I laugh.:P
        Okaaay. You are far away. Rakhi won’t reach now. :/
        Next year,maybe,if we are still in touch.:D
        I like to talk realistically. That’s why I am clearly saying “if” we are still in touch.:)
        I am currently living in Delhi. *makes a face*
        Hahahaha okaaaay. Blogger “behen”, it is.:P
        What do you mean? You are A, too?*widens her eyes*
        If you are,then you are gonna be AB from now on.(A bhai hahahaha)
        I actually have no idea.🙈
        Tell me yourself.:P

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  10. May be. But I don’t think you were whining. Nope.
    You were just saying.

    Yeah, I know. I do. At least leave the bulldozer alone, please. 😛

    Like how far?

    I can? Wow. 😛
    Lol. Being a few years older doesn’t mean I know. I am rocking the same boat as you. Like I said earlier, I never had a chance. Never ever.

    Then you don’t have to.

    Please laugh a little more, a little more.

    Fair enough.

    Next year. I hope we will. And hey we can. Number. 😛
    Umm, realistic sounds fine. The if statement as well.
    Yeah, thought so. 🙂

    Haha yeah. Blogger behen. 😀

    Yeah, A. AB sounds fine.

    Guess, A. Guess.

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    • Awwh you’re already acting like a big brother, reassuring me and shit.:P
      How can I?!Bulldozers are kinda frightening. So,they gotta learn a lesson.*snorts*
      Like,3 and a half hour far. I know,I know. Not that far,if I be considerate. But see,the thing is,I am not considerate when it comes to my family. And since I can’t see them everyday,it’s damn too far for me.:/
      Hahahhahhahahahah well,you started this. So, yes. You do get a say in this.*chuckles*
      Hahahhahahaahahahah that enough?:P
      Now see,there’s this thing. When someone tells me to do something, I do the opposite. And when they tell me to do something I like,I do it all the more. *evil laugh*
      Hahahhahahaahahahah let’s test the waters first,shall we,AB?:P
      How??!!!Did I give any clue?:/
      Wow!Same initials. Like my brother’s and mine. You’re destined to be my blogger bhai.:P Hahahahah
      Umm,in your 20s?
      I mean,since I am 19 and you say you’re older, then you’re definitely in your 20s.*Nods*
      You aren’t in 30s or 40s,are you?! *wide eyes*

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      • Oh hey, I’m new to all this. So I don’t know what I am saying and what they imply.

        Umm. Ok.

        200km. Understandable.

        Hmm. I did ? I do ? 😛
        Start over, I say.
        It’s a start. 😛

        You are making everything up in the go. 😒😒😒

        Sure. Is the water cold ?
        No. I was asking for it, duh. You never gave even a slightest clue.

        Umm, there’s no turning back now, is there ? 😐

        You are the real genius. *bows down*
        God no. Not yet. There still time for the latter to happen.
        By guess, I meant hit a number not a range.

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      • Hahahha I know!*grins*
        You’re doing a damn good job.:P Lol
        Umm,no. Even less.🙈
        But,anyway. *hides face*
        Okay,if you want.*chuckles*
        We can start new.
        Hahahahaha who said that?😹😹😹
        I meant to say that before, too,you know. Hahahah
        It’s boiling. So damn hot,it is.-.- But, well, air-conditioning at home is much better at home that PG. So,it’s not that bad! 😛
        You seriously wanna turn back,don’t you? 😹😹😹
        I am okay with whatever. I haven’t sent out the rakhi yet.:P
        So,I am right?*cocks a brow*
        Okaaay. 😛
        Well,early or mid-twenties? :/
        I cannot pin point it out. *sheepish smile*


  11. I’m ? Thanks. 😀

    That was an approximate number which I thought 3 and a half hours of journey could cover. Not the exact figure. -_-

    *on the go.
    I did. And you are making everything up. 😒

    Wait, you reached home ?

    Lol. Ok. Hold that thought while I restart the convo. 😛

    Yup. Almost. Arey, you could just tell a number right? Almost mid, not mid.

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    • Hahahah you’re very welcome! 😀
      I know,ofcourse. It was obviously an estimate. But the thing is,even though the distance is even less than 200 kms,I am still not satisfied with it. I would have loved it had I been living with my parents still.*sighs*
      No, I am not.*And the singing starts again*
      Yessss!This evening. And ate so much that my stomach just might burst for real.*tries to take a deep breath but fails*
      What restarting the convo?We haven’t stopped since the evening before.*chuckles*
      It’s either 24 or 26,then. Am I right, or am I right?*smirks*


      • 🙂
        You will have to on your own someday right?
        See you sing when you make something up. 😛

        Are you there ? I hope you didn’t forget to breathe in after breathing out. 😛

        I meant the approach regarding you know what. 😛
        Yeah, that’s right.

        Yes, you are right.

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      • I know. That’s why I hate birthdays,I hate growing up,I hate the idea of being on my own.*sighs*
        Hahahahahha wowowow. How intelligent! You already caught one of my give-aways.😏
        Yessss!*Gasps* I am still alive.*laboured breathing*
        What?I don’t think I am following what you are trying to imply.*sly grin*
        Hmmm I knowww!Or maybe the evening before that since that first comment on my post.:P
        Woohooo!See,how smart I am? 😛 Hahahah


      • Nothingggg! They just make me realise that the time isn’t far away when I will be on my own.*sighs*^
        Hahahahhaha no. I will manage.:P
        Hahahahahahahahah someone’s touchy!*chuckles*
        Umm,okaay. How about 24?*grins*


      • Hahahahahahaha now that’s a joke. You talk about deeper stuff. You definitely get this.*Nods*
        I don’t do such girlie stuff like fainting. I never have.*grumbles*
        Awwwh definitely touchy.:P hahahahahah
        Apologies. Didn’t mean to laugh like that.
        Peace out?✌
        Okaaay. Finally.:D


      • I don’t,either.:/
        When did I?!*gets ready to supersqueal while shooting super lazer missiles from her eyes*
        Now you’re being plain rude. 😒
        When someone suggests a peace out, you are supposed to agree. That’s unwritten rule.#_#
        No comments is no acceptable behaviour.😶
        Yesss!Definitely did.:| But finally!


      • That’s what. May be you did faint, or didn’t. I could never know. But I am assuming that you did, a couple of times. 😛

        umm, No comments is for the touchy part. Not for the peace out.

        Yup. But finally. Too old ?


      • I don’t. I never have,actually. Swear! I just…don’t. My body doesn’t work like that. I do puke, or feel pukey to be precise,quite a lot though. Not a pleasant visual,I know.*shudders*
        Okaaaaaay. You could comment though. It’s all anonymous, afterall.*winks* Won’t judge.🙊
        Nah. That’s okay. 26 just might have been though.:P
        24?Not so much.*chuckles*

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    • I was,actually. An hour ago when I had my tummy so full with deli-freaking-cious food,I couldn’t even adjust one full breath in there. And even though I had no breathing space,I couldn’t forego the dessert,now could I? And it sure is hot. So,I was drinking water like an alcoholic does alcohol. Hence,the pukey feeling. It’s all better now. A bit of badminton with my brother did me, or my tummy to be precise, good. 😀
      Okaaay. It’s cool,then. Hahahhah
      No comments,it is. *snorts*
      I was kidding!:P
      But yeah. They are just that. Numbers. I hate these particular kinda numbers. Right now?I am seriously hating 19. Next it would be 20.-.-

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      • Did you mean God? 😛

        Oh, couldn’t hear over the flutter of your textbook pages ? Understandable.

        Ok, if you insist.

        You know! You don’t know me well enough, apparently.
        You just have to open your eyes. Thats’ it. 😛

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      • Yesss!It was just an exasperated exclamation. *rolls her eyes*
        And Yessss!I was so busy studying economics on Rakshabandhan when all my cousins were having so much fun.😒
        I am such a sincere little kid,I never let go of my “text”-books.😏
        Hahahahahaha whatever,whatever. No compromising on my word here. However much of a weirdo you are,you can’t beat me on this.😎
        By the way,happiest belated Rakshabandhan. :*

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      • Oh, gawd! 😛
        *stares at my mobile* – keep rolling. 😛

        Duh. I know. I knew it. I will continue to know. 😉
        #suchANerd #Textbookoholic

        That’s what people say just before they loses to me. hahahaha. You are second best ‘weirdo’. Oh, wait, you aren’t qualified for being a weirdo. You are in the wrong department, Miss A.

        Why, thank you. 🙂
        Happy Rakshabandan to you too. 🙂

        So, no rakhi ? which means I still got a chance ? 😛 😉


      • Hahahahhaha
        Don’t tell me what to do.*wags her finger in front of his face*
        You’re being an a-…umm, a jerk now.😶
        Puh-leeeez!I am not gonna lose. I never do. I am a born winner.😎
        I am THE best. Get that through your head. I am THE best weirdo.
        *Whispers to self*Why the hell am I claiming to be “THE BEST WEIRDO”? What the hell?:|
        Thanks a bunch! 😀
        Hahahahahahahah I think you are forgetting that you ditched me. You demanded a do-over very, very compulsively.
        So, I couldn’t send a rakhi now,could I? Hahahah

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      • Keep rolling. 😛

        Duh! Truth hurts, doesn’t it?
        Deal with it, nerd. 😛

        Sorry. Couldn’t hear you from the “textbookoholic” department.
        Because you are not. You are trying to make something true, by saying it out loud. 😛 Not working, actually.

        I ditched you?
        Yes, I did ask for a re-do. But I don’t remember a go ahead. 😛

        Because you didn’t want to. hehe. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😒
        Oh yes!So dayum much,I just might cry. -.-
        Har har. AK,you’re Sooooo funny.:|
        Riiiight. Stuff would become true just by saying it out loud. I am one. You deal with it.^_^
        Yessssssssss! Compulsively, if I remember correctly. Which I do. Obviously. I have good retention powers. That’s why I used to be so intelligent back in school .*gets her glares on*
        How the hell was I supposed to carry on the AB charade all by myself?*exasperated huff*
        I would have,you know. But I found you later than I could possibly send one.*STARES him down*

        Liked by 1 person

  12. You don’t have to cry and get all emotional. 😝
    *hands over a chill pill* 😂

    Funny? Me? Oh, stop you. 😆

    Did you say it out loud ? Couldn’t hear from the flutter of textbook pages. How aggressive of a reader are you ? Oh gawd! 😛

    Yes. I did. Unfortunately, I do remember from my side. But I wasn’t sure what your response was. You did say ok, but then again your feet were on both boats. I wonder what the glares are for ?

    You couldn’t ? Too much “responsibility” ? 😝
    It’s never too late. But then again you didn’t want to. You know you can admit it. 😝😂
    Are you staring at me? Umm, how do I look ? 😆😝😂


    • I am not. Sarcasm is an art not everybody gets.*smirks*
      Oh gawwwwwwwwwwd!*moves to strangle him in his sleep*
      Whaaaaaa?You’re kidding,right?*shakes her head in exasperation*
      I am okay with whatever. I was kidding in the beginning. You took me seriously. I was okay with that. Then you demanded a do-over. I was okay with that as well. End of story.*gets ready to shoot lazers from her eyes*
      For the intelligence in the school days. Duh. 😛
      You would have been AB. But I wouldn’t have been the blogger “behen”. That couldn’t possibly have worked.😒
      And I just might murder you in your sleep for this. Be damn well prepared. 👊(I know this is a fistbump, but that’s the closest thing we have to a punch. So,that.#_#)
      You look like someone whose end is near,AK!*narrows her eyes in a threatening way*

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s okay to cry. And hey, I am not judging you or anything. 😝
        Ooooohh sarcasm. I wonder what it means.

        Find me first, midnight strangler. 😝

        No. I’m not. I don’t kid. Most of the times.

        With a girl, one can never be so sure what they are implying, when they say certain stuff.
        You seem to be okay with everything. 😐
        Wait, the story ended? Who had the happily ever after?
        Oh, we have a wonder women in our midst. Brace yourself, people.

        Now I see. The glares are powerful. I think I might need UV glasses and a radiation suit.

        Oh. Why wouldn’t you? You don’t want to be behen? Totally understandable. Are you falling? 😝😂

        All the best.
        *returns the fist bump* 👊

        That means you are somewhere very near. Death. So how is it gonna end? Laser beam? Murder in sleep? Fist bump? Narrowed threatening eye ? Please make it quick and painless.


      • Youuuuuuuu!😬
        I will,and you won’t live to tell the tale.*mildly poisons his coffee*
        I am a straightforward one. I don’t like innuendos. 😏
        Soooo,whatever I say,is exactly what I mean.:|
        I am. I am generally okay with whatever. Seriously. *Nods*
        Yessss!It did. The guy dies. Soo,no happy ending.👿
        *stands up and bows down*Thank you so much for the appreciation, people!
        Exactly! Now you’re talking.*smirks*
        Oh mayen. I seriously feel homicidal right now. You’re gonna get burned.*gets a big-ass flamethrower*🔥
        I.AM.OKAY.WITH.WHATEVER. (Even though I hate talking like this,this seems the slowest I could talk for you to understand)*glares*
        Noo fistbumping. That’s a punch. Is your nose bleeding yet?-.-
        I would tell you, but then I will have to kill you.😈
        Ahhh the irony!
        Annnnnd,it will be painful. Make no doubts. *GLARES*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, please!
        Who the hell do you think you are huh?Undermining the value of my records. You know how hard it is to create such records?*fake glares*
        YOU ARE IN DENIAL.*huffs*

        P.S. This post’s comments section must be getting bored. We have around 150 comments on this only. Let’s find another post to badger,whatsay?.:P

        Liked by 1 person

      • Record inspector.
        You have no records. Only record you have is the birth certificate. That’s it.

        Yes. I know. Imaginary records are free to create.

        Textbooks. Textbooks everywhere.

        PS : I spent a min to scroll down to the end of this thread. I think we should. Pick a post. 😛


      • Hahahahahahahah yeah? None?:P
        No textbooks. Just the earphones and the laptop and the phone,ofcourse. That’s all there is on my bed. Swear!:P
        P.S. I know,right?*wide eyes*
        You do the honors. I don’t wanna be responsible for the trouble of another post.:P

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahhaha what so you mean? I am a “delusion”?
        Because that’s what it sounds like. Hahahahahha
        Oh Shit!I haven’t even re-read any of my replies and I just now noticed that the word-prediction has been altering the spelling of delusions all this time. That’s so embarrassing. 🙈
        P.S. Email sounds fine.:P
        Yes,that they will. Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha but you said I am one. 😛
        Re-read last couple of replies. Hahaha
        I will check it out. I am telling you,there’s a strong possibility that I might miss an email sometime. So,comment on one of my posts to let me know. 😛
        Yes!I am that un-observant sometimes.:P
        I know it’s not a word. Don’t kill me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh.Yeah. Straightforward.
        You sure ?

        You killed an innocent guy. Janta maaf nahi karegi.
        It’s a burden you will have to carry all your life. A painful burden.

        Uhuh. Ahem ahem. *Imaginary people applaud*

        Yeah. I have been talking.

        *Calls the fire department and cops *.

        Uhuh. A leg in one boat. Another leg in another boat. One hand in one boat. Another hand in another boat. I wonder what would happen if these boats drift apart which one will you land upon. Eventually, you have yo select one. Which one ? Don’t say you are fine with whatever.

        👊 *fist bump * again. Wait, did you hit me? You have to try harder. It felt like a feather touch. 😂😂

        Well, I have made my peace. The ball is in your court.

        Aah, the irony. Oh thanks. I like it with a little bit of pain. And there isn’t much damage you could do. Feather punches , huh. No doubts made. Bring it on girl. Bring everything you got. 😂😝


      • 100%.😏
        Who cares about janta, huh? I don’t.*smirks*
        Annnd,not afraid of burdens,either. I will kill another couple of hundreds if it serves me.*evil grin*
        Hahahahaha whatever, whatever. Atleast they are applauding.:P
        Oh yes!I missed it. My bad.*sly smile*
        Won’t help your case. I have superpowers. Loads of those,actually. *insert evil laugh*
        I won’t fall. I am very,very good at balancing. *smirks*
        But I am.*in a whiny voice* And I don’t lie. 😒
        Yessssssssss!*pours the chocolate syrup she had been eating on his head*
        Hahahahahha yeah?You’re ready to die,then? 😶
        I have got a mean punch. Ask my brother. He has been on the receiving end one too many times. You just didn’t get hit with full force. Warning,remember? 😈

        Liked by 1 person

      • So cruel. So cruel.
        Oh, you don’t now? I see.
        Hahaha. Was that an evil grin? Or a grin even ? It was looking funny though. 😂😂

        *clap* *clap* *clap*

        *throws a life jacket*
        *pulls you out of the water*
        *performs CPR* Phew. That was close. You could have drowned.
        And you still haven’t taken a stand. Which boat?

        Ofcourse you don’t.
        *catches the chocolate syrup by tilting the head and drinks it* thanks btw.

        The question is can you ?

        Another feather touch. Did you throw a mean punch ? He is younger, right ? No wonder.
        Like I said, bring. It. In. Bring. Everything. You. Got.


      • I never have,dude!
        *bows again* thanks,ya!:P
        No need. I am not gonna fall.*SMIRKS* So,save the jacket for some other time.
        I won’t,either. *stubbornly huffs* I AM OKAY WITH WHATEVER. Repeating stuff is soooooo boring.:/
        Hey,no fair. Give it back. It’s mine! I love chocolate syrup.😍
        Yes!I am cruel, remember? 😈
        Oh yes!Definitely! Only in theory though. I mean,he’s just a couple of years younger. Soooo,he doesn’t actually look all that younger than me. *sheepish Grin*
        Get ready!😒

        Liked by 1 person

      • Uhuh. I see.
        You sure? Because it looks funny. 😂😂

        That was a slow dramatic sarcastic clap.

        But you already did. Still trying to figure out how did you fall even with all the superpowers.
        Whatever…? So impossible you are. Argh. But ok.

        Sarcasm 101. 😂😂 Yes. You never.

        You lost it. No refunds / take backs.
        So do I.

        Oh. The thing is you think you’re cruel. 😝

        Po-ta-to. Po-tah-to.
        Younger means younger. Bachho par atyachar. Janta maaf nahi karegi.

        I’m. Always have been. I am just wondering what’s holding you back.


      • Hmmmmmmmmm
        Yes!Absolutely. ^_^
        I know it does. But I like it anyway.:P
        I know that,too. My bow was as sarcastic as they come.*sly grin*
        No,I didn’t. Who gave you the wrong information huh?*patronising tilt of lips*
        I know I am. And I love being stubborn. So,no alterations will take place anytime soon. I am gonna be a stubborn lass.*shrugs*
        Hahahahahaha finally!You’re starting to learn the alphabet of sarcasm,afterall.*winks*
        Okaaay. I have almost the whole tub left. *smirks*
        Hahahhaha so are you saying,I am not?:P
        You’re turning out to be a total janta ka representative. That’s the reason you’re so Concerned about what janta say. Am I right,or am I right?*smirks*
        I am waiting for the right moment to strike. Planning is a necessity. #_#

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ofcourse you will like it. Your asterisked expression. 😒

        How come a bow is sarcastic ? Umm..

        No one had to. You were soaking wet. And a moment ago you were almost drowning calling for help. So , you did, I guess.

        Not helping my case here. Your stubbornness. Argh.

        I knew. Was teaching you. 😝😂

        Keep dreaming. Dream on.

        Damn. Forgot the not. Yes. You are not.

        No. Not yet. But I can be. If given the proper motivation.
        You shouldn’t hit children. Though you are one too. 😂😂😝

        Haha. You are scared. You can admit it. No harm there. No harm will come to you. 😂😝


      • Hahahahaha
        I will show you how a bow is sarcastic if we meet. If we ever.*chuckles*
        Puh-leeeez! Talk to my hand.✋
        Yeah?Dreeeeeeeeam on.😏
        I am a pro. Natural one at that.😎
        But I have. I just got a new one. Opened the seal today only. Annnd,I am not gonna share.*in a sing-song voice*
        Hahahaha dillusional,you!:P
        Lol no motivation will come your way for this.*smirks*
        I don’t. I used to a couple of years ago.:P
        Now my brother cannot be overpowered. *shrugs*
        No,I am not. I am not afraid of anything.*grumbles under her breath*except for rodents, maybe. And lizards!*shudders*

        Liked by 1 person

      • You don’t seem hopeful. You don’t seem interested. Ouch. 😭

        Why? Too soaked up to talk ? 😂😝

        *nudges a little* still dreaming ?
        Dream on.

        Uhuh. You seem to be giving enough. 😝

        Liar. Liar. Liar.

        You shouldn’t give away your weaknesses. And you forgot to add me. You are scared of me. It’s ok if you dint want to admit. 😂😂😂


      • Hahhahahahaha melo-dramatic lad.:P
        Actually, yes!You know,in Delhi electricity is not cut off generally. But because of some fault,it was today. And since my room is a top-floor room,it was burning. And thus,I was sweating like a pig.*shudders* I came down to my previous room and it was much better. Sooooo,I can behave like a normal human again.
        Oh my!Electricity just came!yayayayay!:D
        Yessssssssss!I love dreaming. But atleast,I am not dillusional.:P
        Hahahahahahaha I am?
        Hey!He’s more than 3-4 inches taller than me. So, it’s not all that easy now,don’t you think? 😒
        Puh-leeeez!Afraid of you?As if!!!!!😏
        And it’s not like you can magically send some rats scurrying my way.😶


      • No. Seeker of truth.

        Drowned and saved by me. You are a good story teller, I must admit. Good job there. 😂

        Is your room a 5×5 white room with no Windows? 😂

        Yes you are.

        How much is your height ?
        It’s not about the height, it’s about hitting. Which you did and who knows still do.

        No, can I ? But Can I ? Like I said, you don’t have to admit. I know.


      • Ooooooo truth huh?Such big words!:P
        Hahahhahahaahahahah why,thank you! 😀
        I am so glad to hear that you think my story telling skills are good.:P
        Actually, no. It’s a normal sized room with a window just above my bed and a separate kitchen area which I never use. It’s atleast 4 times larger than you guessed. Or more.:P
        I am 5″4 point something. 🙈
        Annnnnd,he used to run crying to mumma a couple of years back. Now? I am the one doing the running.*sheepish smile*
        Noooooooo,you can’t. Or I will bloody kill you!😷😷😷
        No rodents. Or lizards.*shudders again*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup. Are they?

        Sarcasm. Sarcasm. Sarcasm.

        I was referring to the one people are pit down at the asylum. I hope you know what that’s like. 😂😝

        Oh ok.
        What goes around comes around.

        Surprise. Suprise.
        Combination of both. Double the party, right ?


      • Yes! Lol Huge.:P
        Hahahahha I am a mistress at that.😎
        Oh shiiiiiz!My bad. Apologies. :P🙈🙈
        I seriously missed the point and went out of context. 😛
        Anyway,I love that place. Don’t you?Don’t you?*wide eyes with a maniac look*
        Yessss!Gimme an extra inch or two.🙈😹
        I am okay with this, too,actually. *shrugs*
        Hahahahahah karma huh?:P
        Don’t you dare!😶


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